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Inland Motorcycle Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

Quaid Harley Davidson Night
July 9, 2010 - Inland Motorcycle Speedway
By: Ryan Evans

Tim Gomez turned in an impressive performance and was victorious in the main event on Quaid Harley Davidson Night at Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

Gomez, starting in gate two, made the best start in the main event and led the field into turn one. Gomez stretched his lead the first two laps before Steve Russell began to cut into his lead. Russell closed in on the leader and was within striking distance on the final lap. Gomez kept his composure, though, and held on for the victory. Russell settled for second, Josh Abbott was third, Michael Raines finished fourth, and Shawn “Mad Dog” McConnell was fifth.

Gomez opened the evening by passing Dale Facchini for the lead and the victory in the first heat. McConnell defeated Russell in the second heat. Abbott ended the first round by capitalizing on a Mike Faria mistake for a well-deserved win.

The second round started with Gomez using the outside to take the lead and then romped to his second win. Russell defeated Faria in the next heat. Raines beat Tyson Talkington to end round two.

Abbott began the final round of heats with a victory over Doug Nicol. Russell beat McConnell in the next heat for his second win in a row. Faria handed Gomez his only defeat in the final heat.

Abbott impressively held off an onslaught from McConnell in a runoff for the third and final direct spot in the main.

The first attempt to run the Last Chance ended when Faria went down and brought out the red flag. An injured knee prevented the former National Champion for taking part of the restart. The second try concluded with Facchini and Raines getting together and falling in turn two. McConnell led the third attempt with Raines in second when Facchini fell on the third lap and caused another stoppage. The win was awarded to McConnell with second, and the final main-event transfer, going to Raines.

Geoff Herkner made the best start and led all four laps ahead of a hard-charging Aaron Fox to win the Second Division Main Event. Kevin Wybenga finished third and Dylan Black was fourth.

Chris Jones led the first two laps of the Third Division Main Event and was awarded the victory when Steve Brown fell and brought out the red flag. Mike Fuson was second, Jim Gardner was third, and Kip McClain was fourth.

Brian Motis and Brandi McElroy led the Sidecar Main Event into the first corner, but their lead only lasted into turn three when Kevin Brown and Matt Davis took over. National Champions Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen went up the inside of Brown and Davis entering turn one the second time and took the lead. Jones and Olsen extended opened a comfortable lead and led to the checkered flag. Gerard Jackson and Dave German finished second, Motis and McElroy were third, Edwin Soto and Daniel Strickland finished fourth, and Brown and Davis were fifth.


Sidecar Main Event
  1 - Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen
 66 - Gerard Jackson/Dave German
  2 - Brian Motis/Brandi McElroy
5150 - Edwin Soto/Daniel Strickland
 16 - Kevin Brown/Matt Davis

Youth Main Event
146 - Broc Nicol

Third Division Main Event (awarded)
116 - Chris Jones
245 - Mike Fuson
134 - Jim Gardner
316 - Kip McClain
211 - Steve Brown 		(fell)

Second Division Consolation (awarded)
163 – Rohn Zellner		0
355 – John Pavia		0
152 – Jim Robinson		0
274 – Bubba Vazzana		10
178 – Eloy Medellin		0
151 – Brandon Leedy		10	(fell)

Second Division Main Event
208 - Geoff Herkner
146 - Aaron Fox
191 - Kevin Wybenga
201 - Dylan Black 		(fell)

First Division Heat Scoring	1	2	3	T
  6 – Shawn McConnell		3	2	2	7
  9 – Mike Faria		2	2	3	7
 19 – Dale Facchini		2	1	1	4
 23 – Steve Russell		2	3	3	8
 30 – Tim Gomez			3	3	2	8
 41 – John Marquez		0	1	0	1
 98 – Doug Nicol		0	R	2	2
141 – Josh Abbott		3	1	3	7
149 – Philip Harmatiuk		R	0	1	1
220 – Tyson Talkington		1	2	1	4
244 – Joey Holt			1	0	0	1
259 – Michael Raines		1	3	0	4

Race Results
 1: (restarted) Gomez, Facchini, Talkington, Harmatiuk (penalty line) (retired)
 2: McConnell, Russell, Raines, Nicol
 3: Abbott, Faria, Holt, Perkins
10: Gomez, McConnell, Abbott, Holt
11: Russell, Faria, Facchini, Harmatiuk
12: Raines, Talkington, Marquez, Nicol (retired)
19: Abbott, Nicol, Facchini, Holt
20: Russell, McConnell, Talkington, Marquez
21: Faria, Gomez, Harmatiuk, Raines
Runoff: Abbott, McConnell, Faria (retired)

First Division Last Chance (restarted twice) (awarded)
  6 - Shawn McConnell
259 - Michael Raines
220 - Tyson Talkington
 19 - Dale Facchini 		(fell)
  9 - Mike Faria 		(non starter - restart)

First Division Main Event
 30 - Tim Gomez
 23 - Steve Russell
141 - Josh Abbott
259 - Michael Raines
  6 - Shawn McConnell 		(engine failure)
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