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Costa Mesa Speedway
Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, California

June 21, 2008 - Costa Mesa
By: Ryan Evans

Shawn “Mad Dog” McConnell scored a double main event victory on a wild night of racing in front of a large crowd at the world famous Costa Mesa Speedway.

McConnell started in gate one in the Scratch Main Event and entered turn one shoulder-to-shoulder with Buck Blair. The pair exited turn two in the same fashion with McConnell sticking to the blue groove and Blair on the outside. Usually the groove holds a big advantage, but Blair was able to stay alongside McConnell and challenge the leader. Their battle continued until the riders came together in turn one with McConnell going down on the inside and Blair ending up against the wall in turn two. The referee determined that Blair was the cause of the crash and awarded the victory to McConnell. Ricky Wells was second, Bobby Schwartz was third, Jimmy Fishback was fourth, and Blair was credited with fifth.

Brad Sauer, making his first appearance at Costa Mesa in several years, led the Handicap Main on the first lap.

McConnell beat all four of his fellow 40 yard riders off the line and was able to get by Robbie Sauer exiting turn two. McConnell passed Greg Ayers for second place at the end of lap one and set his sights on the leader. Brad Sauer held him at bay on lap two, but McConnell kept the pressure on and Brad Sauer left a small opening exiting turn four and he pounced on the mistake. McConnell took the lead and pulled away for the victory. Wells finished second, Fishback finished third, Brad Sauer was fourth, and Schwartz finished fifth. Blair and Robbie Sauer crashed heavily on the back straight on the final lap and both were down for several minutes before walking away.

Bryan Buffington got the best start in the Support Main Event, but was put under attack by Billy Braden. Braden. Braden continued his assault for a couple laps before he fell in turn four. Dylan Black was left with nowhere to go and ran into the prone Braden. Black was down for a few minutes, but not because of injury, it was to extract Braden’s footpeg from his chest protector. Buffington was declared the winner, Black was credited with second, Justin Hassan was third, and Braden was fourth.

Jonni Jade led the Support B Main Event into turn one, but Rick Fritch went around him for the lead at the end of lap one. Fritch had the win in the bag when he fell in turn one on the final lap and handed the lead back to Jade. Jade, a native of England, led all the way to the checkered flag. Jeff Remington was second, Jeff Shaffer finished third, Dan Wensloff was fourth, and Bill Carr finished fifth.

Chad Hoyt led all four laps and was victorious in the Youth Main Event. Rocco Scopellite finished second, Samuel Ramirez was third, and Major Davis finished fourth.

Nicky Reimer dominated the Pee Wee Main Event and took home the win. James Walter finished second, Gino Scopellite was third, Victoria Matthews finished fourth, and Hayley Perrault was credited with fifth.

The sidecars returned to Costa Mesa for the first time in a few years and provided the fans with an excellent exhibition that will have the spectators salivating for more.

In the last exhibition race of the evening, Scott Driggers and Sean Driggers were victorious with Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen finishing second, and Dan Jones and Chris Jones getting third. Saturday’s event is the final event at Costa Mesa before the Fair Derby on July 18 and it will feature the Motorcycle Demolition Derby.


Sidecar Exhibition 
13 – Scott Driggers/Sean Driggers
  1 – Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen
  7 – Dan Jones/Chris Jones Pee Wee Main Event (restarted)
 41 – Nicky Reimer
 22 – James Walter
  7 – Gino Scopellite
  6 – Victoria Matthews
  0 – Hayley Perreault 
Youth Main Event 
154 – Chad Hoyt 
 9 – Rocco Scopellite 
 22 – Samuel Ramirez 
999 – Major Davis 

Support B Consolation 
198 – Mike Boyle 
102 – Jim Lavender 
124 – Paul Thornton
308 – Hugh Randolph 
226 – Rick Huspek 

Support B Main Event
266 – Jonni Jade		10
252 – Jeff Remington 20
399 – Jeff Shaffer		10
169 – Dan Wensloff 20
303 – Bill Carr 10
288 – Rick Fritch 10	(fell, remounted) 

Support Consolation 
212 – Steve Dziadus
338 – Dave Delbridge 
136 – Kim Stevens 
150 – Damon Barry (fell, remounted) 

Support Consolation 
182 – Rudy Laurer 
172 – Jim Painter 
176 – Carl Gazafy 
202 – J.C. Masters 

Support Semi 
77 – Bryan Buffington 
117 – Billy Braden 
153 – Brad Moreau
213 – Mark Sincavage 

Support Semi 
201 – Dylan Black 
132 – Justin Hassan 
106 – Robert Fiesler 
147 – Rick Farron 

Support Main Event (awarded)
 77 – Bryan Buffington 
 201 – Dylan Black 
 132 – Justin Hassan 
 117 – Billy Braden (fell) 

Handicap Main Event 
6 – Shawn McConnell 40
142 – Ricky Wells 40
 25 – Jimmy Fishback 40
 21 – Brad Sauer 20
 11 – Bobby Schwartz 40
 99 – Greg Ayers 30
 17 – Robbie Sauer 30	(fell)
 39 – Buck Blair 40	(fell) 
Last Chance (restarted twice)
25 – Jimmy Fishback 
41 – John Marquez 
99 – Greg Ayers (fell, remounted)
17 – Robbie Sauer (retired) 

Scratch Main Event (awarded)
6 – Shawn McConnell 
142 – Ricky Wells 
 11 – Bobby Schwartz 
25 – Jimmy Fishback (tape penalty)
39 – Buck Blair (fell, excluded)
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