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2009 Golden Gate Speedway
Solano County Fairgrounds
Vallejo, California

California Speedway
August 1, 2009 Golden Gate
By: Gary Roberts

Back for the second half of the season, Golden Gate Speedway got back to business, despite a lack of riders and a small crowd, the quality of racing was high. The thick consistent surface made it easy on riders, and a number of different racing lines seemed to be working. I didn’t get to talk to people outside the pits, so I don’t know how it was seen from that side of the fence, but those who rode were enthusiastic about the venue. Realistically I wonder how long people will keep coming to watch 2 and 3 rider races.

Second and third division riders got 3 rides. First division riders got 5 rides. Promoter Charlie Venegas has put together a great track. Announcer Mike Rooney appealed to the crowd, inviting new participants into the sport. What else can be done?

Back to the races. The start of the show, as one would expect was current AMA National Champion Billy Janniro, with 4 heat wins and an easy main event win.

Bob Hicks stopped racing at Auburn almost a decade ago, but was a consistent winner at Cal Expo and looked good last night at Vallejo. Mark Carrillo, for a rider who has ridden little in recent years has got back in the swing very quickly. Danny Faria has been riding division 1 at Vallejo most of this season and took his first division 1 ride at Auburn this week, and made it into the handicap main.

Division 1 Main Event
1. Billy Janniro; 2. Kell Kerrigan; 3. Bob Hicks; 4. Mark Carrillo.

Division 1 Consolation Event
1. Matt Becker; 2. Danny Faria; 3. Devin DeFreece; 4. Greg Hooten (non-starter).

Division 2 Main Event
1. Tori Hubbert; 2. Matt King; 3. Brian Leventon; 4. Les Veale.

Division 3 Main Event
1. Billy Parino; 2. Chris Wilkes; 3. Billy Vaughn; 4. Steve Buxton; 5. Casey Cornilsen.

Youth main
1. PJ Byrne; 2. Ryan Vaughn; 3. ?

I sincerely hope that more riders chose to support Charlie Venegas’s venture.

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