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Red Bluff Speedway
Red Bluff, California

Fun Family Night
May 31, 2008 - Red Bluff
By: Gary Roberts

It was a FUN Family night at the Red Bluff Speedway Saturday May 31st. Not as rough as the last go around.

We would like to thank all the people who made it happen as well as the riders...Who are the TRUE stars.

We will be having another race in 2 weeks June 14th. Come on out and support the riders.

The race results are in:
S.Loessberg 9
Devin Defreece 8
Danny Faria 6
Brian Levington 6
Tom Fehrman 5
C. Haines 4
T. Hansen 4

Youth :
T. Warren 8
K. Warren 7
P. Byrne 2
D. Fehrman 1

D-2 & D-3:
Rick Fehrman 9
Steve Rowett 8
B. Vaughn 6
R. Mignano 4
M. Fehrman 3

Main event results:
Rich Mignano shuts out Michelle Fehrman.

Tyler Warren had a great night. Main event he comes in first place beating his sister Kendra (2nd), PJ Byrne (3rd) and Desi Fehrman.

Ladies only round:

Kendra Warren took first over Desi Fehrman.

D1/B Main:
Tyler Hansen blocks Charlie Haines and Tom Fehrman. That moved Tyler to the D1 main event.

D2/A main:
R. Fehrman
Steve Rowett and a close third with Levinton.

D1/ A Main
D. De Freece
S. Loessberg (close race maybe even a tie)
D. Faria (maybe a tie)
T. Hansen

It was so close second place that we did not get the official score. All in all just like a family we all had fun.

We would like to thank Dave Joiner and Johnny Grant again for their support.

Remember "Fast Fridays in Auburn and Red Bluff Speedway in Red Bluff"

Let's keep it alive!

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