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Victorville Speedway
Wheel2Wheel Raceway
Victorville, California

Galaxy Moving High Desert Pairs Championship
April 5, 2008 - Victorville
By: Ryan Evans

Joker Machine teammates Ricky Wells and Greg Ayers teamed up to win the Sunset Signs presents Galaxy Moving High Desert Pairs Championship at Wheel2Wheel Raceway in Victorville.

Wells and Ayers met the duo of Dale Facchini and Michael Hull in the Final. Wells was away from the line first and led the field through turns one and two. Ayers and Facchini battled in turn two and down the back straight. Facchini held the low line entering turn three, but Ayers stayed on the throttle and surged ahead at the end of the first lap. Facchini was ready to strike back, but lost a chain entering turn one and his race coasted to a stop. Wells and Ayers cruised the final laps to secure the title with Hull finishing a distant third.

The First Division Pairs portion of the program featureda double-knockout formula. The Pairs competition began with Wells and Ayers scoring a dominant victory over the Russell Green, who was called into duty as a reserve, and Billy Lyons. Facchini and Hull were victorious in the second heat, but only after Robbie Sauer fell while challenging Facchini for thelead. John Marquez and Sauer used perfect team riding technique by staying side-by-side all four laps to secure a spot in the semis, but Green proved to be very game with bold attempts to split the pair throughout the race.

Wells ran away with the win in the first semi with Hull finishing second. Ayers took third to ensure he and Wells made the Final, while Hull and Facchini would go to the second semi. Facchini and Hull used their second chance to book their way into the Final by finishing first and third, respectively, to defeat Sauer and Marquez.

Green, who won the Second Division Main Event at the last meeting in Victorville, started the Handicap Main at the front of the five-rider field. Green led lap one while Sauer made his way into second. Conventional wisdom would've predicted Green to be a sitting duck at this point, but the sixteen year old stretched his lead through lap four with Sauer remaining in second. Green went a little wide on the fifth lap, but the field was unable to close ground on him. Green took the white flag and again went wide into turn one, but kept his composure and completed what may prove to be his breakout First Division main event victory. Sauer was second, Hull finished third, Wells was fourth, and Marquez finished fifth.

Green won both of the Second Division Pairs heats and his partner, Bryan Buffington, scored five points to give their team fifteen points and the overall victory. Max Eddy and Rohn Zellner finished second overall with eleven points. Eddy was particularly impressive with a second place in the first heat and was challenging Green before falling in the second heat. Steve Dziadus and Brad Moreau were third overall with four points.

Jeff Remington used the outside to take the lead on the first lap in the Support Handicap Main, but Eddy moved into second on lap two and pressured Remington. Eddy challenged on the inside the next two laps, but Remington thwarted every attempt. Eddy switched his attack entering the final corner and went for broke around the outside. His strategy worked as he found enough speed to narrowly beat Remington to the checkered flag. Jonni Jade finished third, Tony DeAlmeida was fourth, John Weller finished fifth, and Jeff Shaffer was sixth.

Dylan Black defeated Joey Holt to win the Youth First Division Main Event and Samuel Ramirez was victorious in the Youth Second Division Main Event over Major Davis.

Erika Lyons was impressive in winning the Pee Wee Main Event. Nathan Remington finished second, Justin Cockrell was third, Zach Adams finished fourth, Kylie Ayers was fifth, and Kylee Evans finished sixth.

The next speedway event at Wheel2Wheel Raceway is the Spring Classic scheduled for Saturday, April 19.


Pee Wee Main Event 
77 - Erika Lyons
 12 - Nathan Remington
Justin Cockrell
 15 - Zach Adams
  7 - Kylie Ayers
  8 - Kylee Evans 
Youth Second Division Main Event 
22 - Samuel Ramirez 
999 - Major Davis 

Youth First Division Main Event 
7 - Dylan Black 
4 - Joey Holt 

Third Division Pairs Scoring		1  2  T 
252 - Jeff Remington (30)		5  N  5
157 - Tony DeAlmeida (20)		4  4  8	(13)

266 - Jonni Jade (20)			1  5  6
310 - John Weller (10)			3  3  6	(12)

226 - Rick Huspek (10)			N  5  5
399 - Jeff Shaffer (20)			2  2  4	(9) 

Second Division Pairs Scoring	1  2  T 
77 - Bryan Buffington 2  3  5
321 - Russell Green 5  5  10 (15)

148 - Max Eddy 4  F  4
163 - Rohn Zellner 3  4  7  (11)

153 - Brad Moreau			0  1  1
212 - Steve Dziadus     		1  2  3  (4) 

Support Handicap Main Event 
148 - Max Eddy 40
252 - Jeff Remington 20
266 - Jonni Jade	20
157 - Tony DeAlmeida 20
310 - John Weller	10
399 - Jeff Shaffer	20 

Handicap Main Event 
321 - Russell Green 10
 17 - Robbie Sauer 30
320 - Michael Hull 40
142 - Ricky Wells 50
 41 - John Marquez 20 
Division 1 Pairs Heat: Wells, Ayers, Green, Lyons 
Division 1 Pairs Heat: Facchini, Hull, Marquez, Sauer (fell) 
Division 1 Pairs Last Chance: Marquez, Sauer, Green, Lyons 
Division 1 Pairs Semi #1: Wells, Hull, Ayers, Facchini 
Division 1 Pairs Semi #2: Facchini, Sauer, Hull, Marquez 

High Desert Pairs Final 
142 - Ricky Wells 
99 - Greg Ayers 
320 - Michael Hull 
19 - Dale Facchini (retired)
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