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Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York, USA - July 20, 2008
By Jason Bonsignore

It was a miracle we raced last night, it rained so hard before the event that I am sure most people thought there was no way we could pull it off. There was standing water covering the whole track at 6:30 but we stuck it out and it actually ended up being a great track and a very fun night.

Shawn McConnell had the Scratch Main in the bag until hitting a sticky patch on the last corner and going wide, Lenny McBride, who was in second the whole race, did the same thing and this opened up the door for Mikey Buman to win on the last turn. McBride rode a great race to take the Handicap Main.

Scratch Main
1. Mikey Buman
2. Shawn McConnell
3. Lenny McBride
4. Shaun Harmatiuk
5. Adam Mittl

Last Chance
1. Adam Mittl
2. Warren Diem
3. Keith Hawkins
4. Tuff McBride

Handicap Main
1. Lenny McBridee
2. Shawn McConnell
3. Shaun Harmatiuk
4. Warren Diem
5. Mikey Buman
6. Tuff McBride

Support A
1. Mark Bradley
2. Shawn Engel
3. Katalin Davis

Support B
1. Dan Harbst
2. Henry Calpin
3. Brian Bailey
4. Tracy Dean

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