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Perris Raceway
Perris, California

2009 New Years Classic
January 25, 2009 - Perris Raceway
By: Ryan Evans

Kenny Ingalls began the 2009 speedway season with a brilliant performance by winning both main events at the New Years Classic at Perris Raceway.

Ingalls was lined up on the pole in the Scratch Main and when the tapes went up he was off the line first and led the field into turn one. Former Youth National Champion Jason Ramirez chased the Northern California native down the back straight. Ingalls held off the challenge and was still the leader at the end of lap one. Ramirez didn’t give up, but couldn’t pressure the leader into a mistake. Ingalls was first to the checkered flag, Ramirez finished second, J.T. Mabry was third, and Shaun Harmatiuk finished fourth.

Tyson Burmeister started at the front and led the Handicap Main Event field on lap one. Ingalls, who started on the 40 yard line, went past Mike “Spiderman” Bloom for second and began to work on the leader. Burmeister drifted wide the third time he entered turn one and Ingalls slipped by on the inside. There was little doubt from there as Ingalls pulled away for the victory. Burmeister held on to second, Bloom finished third, and Ramirez was credited with fourth after falling in turn two.

There were four scratch heats, with each competitor getting two races, to determine the field for the Scratch Main Event. Ingalls was awarded the victory in the first scratch heat after Bryce Starks fell on the third lap. Harmatiuk was victorious over Ramirez in the second heat.

Harmatiuk was awarded the victory in the next heat after Burmeister and Greg Ayers became locked together and went through the fence in turn four. Both riders were able to walk away, but Ayers was unable to participate in the Scratch Main. Ingalls ran away with the win in the final heat.

Youth National Champion Brad Pappalardo made a very auspicious debut on a 500 by winning his heat and semi, then topping his day off with a dominant victory in the Second Division Main Event. Pappalardo was never threatened en route to a runaway win. Blake Bowen finished second, Brad Moreau was third, Steve Dziadus finished fourth, Rick Fehrman was fifth, and Mark Baldwin was credited with sixth.

Tom Bostic led from all four laps to start 2009 by winning the Third Division Main Event. Billy Vaughn was second, Jonni Jade finished third, Pat Smith was fourth, Mike Schultz finished fifth, and Ron Mongenel was sixth.

Rocco Scopellite held off a late challenge from Thomas Reich, who had been handicapped 100 yards, to win the Youth Main Event. Major Davis finished third and Zack Adams was fourth.

Gino Scopellite matched his brother’s success by winning the Pee Wee Main Event. Joseph Toomey was second, Abbey Bostic finished third, and Summer Fehrman was fourth.

The next speedway event at Perris Raceway will be the annual Gumball Rally Weekend which is slated for February 14-15.


Sidecar Main Event
 66 – Gerard Jackson/Dave German
 31 – Tommy Thornton/Steve Bumpass

Pee Wee Main Event
  7 – Gino Scopellite
 14 – Joseph Toomey
 15 – Abbey Bostic
  8 – Summer Fehrman

Youth Main Event (restarted)
  9 – Rocco Scopellite		0
 12 – Thomas Reich		100
999 – Major Davis		0
 15 – Zack Adams		0	(non starter)

Third Division Consolation
157 – Tony DeAlmeida
124 – Paul Thornton
186 – Tim McGrath		(retired)

Third Division Main Event
222 – Tom Bostic
181n – Billy Vaughn
266 – Jonni Jade
247 – Pat Smith
292 – Mike Schultz
158 – Ron Mongenel

Second Division Consolation
177 – Steve Bowen
326 – Mark Lane			(fell, remounted)
252 – Jeff Remington		(non starter)

Second Division Main Event	(restarted)
145 – Brad Pappalardo
187 – Blake Bowen
153 – Brad Moreau
212 – Steve Dziadus
240n – Rick Fehrman
115 – Mark Baldwin		(fell)

Handicap Main Event
212n – Kenny Ingalls		40
184 – Tyson Burmeister		10
 22 – Mike Bloom		20
 66 – Jason Ramirez		40	(fell)
321 – Russell Green		30	(non starter)
245 – Bryce Starks		10	(non starter)

First Division Scratch Heat Scoring	1	2	T
 22 – Mike Bloom			1	2	3
 66 – Jason Ramirez			3	3	6
 69 – Jaime Pickard			2	1	3
93n – J.T. Mabry			2	2	4
 99 – Greg Ayers			3	3	6
139 – Shaun Harmatiuk			4	4	8
184 – Tyson Burmeister			1	1	2
212n – Kenny Ingalls			4	4	8
245n – Bryce Starks			F	N	0
321 – Russell Green			R	N	0

Scratch Heat Results
11: (awarded) Ingalls, Ayers, Pickard, Bloom, Starks (fell)
12: Harmatiuk, Ramirez, Mabry, Burmeister, Green (retired)
15: (awarded) Harmatiuk, Ayers, Bloom, Burmeister (fell), Green (non starter)
16: Ingalls, Ramirez, Mabry, Pickard, Starks (non starter)

Scratch Main Event
212n – Kenny Ingalls
 66 – Jason Ramirez
93n – J.T. Mabry
139 – Shaun Harmatiuk
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