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Industry Speedway
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

NHRA Museum Night
June 30, 2010 - Industry Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

“Battling” Buck Blair won the Wybenga Family Main Event and stopped Charlie Venegas’s winning streak at three on NHRA Museum Night at Industry Speedway.

The first time the tapes went up in the main event Venegas and Bobby “Boogaloo” Schwartz were side-by-side through the first corner and on the back straight. Venegas secured the lead in turn three, but the red flag came out when Shawn McConnell and Eddie Castro fell down. On the restart, Blair brilliantly trapped from the outside with Schwartz slotting in behind him. The former National Champion pressured the Colorado native for nearly three laps before drifting off the groove and allowing Venegas to get by. Venegas couldn’t get close enough on the final lap to pose a serious threat. Blair was first to the checkered flag, and also collected the extra purse money courtesy of the Wybenga family. Venegas finished second, McConnell was third, Castro finished fourth, and Schwartz was fifth.

Castro began the heats by defeating Gary Hicks. Youth National Champion Austin Novratil scored an impressive win over Venegas and Blair in the second heat. Tyson Talkington led the third heat before McConnell stole the victory at the line. Steve Russell passed Michael Raines on the second lap and went on to win the last heat of round one.

Round two started with Schwartz beating Novratil. Hicks beat John Marquez in the next heat. Venegas used the outside to get the lead and the win in event 11. Blair ended the second round with a win over McConnell.

McConnell opened the final round by beating Castro. Blair held off Schwartz for his second straight win. Tyson Burmeister defeated Hicks in event 19. Venegas closed out the heats by defeating Russell Green.

Hicks had the first semi final in the bag before an engine failure on the final lap handed the win to Venegas and the other main-event transfer to Castro. Schwartz and McConnell finished one-two in the other semi and transferred to the main. Blair won the Last Chance to book the final spot in the main event field.

Chris Jones led the Second Division Main Even through the first corner but Bruce Marteney went by on the back straight. Aaron Fox, who started in the back, had worked his way through traffic and began stalking Marteney on the third lap. Marteney succumbed to the pressure and fell in turn three. Fox cruised the final lap for an impressive win. John Pavia finished second, Tim McGrath was third, Jones finished fourth, and Marteney was fifth.

Kevin Wybenga led all four laps to win the Third Division Main Event and the extra $50 from dedicated speedway fan Tom Foster. Mike Salyer was second, Tony DeAlmeida finished third, and DeWayne Stark was fourth.

Max Ruml won both of his heats and went home victorious in the Youth First Division Main Event. Kurtis Hamill finished second and Dillon Ruml was third.

Michael Wells led from start to finish and won the Youth Second Division Main Event. Chase Sanborn finished second, Broc Nicol was third, and Maverick Molloy finished fourth.

Sebastian Palmese defeated Walker Calvo to win the Pee Wee Main Event.

Scott Driggers and Casey Driggers fought off an onslaught from National Champions Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen to win the Sidecar Main Event. Gerard Jackson and Dave German finished third and Brian Motis and Brandi McElroy were fourth.


Sidecar Main Event (restarted) 
 13 - Scott Driggers/Casey Driggers 
  1 - Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen 
 66 - Gerard Jackson/Dave German 
  2 - Brian Motis/Brandi McElroy 

Pee Wee Main Event 
795 - Sebastian Palmese 
 21 - Walker Calvo 

Youth Second Division Main Event 
214 - Michael Wells 
108 - Chase Sanborn 
146 - Broc Nicol 
 34 - Maverick Molloy 

Youth First Division Main Event 
308 - Max Ruml 
104 - Kurtis Hamill
111 - Dillon Ruml 

Tom Foster Third Division Main Event 
191 - Kevin Wybenga 
333 - Mike Salyer
157 - Tony DeAlmeida 
268 - DeWayne Stark 		(retired) 

Second Division Main Event 
146 - Aaron Fox 		20 
355 - John Pavia 		10 
186 - Tim McGrath 		20 
116 - Chris Jones 		0 
242 - Bruce Marteney 		0	(fell, remounted) 

First Division Heat Scoring	1	2	3	T
  3 – Gary Hicks		2	3	2	7
  6 – Shawn McConnell		3	2	3	8
 11 – Bobby Schwartz		1	3	2	6
 14 – Eddie Castro		3	1	2	6
 23 – Steve Russell		3	0	1	4
 26 – Tyson Burmeister		1	1	3	5
 39 – Buck Blair		1	3	3	7
 41 – John Marquez		F	2	0	2
 43 – Charlie Venegas		2	3	3	8
145 – Brad Pappalardo		1	F	1	2
151 – Brandon Leedy		0	1	0	1
178 – Eloy Medellin		0	Nr	N	0
181 – Austin Novratil		3	2	1	6
220 – Tyson Talkington		2	2	1	5
259 – Michael Raines		2	1	0	3
321 – Russell Green		0	0	2	2

Race Results
 1: Castro, Hicks, Pappalardo, Green
 2: Novratil, Venegas, Blair, Medellin
 3: McConnell, Marquez, Burmeister, Talkington (fell)
 4: Russell, Raines, Schwartz, Leedy
 9: (restarted) Schwartz, Novratil, Burmeister, Green
10: (restarted) Hicks, Marquez, Leedy, Medellin (non starter – restart)
11: Venegas, Talkington, Castro (tape penalty), Russell
12: Blair, McConnell, Raines, Pappalardo (fell)
17: McConnell, Castro, Russell (fell), Medellin (non starter)
18: (restarted) Blair, Schwartz, Talkington (penalty line), Marquez
19: Burmeister, Hicks, Novratil, Raines
20: Venegas, Green, Pappalardo, Leedy
Semi #1: Venegas, Castro, Russell, Novratil, Hicks (engine failure)
Semi #2: Schwartz, McConnell, Burmeister, Blair, Talkington

First Division Last Chance 
 39 - Buck Blair 
 26 - Tyson Burmeister 
 23 - Steve Russell 
181 - Austin Novratil 		(fell) 

Wybenga Family First Division Main Event (restarted) 
 39 - Buck Blair 
 43 - Charlie Venegas 
  6 - Shawn McConnell 
 14 - Eddie Castro 
 11 - Bobby Schwartz
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