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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

North tops South in Annual Classic Duel
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

A great and long lasting rivalry was renewed Friday night at Fast Friday’s Gold Country Fairgrounds Motorcycle Speedway in Auburn.  In the classic North vs. South Challenge match-up that has been ongoing for 20 years now, speedway fans were treated to some of the best racing action in the nation.  Six of Southern California’s best riders journeyed north to face off against the best Northern California have to offer.  When the action packed racing was over, 18 scratch heat races and two exciting main events, and the dust settled, the north squad avenged their lost to the south in 2009 and won the 2010 Civil War challenge 96-40.  The all scratch racing format, team styled racing, teamed Billy Janniro, Bryan Yarrow, Scott Brant, Bart Bast, Tommy Hedden, and Charlie Venegas, riding for the north team, and Jimmy Fishback, Tyson Burmeister, Buck Blair, Eddie Castro, Bobby Schwartz, and Brad Pappalardo representing the south.

The final score did not reflect the whole story though, as the south team raced strongly, and the near capacity crowd at Fast Friday’s was treated to some of the most competitive racing so far this season.  From the opening gate the north’s Billy Janniro was hardly containable, having 5 of 6 first place heat race finishes leading up to the point heavy mains.  Heat races are scored with three points for a win, two points for second, one for third and zero for a fourth place finish.  In the two mains, the B main scores four points for first place, three points for second, two points or third and one for fourth.  The A main really kicks up the points and most nights can be the event decider, the winner of the A main tallies six points, second gets five points, third get four, and fourth gets three.

Going into the mains after 18 heat races Janniro led all racers with 23 points for the north and Burmeister led the south with 12.  In the B main the north continued to come through as Yarrow took the checkered flag and Bast was second in another north squad sweep as they picked up another seven points.  The A main event lined up the best talent of the evening as each team picked two riders to represent their teams.  Janniro drew lane four and Hedden was set to come out of lane two for the north, for the south Fishback drew lane three and teammate Burmeister was set out of inside lane one.  Even from outside lane four there was no stopping Janniro who raced inside beating all to the first turn and took the flag in the night’s finale.  No stranger to winning this season, Janniro continues to ride consistently finding his way to the top spot on the winner podium each week, and finished Friday night with 23 points topping all riders.  Hedden finished second in the nights final event that completed a sweep of the A and B main events for the north squad and added another 11 points to bring the north’s total to 96.  Fishback was third and Burmeister was fourth for the south adding seven and bring their score to 40.  The north’s win Friday night brings the overall total to 13 wins for the north and seven wins for the south.

The night in Auburn at Fast Friday’s couldn’t of been better, as both teams put on a great show, supporting each other with exhibition of speedway goodwill, friendly rivalry, and spirited racing,  regardless of whose side each team member raced for.  “I had a great time tonight, it’s a great competition, I’m just excited they asked me to race tonight,” said south rider Bobby Schwartz.  “The track was a little different than I like tonight, I’d make a few changes if I was racing here next week,” he said.


Score after 18 heats races North-78 South-30
Score after B Main North-85 South 33
Score after A Main (Final) North 96 South 40
A Main
1- Billy Janniro (N 6pts) 2- Tommy Hedden (N 5pts) 3- Jimmy Fishback (S 4pts) 4- Tyson Burmeister (S 3pts)
B Main
1- Bryan Yarrow (N 4pts) 2- Bart Bast (N 3pts) 3- Eddie Castro (S 2pts) 4- Buck Blair (S 1 pts)

Youth North vs. South
South 41
North 31

Photos By Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Speedway Members of the 2010 North team before the races at Fast Friday’s Motorcycle Speedway track in Auburn. (L) Billy Janniro, Bryan Yarrow, Bart Bast, Scott Brant, Tommy Hedden, and Charlie Venegas.  The North squad beat the South team 96-40 in this year’s annual classic North vs. South Challenge.
Fast Fridays Speedway Bobby Schwartz of the South leads North riders Bart Bast and Scott Brant into turn one in a hear race.
Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro was the overall high points winner in this year’s North vs. South Challenge with 23 total leading the north to victory in their 96-40 win over the South.  Janniro also won the A main event in Friday’s contest.
Fast Fridays Speedway
Tyson Burmeister (L) riding for the south goes head to head with the north’s Charlie Venegas (R).
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