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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Fast Fridays, Auburn, California USA - May 23, 2008
By Gary Roberts

A big temperature drop since last week at Auburn , a few gentle sprinkles before and during the races, but neither stopped a great evening of racing. The track was drier and smoother than normal early in the evening, but turned a little dusty in the last couple of races, but overall very good. A shortage of division one riders gave some division two riders a chance to demonstrate their skills, with some interesting results.

Scratch Main Event
1. Bart Bast; 2.Mike Faria; 3. Chad Felicio; 4. Charlie Venegas.
Charlie broke the tapes and was disqualified. Bart and Mike had a close battle for the first couple of laps, before Mike settled for second.

Scratch Consolation Event
1. JJ Martynse; 2. Greg Hooten; 3. Ben Essary; 4. Steve Lewotsky.
A clear win for JJ and a good battle for second.

Handicap Main Event
1. Ben Essary; 2. Bart Bast; 3. Mike Faria; 4. JT Mabry;; 5. Greg Hooten.
Ben Essary scored his second handicap main event win in 3 weeks. Heavy pressure from Bart Bast for the last 2 laps did not distract him.

Handicap Consolation Event
1. Bryce Starks; 2. Chad Felicio; 3. JJ Martynse; 4. Kell Kerrigan; 5. Jim Lewis.
16 year old Bryce Starks got his first taste of first division and did well to hold off pressure from Chad Felicio.

Division 2 Main Event
1. Danny Faria; 2. Steven Reese; 3. Ricky Felicio; 4. Robert Christian; 5. Steve Lewotsky.
First night in division 2 and a main event win for Danny Faria. After a season in division 3 he began this season clearly demonstrating that he’s been practicing and getting valuable tuition from Dad.

Division 2 Consolation Event
1. Brian Leventon; 2. Mike Browne; 3. Tyler Hansen; 4. Harlan Bast; 5. Les Veale.
Over the years I have watched Brian do dozens of fast, perfect laps at practice sessions. But at Auburn he seems to bounce off walls. Tonight he overcame the demons.

Division 3 Main Event
1. Shane Loessberg; 2. Doug Geist; 3. Charlie Hines; 4. Sean Billenstein; 5. Billy Vaughn.
A great race to the finish, with Shane “no number on leathers nor bike” Loessberg stealing victory from race leader Doug Geist. Charlie Hines was within a wheel’s lengths of taking it too.

Division 3 Consolation Event
1. Adrian Contrares; 2. Jeff Irwin; 3. Glenn Scott; 4. Lenny Bourassa; 5. Dustin Berdollt.

Youth Division 1
1. Cody Ciciarelli; 2. Amber Felicio; 3. Thomas Reich; 4. Tanner Kane.

Youth Division 2
1. Kendra Warren; 2. Tyler Warren; 3. Jamison Dilkey; 4. PJ Byrne.

Youth Division 3
1. Joe Dingle; 2. Desi Fehrman; 3. Gage Geist.

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