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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York, USA - May 25, 2008
By Jason Bonsignore

What an awesome night at Champion. Over 60 entries, a really great crowd! The best we have had in the last 3 seasons at Champion, and some really good racing.

The track was in perfect shape and produced some great results. Congratulations to Mikey Buman for taking the Hank Bassett Cup Championship. He made a good start from gate one and held off Warren Diem's charges.

Tuff McBride crashed spectacularly in the last chance but escaped serious injury. He may be pretty sore this week though. Ed Peters and Tracy Dean also crashed hard. We hope they are ok today. Lenny McBride rode very well for not racing for 3 years, beating Diem in one vintage ride.

The Support Racing was incredible with all of the riders putting on a great show. Hank Bassett was presented $500.00 at intermission from Jon Stasiefski and Champion Speedway. The 10 rider ATV Main was pretty exciting!

Congratulations to Dave Clark and "Rocket" Robin Wilt on their wins!

1. Mikey Buman
2. Warren Diem
3. Casey Donholt
4. Brian Hollenbeck
5. Adam Mittl

1. Adam Mittl
2. Gene Bonsignore
3. Lenny McBride
4. Tuff McBride

1. Dave Clark
2. Corey Brookes
3. Stefan Laessig
4. Jeff Garlinghouse
5. Bob Bruzek

Support A Consi
1. Mark Bradley
2. Dee Holden
3. Katalin Davis

1. Robin Wilt
2. Henry Calpin
3. Brian Bailey
4. Henry Hanzo
5. Ed Peters
6. Tracy Dean

1.Roger Roberts
2. Spencer Portararo
3. Dakota Crone
4. Zach Peters

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