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Victorville Speedway
Wheel2Wheel Raceway
Victorville, California

Sidecar Track Championship
August 30, 2008 - Victorville
By: Steve Evans

Tim Gomez led from start to finish to land his third Scratch Main Event of 2008. Top points scorer Eddie Castro chose the pole, 2nd highest scorer Robbie Sauer selcted gate 2. Gomez, who came via the LCQ chose gate 3, putting Brad Sauer into gate 4. The first attemp to stage the Main saw Castro touch the tapes, putting him on the penalty line. Gomez got a rocket start in the 2nd attempt and eased away for a comfortable win. Castro of course had to do it the hard way, passing Brad Sauer on lap 2, but failing to pass brother Robbie for 2nd on the run in to the line.

The 8 man D1 field produced some excellent racing. The heats were four rounds, with the earned handicap format being used. Gomez led home Robbie Sauer in the 1st heat. Castro beat an aggressive Marvyn Sonnier in the 2nd. Round 2 saw the big guns meeting first off, Castro coming off of the 30 to win in dramatic style around the boards, with Gomez hitting the deck. Robbie Sauuer won the next race from the 20, with Allen Doss holding an impressive and steady second. Round 3 saw Castro round the entire field once more from the 30, with Philip Harmatiuk looking good in 2nd. Gomez got back to winning ways next time out, beating Sonnier to end out the round. The final round saw Robbie Sauer inflicting Castro's only defeart of the heats, though Castro only got by a falling Doss for 2nd on the last turn. Brad Sauer led home Tim Gomez in the next. Gomez and Brad Sauer booked their spots on the main by leading home Harmatiuk on Sonnier in the LCQ.

The Mohicans sponsored a thrilling Last Man Out Contest. Robbie Sauer was the 1st eliminated, whilst in the next run Stasiefski narrowly lost our to Brad Sauer on the line, though many felt the call could have gone the other way. The third running eliminated Brad Sauer. Gomez outgated Castro in the 2 lap final, but Castro used the deep outside and the banking to scorer a very popular win.

The annual Wheelie Contest had four entrants, Robbie Sauer was the clear winner after three impressive wheelies including a side saddle finale! Sonnier beat Brad Saiuer to 2nd.

Brad Moreau was impressive to win a thrilling D2 Main. Jonni Jade led early but fell. Dylan Black was 2nd and Steve Dzaidus third. Tim McGrath was perfect in D3, winning both heats and the $100 Main, sponsored by Andy Schwarm. Tony DeAlmeida was second, Paul Thornton third. Erica Lyons led home Brandt Fletcher in the PW50's after they split their heats. Lyons also won a special match race against Steve Dzaidus, who was celebrating his 27th wedding anniversary at the races. Girl power continued as 15 year old Danielle Diaz, who raced junior speedway last year won the Flat Track class with Krystal Cramer winning her 2nd Speedway Sprint 500 Main.

The Sidecars staged their track championship. The format was 4 riders, 4 rounds with points carrying forward and double points in the finale. Jones & Olsen led home Alexandrer & Justin Driggers in the first heat easily. The positions were the same in heat 2, though the lead was traded several times. Alexander & Driggers won the third round, leaving them one adrift on points and meaning that the Main Event winner would be champions. Jones & Olsen made aperfect start whilst Alexander & Driggers were dead last out of the start. The #22 team charged through the field and made a desperate move for the lead on the final turn, but the early advantage to Jones & Olsen was too much and they were worthy winners.

There is a 7 week break at Wheel 2 Wheel as Costa Mesa completes its schedule. Next event is October 18th, featuring the Finale of the 2 round Sidecar Nationals.


Junior Vs Senior Match Race 
77 Erika Lyons
212 Steve Dzaidus 

PW50 Main 
77 Erica Lyons
  7 Brandt Fletcher
Division 3 Main 
186 Tim McGrath 	(20)
157 Tony DeAlmeida (20)
124 Paul Thornton 	(10)
292 Mike Schultz 	(penalty line - 30)
226 Rick Huspek 	(10)
399 Jeff Shaffer 	(10) 	fell 

Division 2 Main 
153 Brad Moreau 
201 Dylan Black 
212 Steve Dzaidus
266 Jonni Jade - fell 

Sidecar Results 1 Joe Jones / Jimmy Olsen		3   3   2   6    14
 22 Dave Alexander / Justin Driggers	2   2   3   4    11
 31 Tommy Thornton / Steve Bumpass	1   1   1   2    5
 66 Gerard Jackson / Dave German	0   0   0   0    0 

Wheelie Contest (4 Judges giving marks out of 10)
 17 Robbie Sauer - 37
 52 Marvyn Sonnier 	- 33
 14 Eddie Castro - 30
 21 Brad Sauer - 26 

Last Of The Mohicans Last Man Out 
14 Eddie Castro 
30 Tim Gomez 
21 Brad Sauer 
110 Jon Stasiefski 
17 Robbie Sauer 

Division One Points 
14 Eddie Castro 3  3  3  2  11
 17 Robbie Sauer 2  3  1  3  9
 21 Brad Sauer 1  1  1  3  6
 30 Tim Gomez 3  0  3  2  8
 52 Marvyn Sonnier		2  0  2  1  5
110 Jon Stasiefski 0  1  0  1  2
149 Philip Harmatiuk 1  2  2  0  5
232 Allen Doss 0  2  0  F  2 

 4: Gomez, R Sauer, Harmatiuk, Doss
 5: Castro, Sonnier, B Sauer, Stasiefski
10: Castro (30), Harmatiuk (10), Stasiefski (0), Gomez fell, rem.
11: R Sauer (20), Doss (0), B Sauer (10), Sonnier (20)
15: Castro (30), Harmatiuk (20), B Sauer (10), Doss (20),
16: Gomez (0), Sonnier (0), R Sauer (30), Stasiefski (10)
21: R Sauer (10), Castro (30), Stasiefski (0), Doss (0) fell
22: B Sauer (10), Gomez (30), Sonnier (20), Harmatiuk (20) 

LCQ (1st 2 to Main): Gomez, B Sauer, Harmatiuk, Sonnier 

Scratch Main 
30 Tim Gomez 
17 Robbie Sauer 
14 Eddie Catsro 	(tape penalty)
21 Brad Sauer
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