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Inland Motorcycle Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

Harley Night
July 17, 2009 - IMS, San Bernardino
By: Ryan Evans

Ricky Wells made his Inland Motorsport Speedway debut a success by winning the Scratch Main Event on Harley Night at the San Bernardino venue.

Wells started in gate one and was first off the line when the tapes went up. Jimmy Fishback, who won the main event the previous week, was right on the Under 21 Champion’s hip as they entered turn one. Wells found more traction exiting turn two and led down the back straight. Fishback tried to chase down the leader, but Wells controlled the race through lap one. Fishback put up a valiant effort to catch the Coventry Bee, but Wells was mistake-free the rest of the way. Wells crossed the line first, Fishback finished second, Tyson Burmeister was third, Tim Gomez finished fourth, and Shaun Harmatiuk was fifth.

Josh Abbott led the Handicap Main Event field throughout lap one, but was under pressure from Russell Green. Green’s persistence paid off when he went past Abbott the second time down the back straight. Neil Facchini followed Green past Abbott as well and set his sights on the new leader. Facchini chased Green the rest of the way, but couldn’t find a way past. Green was first to the checkered flag, Facchini settled for second, Fishback finished third, Gomez was fourth, Wells finished fifth, and Brad Pappalardo was sixth.

Bubba Vazzana led the Second Division Main Event before Austin Novratil went by in turn four. Novratil pulled away from there and scored a dominant victory. Drew Coats finished second, Vazzana was third, Geoff Herkner finished fourth, and Butch Waymire was fifth.

Tim McGrath put together four smooth laps and claimed the win in the Third Division Main Event. DeWayne Stark finished second, Kevin Johnson was third, Ralph Chudy finished fourth, and Mike Wiley was fifth.

Gabe Price led the Youth Main Event for a lap before Nicky Reimer took over the lead. Reimer never looked back from there and went on to victory. Price held on to second and Jacob Wondolowski finished third.

Wondolowski led all four laps en route to victory in the Pee Wee Main Event. Reimer was second, William Ballasteros finished third, Tyler Barnett was fourth, and Hanna Smith finished fifth.


Pee Wee Main Event 
251 - Jacob Wondolowski 
 41 - Nicky Reimer 
  7 - William Ballasteros 
  8 - Tyler Barnett 
  7 - Hanna Smith 

Youth Main Event 
 41 - Nicky Reimer 			20 
 13 - Gabe Price 			0 
251 - Jacob Wondolowski 		0 

Third Division Main Event 
186 - Tim McGrath 			10 
268 - DeWayne Stark 			0 
122 - Kevin Johnson 			0 
362 - Ralph Chudy 			10 
101 - Mike Wiley 			10	(fell) 
355 - John Pavia 			0 	(non starter) 

Second Division Main Event (restarted) 
181 - Austin Novratil 			30 
195 - Drew Coats 			10 
274 - Bubba Vazzana 			0 
208 - Geoff Herkner 			0 
363 - Butch Waymire 			20 
141 - Josh Abbott 			30	(fell, remounted) 
293 - Rick Valdez 			30 	(fell) 

Handicap Main Event 
321 - Russell Green 			10 
 86 - Neil Facchini 			30 
 25 - Jimmy Fishback 			40 
 30 - Tim Gomez 			30 
142 - Ricky Wells 			50 
145 - Brad Pappalardo 			10 
141 - Josh Abbott 			0 
  3 - Gary Hicks 			50 	(non starter) 

First Division Last Chance 
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk 
  9 - Mike Faria 
 18 - Justin Boyle 
 41 - John Marquez 

Scratch Main Event 
142 - Ricky Wells 
 25 - Jimmy Fishback 
184 - Tyson Burmeister 
 30 - Tim Gomez 
139 - Shaun Harmatiuk 		(fell, remounted)
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