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Inland Motorcycle Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

2010 IMS Opening Night - Fair Derby
May 28, 2010 - Inland Motorcycle Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

Jimmy “The Little Animal” Fishback helped to raise the curtain on Inland Motorcycle Speedway’s 2010 season by winning the main event at the 2010 Orange Show Opening Night Fair Derby in San Bernardino.

Fishback, Tim Gomez, and Buck Blair each entered the main event tied with eight points each. Blair won the tie-breaking draw amongst the three riders and chose gate one. Fishback picked gate two and Gomez selected gate three. “Flyin” Mike Faria and Shawn “Mad Dog” McConnell, who made the main via the Last Chance, picked gate four and gate five, respectively.

When the tapes went up Gomez left the line first but Fishback beat him to turn one. Fishback hugged the inside line while Gomez sought out traction on the outside. Fishback held the advantage on the back straight and into turn three. Gomez made a desperate charge at the end of the first lap but his effort ended in turn one when he slid off. That mistake left Blair in second but well behind the leader. Fishback, son of original IMS legend Jim “The Animal” Fishback, cruised the rest of the way for the victory. Blair finished second, McConnell was third, Faria finished fourth, and Gomez was fifth.

“Fast” Eddie Castro kicked off the heats with a blistering victory ahead of Fishback. Faria led the second heat for two laps before Blair went past him for the lead and the win. McConnell led heat three before going wide in turn four which allowed Gomez to get by for his first victory.

Round two started with Gomez leading before Fishback made a thrilling outside pass for the lead and went on to his first win. McConnell defeated Steve Russell in the next heat, but the highlight was Castro pushing his bike the final 40 yards to pick up a point. Blair defeated Bobby “Boogaloo” Schwartz to end the second round.

The final round opened with Gomez holding off Blair for an impressive win. Faria beat Russell in event 24. Fishback ended the heats by beating McConnell for his second win.

Faria and McConnell finished one-two in the Last Chance to book the final two spots in the main.

Tyson Talkington led the Second Division Main before finding too much traction and going over backward in turn four. He was fit enough for the restart, but would start on the penalty line. Rick “The Rage” Valdez made the most of the second opportunity and led from start to finish and captured the win. Mike Wiley was second, John Pavia finished third, and Talkington was fourth.

Aaron Fox made a very auspicious debut by winning his heat, his semi, and leading all four laps en route to victory in the Third Division Main Event. Kevin Wybenga finished second, Mike Salyer was third, and Mike Fuson finished fourth.

Gabe Price came from behind to pass and defeat Nick Varner in the Youth Main Event.

Chase Sanborn held off Jimmy Fishback IV to win the Pee Wee Main Event.

The event began the second season for the current promotion at the Orange Show Fairgrounds. Jason Bonsignore, who has promoted speedway in New York for over a decade, and Southern California veteran racer McConnell are the copromoter's. The track was completely rebuilt from last year and is bigger and faster than last year’s. The Orange Show Fairgrounds has hosted speedway intermittently since the mid-1970s with original IMS serving as a staple on the Southern California speedway circuit for many years. Bonsignore and McConnell are hoping to recapture the electric level of racing and atmosphere that IMS was known for.

The next event at IMS is Speedway Racers Remembrance Night. The evening will honor Ernie Roccio, Ken Berry, and Randy Evans, three American speedway racers who lost their lives in competition. The program will have scratch and handicap racing in First Division.


Sidecar Consolation
 13 – Scott Driggers/Casey Driggers
5150 – Dylan Beard/Edwin Soto
 16 – Kevin Brown/Matt Davis

Sidecar Main Event
  1 - Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen
 00 - Joe Petraglovic/Mike Moreno
 66 - Gerard Jackson/Dave German
  2 - Brian Motis/Brandi McElroy

Pee Wee Main Event
  4 - Chase Sanborn
275 - Jimmy Fishback IV

Youth Main Event
 13 - Gabe Price
333 - Nick Varner

Third Division Consolation
134 – Jim Gardner
175 – Jake Myers
211 – Steve Brown
393 – C.J. Sanborn
188 – Rick Howard

Third Division Main Event
146 - Aaron Fox
191 - Kevin Wybenga
333 - Mike Salyer
245 - Mike Fuson

Second Division Consolation
149 – Philip Harmatiuk
208 – Geoff Herkner
242 – Bruce Marteney
122 – Kevin Johnson
274 – Bubba Vazzana
163 – Rohn Zellner		(non starter)

Second Division Main Event (restarted)
293 - Rick Valdez
101 - Mike Wiley
355 - John Pavia
220 - Tyson Talkington		(penalty line) (fell)

First Division Heat Scoring	1	2	3	T
  6 – Shawn McConnell		2	3	2	7
  9 – Mike Faria		2	1	3	6
 11 – Bobby Schwartz		0	2	1	3
 14 – Eddie Castro		3	1	1	5
 23 – Steve Russell		1	2	2	5
 25 – Jimmy Fishback		2	3	3	8
 30 – Tim Gomez			3	2	3	8
 39 – Buck Blair		3	3	2	8
 41 – John Marquez		0	F	1	1
 86 – Neil Facchini		1	0	0	1
145 – Brad Pappalardo		0	0	0	0

Race Results
 1: Castro, Fishback, Facchini, Marquez
 2: Blair, Faria, Russell, Pappalardo
 3: Gomez, McConnell, Holt, Schwartz
12: Fishback, Gomez, Faria, Pappalardo
13: (restarted) McConnell, Russell, Castro (penalty line) (fell, remounted), Marquez (fell)
14: (restarted) Blair, Schwartz, Holt, Facchini (penalty line)
23: Gomez, Blair, Castro, Holt (fell)
24: Faria, Russell, Schwartz, Facchini
25: Fishback, McConnell, Marquez, Pappalardo

First Division Last Chance
  9 - Mike Faria
  6 - Shawn McConnell
 23 - Steve Russell
 11 - Bobby Schwartz
 14 - Eddie Castro 		(fell, remounted)

First Division Main Event
 25 - Jimmy Fishback
 39 - Buck Blair
  6 - Shawn McConnell
  9 - Mike Faria
 30 - Tim Gomez 		(fell, remounted)
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