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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Champion - Owego, New York, USA - August 31, 2008
By Jason Bonsignore

King of Speedway

Shawn McConnell won the King of Speedway Title tonight at Champion Speedway in front of a large crowd.

The racing was great. Adam Mittl was the star of the show though for the hometown crowd winning two of the four Main Events and finishing tied with Tommy Hedden for second place overall. A runoff was forced to determine second place and Hedden picked the number one gate ball. Hedden rode every well all night and won the runoff for second. Mittl was third overall, Canadian Aaron Hesmer finished fourth and Bart Bast, who only dropped one point in the heats, to Lenny McBride, ended up fifth overall.

Bast had to start from gate five in all of the Main Events after losing some points at Batavia and Action Park in the finals while struggling with the slick track conditions at those two venues. Bast was a true professional and very gracious and helpful throughout. Corey Brookes was very impressive all weekend, even passing Buman and beating him in a run-off for the last spot in the B-Main, as was Tuff McBride, who would have been 6th overall if it were not for another blown engine with only one corner to go in the B Main tonight while leading. Tuff has been riding like he is 20 again the past few weeks.

Congratulations to Shawn McConnell, one of the classiest racers in the World. Many thanks to all of the riders who put on a great show.

1. Shawn McConnell
2. Tommy Hedden
3. Adam Mittl
4. Aaron Hesmer
5. Bart Bast

A great crowd and great night. Bart Bast only dropped one point, to Len McBride, in the heats. McConnell only dropped one also and Tommy Hedden, Gene Bonsignore, Len McBride and Adam Mittl only dropped two. Tuff McBride, rode like he was 20 again and dropped just three and Hesmer lost only four in the heat rounds. Tuff had another engine failure just as he was about to cross the finish when in first place in the B-main. Corey Brookes was a stud, even beating Buman in a runoff for a spot in the B-main. Hesmer beat Bast in a runoff to see who would not have to get stuck with gate five in the Grand finals. Adam Mittl was the hometown star of the show though. The kid proved his worth with an awesome display, winning two of the finals even with a knee that was really hurting from a fall in the first main. Congrats to McConnell, the guy is first class all the way! It was nice to see Harlan Bast Jr ride again also for the first time in 6 years!

Grand Finals
#1 McConnell 1st, Hesmer, Bast, Hedden, Mittl-fell
#2 Hedden, McConnell, Mittl, Hesmer, Bast
#3 Mittl, McConnell, Hedden, Hesmer, Bast
#4 Mittl, McConnell, Hesmer, Hedden, Bast

Overall Points Final
1. McConnell 84
2. Hedden / Mittl 75
4. Hesmer 69
5. Bast 64

Runoff for 2nd overall

1. Hedden 2. Mittl

1. Len McBride
2. Clark
3. Brookes
4. Bonsignore
5. Tuff McBride EF

1. Buman
2. Carr
3. Heath
4. Hawkins
5. Cornell

1. Crawford
2. Garlinghouse
3. Laessig
4. Engel
5. Davis DNS

Support A
1. Farwell
2. Goodman
3. Bradley
4. Harlan Bast Jr

Support B Main
1. Harbst
2. Bailey
3. Bast

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