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2009 Golden Gate Speedway
Solano County Fairgrounds
Vallejo, California

California Speedway
May 30, 2009 Golden Gate
By: Gary Roberts

Week 3 of Golden Gate Speedway’s 2009 season and the rider turnout and the crowd size is improving every week. Eleven Division 1 riders put on a great show. There were 5 division 2 riders and 10 division 3 riders to complete the program.

Billy Janniro and Tommy Hedden were in a class of their own, with Kenny Ingalls and Ben Essary performing well. As the highest point scorer Hedden had first gate pick for the scratch main and wisely chose gate one. With Janniro in gate two he had to make a good gate, which he did, and held the lead for 4 laps.

Returning from retirement, John Houston won the scratch consi. Greg Hooten had to get past Devin DeFreece, after a poor gate and a battle with tenacious Kell Kerrigan.

The quality of racing was again of a high standard, on a very consistent race track. It is hoped that more riders will participate as the season progresses.

Unofficial results:

Division 1 qualification races:
Tommy Hedden 12
Billy Janniro 11
Ben Essary 10
Kenny Ingalls 9
Greg Hooten 8
Kell Kerrigan 8
Devin DeFreece 5
John Houston 5
Matt Becker 3
JT Mabry 1
Devin DeFreece 2
Jim Lewis 0

Scratch Main Event
1. Tommy Hedden; 2. Billy Janniro; 3. Kenny Ingalls; 4. Ben Essary.

Scratch Consolation Event
1. John Houston; 2. Greg Hooten; 3. Devin DeFreece; 4. Kell Kerrigan.

Division 2 Main Event
1. Matt King; 2. Tori Hubbert; 3. Charlie Haines; 4. Brian Leventon; 5. Mike Browne.

Division 3 Main Event
1. Billy Vaughn; 2. Richard Fehrman; 3. Casey Cornilsen; 4. Tor Lovlien; 5. John Wilkes.

Division 3 Consolation Event
1. Kjell Lovlien; 2. Michelle Fehrman; 3. Greg Lovlien; 4. Rich Mignano.

1. PJ Byrne; 2. Ryan Vaughn.

Let’s hope that next week more riders chose to support Charlie Venegas’s venture.

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