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Industry Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

Winter Series
November 28, 2009 - Industry Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

“Nasty” Nate Perkins celebrated his Thanksgiving Weekend in style by winning the main event on the first night of the three-week Winter Series at Industry Speedway.

Perkins earned gate one for the main event and made it pay off. He was side-by-side with Buck Blair entering turn one, but his inside position enabled him to take the lead. Gary Hicks used a cutback maneuver in turn two and charged under Blair as they entered turn three. Blair was forced wide and Ricky Wells, already on the outside, anticipated disaster and laid his bike down. The race was allowed to continue, but all the drama ended in that corner. Perkins cruised to the checkered flag for the victory, Hicks finished second, Blair was third, “Flyin” MikeFaria was fourth, and Wells was credited with fifth.

Northern California’s Kenny Ingalls kicked off the heats with a win over Brad Pappalardo and Faria. Wells beat Eddie Castro in the second heat. Hicks defeated Tyson Burmeister in the third heat. Perkins held off Blair to end the first round with a win.

Jason Ramirez opened round two with a win over Bobby “Boogaloo” Schwartz. Burmeister beat Faria for his first win in the next heat. Wells made it two in a row with a victory ahead of John Marquez. Blair ended the round by handing Perkins his only defeat of the evening.

Perkins began the final round of heats with a narrow victory over Hicks. Faria beat Ramirez for his first win of the night. Blair ran away with his second victory in the penultimate heat. Burmeister defeated Wells and Pappalardo in the final heat. Marquez defeated Schwartz in a runoff for the final spot in the semis.

In the first semi, Blair led a determined Wells all the way into the main event. Perkins and Hicks finished one-two in the second semi to also transfer to the main event. Faria won the Last Chance to complete the five-rider main event field.

David Fonts got the best start in the Support Main Event and led down the back straight. Mike “Spiderman” Bloom pressured Fonts into going wide in turns three and four and took over the lead. Bloom sped away from the pack and ran away with the victory. Rudy Laurer finished second, Fonts was third, Rohn Zellner finished fourth, and Justin Hassan was fifth.

Norman Graham led the Support B Main Event, but found himself under a relentless assault from Mike Wiley. Wiley stalked Graham the entire race, but entering the final corner it looked like is efforts would prove to be fruitless. Graham went a little wide exiting the last bend and Wiley stormed past to beat him by inches at the line.

River McDougall led the Youth First Division Main Event for a lap before Rocco Scopellite went by him on the inside. Scopellite never looked back from there and was first to the finish line.

Hayley Perrault led from start to finish and claimed the victory in the Youth Second Division Main Event.

Nick Varner led all four laps to win the Pee Wee Main Event.


Pee Wee Main Event
  3 - Nick Varner
 41 - Nicky Reimer
 58 - Brian Pintar
  1 - Michael Wells
 11 - Tristan Britt

Youth Second Division Main Event
  0 - Hayley Perrault
111 - Dillon Ruml
211n - Julian Hernandez
 58 - Brian Pintar
 14 - Michael Wells
  7 - Gino Scopellite

Youth First Division Main Event (restart)
  9 - Rocco Scopellite
  5 - River McDougall 
 41 - Nicky Reimer 
 22 - Samuel Ramirez 
356 - Maxwell Ruml 
999 - Major Davis 

Support B Main Event
101 - Mike Wiley
129 - Norman Graham
198 - Mike Boyle
161 - Michael Moore           	(tape penalty)
355 - John Pavia              	(fell)

Support Main Event
 22 - Mike Bloom
182 - Rudy Laurer
322n - David Fonts
163 - Rohn Zellner
132 - Justin Hassan

First Division Scoring		1             2             3             T
  3 - Gary Hicks              	3             1             2             6
  9 - Mike Faria              	1             2             3             6
 11 - Bobby Schwartz           	1             2             1             4
 13 - Nate Perkins             	3             2             3             8
 14 - Eddie Castro             	2             1             2             5
 18 - Justin Boyle            	F             N             N             0
 39 - Buck Blair               	2             3             3             8
 41 - John Marquez            	1             2             1             4
 66 - Jason Ramirez            	M             3             2             5
 98 - Doug Nicol               	0             0             N             0
141 - Josh Abbott              	1             1             0             2
142 - Ricky Wells              	3             3             2             8
145 - Brad Pappalardo          	2             0             1             3
184 - Tyson Burmeister        	2             3             2             8
212n - Kenny Ingalls           	3             1             1             5
244 - Joey Holt               	0             0             0             0

Race Results
 1: (restarted) Ingalls, Pappalardo, Faria (penalty line), Ramirez (two-minute exclusion)
 2: Wells, Castro, Marquez, Nicol (tape penalty)
 3: Hicks, Burmeister, Schwartz, Holt
 4: Perkins, Blair (tape penalty), Abbott, Boyle (fell)
11: Ramirez, Schwartz, Ingalls, Nicol
12: Burmeister, Faria, Castro, Holt
13: (restarted) Wells, Marquez, Abbott, Boyle (non starter - restart)
14: Blair, Perkins, Hicks, Pappalardo
17: Perkins, Hicks, Ingalls, Abbott
18: Faria, Ramirez, Schwartz, Holt 
19: Blair, Castro (fell, remounted), Marquez (fell, remounted), Nicol (non starter)
20: Burmeister, Wells, Pappalardo, Boyle (non starter)

Runoff: Marquez, Schwartz
Semi #1: Blair, Wells, Faria, Marquez, Castro
Semi #2: Perkins, Hicks, Burmeister, Ingalls, Ramirez (non starter)
First Division Last Chance
  9 - Mike Faria
184 - Tyson Burmeister
212n - Kenny Ingalls
 41 - John Marquez

First Division Main Event
 13 - Nate Perkins
  3 - Gary Hicks
 39 - Buck Blair
  9 - Mike Faria
142 - Ricky Wells	(fell)
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