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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Toyota Employee Night
May 29, 2009 - Fast Fridays
By: Gary Roberts

Another great night of racing at Fast Fridays. A full first division program included “one night only” Bobby Hedden, returning riders, John Houston and Mike Faria and Southern California rider Tyson Burmeister.

Kenny Ingalls lined up for the scratch main inside Billy Janniro, then Bart Bast and Mike Faria on the outside. Ingalls and Janniro collided going into the first corner, both going wide and managing to stay aboard their machines. Bast got what he later admitted was his worst gate this season, so was not involved, but by the time Ingalls had straightened up, Bast had taken a good lead. Faria, in fourth place pulled in after a lap. It took Janniro a couple of laps to get past Ingalls, by which time Bast’s lead was safe enough to secure him the race.

The handicap main was won by zero yard rider Bryce Starks, who rode fast and flawlessly. Behind him Bobby Hedden waited for the mistake which didn’t happen.

The second division main was a demolition derby with first 4 riders crashing on the final lap in 2 separate incidents. Sean Billenstein and Danny Faria were both able to walk away from it, but were unable to make the restart.

The third division main was won by Casey Cornilsen, who had never ridden a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle, until a month ago.

Unofficial results

Scratch Main Event
1. Bart Bast; 2. Billy Janniro; 3. Kenny Ingalls; 4. Mike Faria.

Scratch Consolation Event
1. Tommy Hedden; 2. Matt Becker; 3. Charlie Venegas; 4. John Houston.

Handicap Main Event
1. Bryce Starks; 2. Bobby Hedden; 3. Tommy Hedden; 4 Bart Bast; 5. Billy Janniro.

Handicap Consolation Event
1. Charlie Venegas; 2. Kenny Ingalls; 3. Greg Hooten; 4. Mark Carrillo; 5. Jimmy Lewis.

Division 2 Main Event
1. Steve Lewotsky; 2. Doug Geist; 3. Mike Achilles; 4. Harlan Bast.

Division 2 Consolation Event
1. Tori Hubbert; 2. Charlie Haines; 3. Mike Browne; 4. Les Veale; 5. Brian Leventon.

Division 3 Main Event
1. Casey Cornilsen; 2. Kjell Lovlien; 3. Mark Legaro; 4. Billy Vaughn; 5. Richard Fehrmann.

Division 3 Consolation Event
1. Kendra Warren; 2. Billy Parino; 3. Glen Scott; 4. Michelle Fehrmann; 5. Tor Lovlien.

Youth Division 1
1. Cody Ciciarellii; 2. Thomas Reich; 3. Tyler Warren; 4. Tanner Kane.

Youth Division 2 & 3
1. Jameson Dilkey; 2. PJ Byrne; 3. Gage Geist; 4. Kevin Black; 5. Ryan Vaughn.

Next week is the second round of the challenge elimination series.

- Gary Roberts –gary_rob@ix.netcom.com

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