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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Byrce Starks and Austin Novratil - National Champions
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
AUBURN, CALIFORNIA, August 20, 2010

2010 AMA/USA Youth National and AMA/USA Under 21 National Speedway Championships

Fast Friday’s Motorcycle Speedway at Auburn’s Gold Country Fairgrounds was a hub of activity Friday night. Including the regular speedway program, two championship programs were also being run. The 2010 AMA/USA Youth National and the 2010 AMA/USA Under 21 National Speedway Championships were also staged at the Auburn track.

AMA/USA 2009 Youth National Champion Austin Novratil again topped all youth competitors and with a perfect performance and was crowned the 2010 AMA/USA Youth National Champion. Novratil scored wins in all four of his heat races, and won the final main event to take the championship. Novratil outpaced Auburn’s Tyler Warren and Tanner Kane who each finished the heat races with 10 points, and Gabe Price who finished the heats with 5 points. Kane finished second in the final, Price was third and Warren fourth.

Auburn’s Bryce Starks also repeated his performance last year winning the AMA/USA Under 21 National Championship. Starks finished his four heat races and semi-final heat with wins and went into the final with 15 points. Gino Manzares finished the heats and semi-final with 10, Russell Green had tallied 12 going into the final, and Brad Pappalardo had nine entering the final. Starks struggled in the final for the first time of the evening and finished third behind Manzares who was second and Green who finished first. Pappalardo finished fourth. With a comfortable lead going into the final, and with the championship awarded by total points for all races, Starks won the Under 21 Championship finishing one point ahead of Green with 16. The win again qualifies Starks to race in Europe in the 2011 Under 21 World Cup Qualifier, representing the United States, which he missed this year because of injury. “It feels great, I hope to stay injury free this year and go overseas next year and achieve my goal to race in the Under-21 championships,” said Starks.

Charlie Venegas won the Division I scratch main event getting a good gate out of lane four, and holding off Billy Janniro, who working the outside of the track was unable to pass Venegas, and finished second out of lane two. Auburn’s Tommy Hedden finished third and Auburn’s Bart Bast was fourth. Hedden who is on a Division I main event winning streak won the Division I handicap main event. Bast finished second, Janniro finished third, and Alex Marcucci was fourth. Last week Hedden won a Div. I scratch main event.

Rounding out the exciting night of speedway racing at Fast Friday’s Dustin Berdolt won the Division II main event; Robby Northam won the Division III main event.

Jim Lewis again topped the Run What U Brung program.

Results from 8-20-10

Youth National Championship
(Decided in a one race final, top four heat race point’s riders entered final)
1- Austin Novratil, 2- Tanner Kane, 3- Gabe Price, 4- Tyler Warren
Heat Points going into Final
Novratil-12, Warren-10, Kane-7, Price-5

Under 21 National Championship
(Decided by high points at finish of heat, semi, and final races)
1-Bryce Starks-16, 2-Russell Green-15, 3-Gino Manzares-12, 4-Brad Pappalardo-9

Division 1 Scratch Main Event
1- Charlie Venegas, 2- Tommy Hedden, 3- Billy Janniro, 4- Bart Bast

Division I Handicap Main Event
1- Tommy Hedden, 2- Bart Bast 3- Billy Janniro

Division II Main Event
1- Dustin Berdolt, 2- Brandon Leedy, 3- Richard Fehrman

Division III Main Event
1- Robby Northam, 2- John Williams, 3- Billy Vaughn

Run What U Brung
1-Jim Lewis

Photos By Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Speedway Charlie Venegas won the Division I Scratch main event.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn’s Bryce Starks won the AMA/USA Under 21 Championship; Starks repeated his win last year. Starks will be able to race in the 2011 Under 21 World Cup Qualifier in Europe.
Fast Fridays Speedway Austin Novratil (R) gets ahead of Gabe Price in a Youth National heat race Friday night at Fast Friday’s. Novratil won this year’s 2010 AMA/USA Youth National Championship repeating his 2009 Youth National win last year.
Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn’s Tommy Hedden won Friday night’s Division I handicap main event. Hedden, on a winning roll, won last week’s Division I scratch main event.
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