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Perris Auto Speedway
Perris, California

by Elaine Jones
April 17, 2010

It was quite a night at the PAS as the riders got a taste of some real speed as they put the skinny bikes on the big 440 meter oval. There was a whole lot of high speed wobble going on but very few go downs and that makes it a good night of racing. In tribute to Kelly Moran a slow speed honor lap by Ronnie Preston and Bruce Penhall was followed by a moment of silence.

The program consisted of three Scratch Racing rounds with the top twelve in points moving on to the Semis. Three move to the Main with the final three going to the Consi.

The first Semi had northern Cal riders Kelly Kerrigan on the pole with Tommy Hedden in two and reigning CA. State LT Champ, Billy Janniro in three. That was followed with "The Little" Jimmy Animal Fishback, returning Dream Team member "Fast Eddie Castro and Michael Hull. It was Fishback that read the gate perfectly with Janniro giving chase and Hedden hoping to make an MXRC sandwich. He got his wish as they freight trained around and finished as they had started. The three headed for the Main while Castro, Hull and Karrigan got the Consi.

The second Semi had Jason Ramirez on the pole with returning Dream Team star Austin Novratil in two. In three Doug "The Destroyer" Nicol then Buck Blair and Tyson Burmeister. Mechanical problems kept Neil Facchini from making the call. They loaded in and it was Blair that timed the gate to perfection and he exploded into the lead. Nicol was out second but was only able to go two laps before he was sidelined with bike issues. Burmeister was more than happy to take over the second spot. The returning Dream Team rider gave a very good accounting of himself by holding off a very hard charging Ramirez who came from behind to overtake Novratil for the final transfer spot for the Main. Novratil, Nicol and Facchini were in the Consi.

Novratil drew the pole for the Consi with Hull in two, Kerrigan in three and Castro in four. Nicol and Facchini were unable to make the call. This was going to be an interesting race. Novratil the Junior rider coming up against one of the best veterans around, Castro. They loaded in and when the gate came up and it was the kid, Novratil out on top with Castro chasing him. It took two laps for Castro to run down the youngin and as the white flag came out it was Castro who took control of the race and brought it home. Novratil was second with Hull third and Kerrigan rounded out the field with fourth.

The richest race of the night rolled to the line with Janniro on the pole, Ramirez in two and Fishback in three. Hedden lined up next to his teammate in four and fellow MXRC rider Burmeister in five. On the far outside it was Blair getting some last minute coaching about what line to take from hurt rider "Gorgeous" Gary Hicks. They loaded in, the light went green and the tapes came up. It was Janniro out on top but it was Blair that got to the corner first and started putting daylight between him and the rest of the field. Janniro certainly tried but he also had to contend with a very hungry Fishback who was trying to get himself in striking distance. Hedden was running fourth and even though Fishback was a teammate all bets were off and it was every man for himself. The caliber of the riders speaks for itself as no one made a mistake and they would finish in that
order. The Spring Classic Long Track victory belonged to Blair and the crowd loved it.

Fours Sidecars teams lined up for their Main Event Scott and Casey Driggers drew the pole with Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen in two. Brian Motis and Brandy McElroy were in three with Kevin Brown and Matt Davis in four. The start went to the Driggers with Jones and Olsen making the moves on them. The Driggers weren't having any of it and held their line. Jones and Olsen made it a drag race to the checkered but the Driggers prevailed. On back it was Kevin Brown and Matt Davis with Brian Motis an Brandy McElroy rounding out the field.

Tyson Talkington got the bragging rights in the Division II Main as he topped Northern CA. rider Rick Fehrman. Last weeks Costa Mesa Spring Classic winner Tyson Talkington was perfect and continues his winning streak. Rick Fritch and Dylan Black finished third and fourth.

Division III honors went Tim McGrath. Following him home was Mike Fuson, T-Rod Requejo and Rocco Scopellite.

On July 10 we will run the second annual California State Longtrack Championships here at the Perris Auto Speedway.

APRIL 17, 2010

Scratch Main: 1. Buck Blair (Jaw); 2. Billy Janniro (Jaw); 3. Jimmy Fishback (Jaw); 4. Tommy Hedden (Jaw); 5. Jason Ramirez (Jaw); 6. Tyson Burmeister (Jaw)

Scratch Consi: 1. Eddie Castro (Jaw); 2. Austin Novratil (Jaw); 3. Michael Hull (Jaw); 4. Kelly Karrigan (Jaw); 5. Doug Nicol (Jaw); 6. Neil Facchini (Jaw)

Division II Main: 1. Tyson Talkington (Jaw); 2. Rick Fehrman (Jaw); 3. Rick Fritch (Jaw); 4. Dylan Black (Jaw)

Division II Consi: 1. Joey Holt (Jaw); 2. Bruce Marteney (Jaw); 3. Jeff Remington (Jaw); 4. Mike Boyle (Jaw)

Division III Main: 1. Tim McGrath (Jaw); 2. Mike Fuson ( Jaw); 3. T-Rod Requejo (Jaw); 4. Rocco Scopellite (Jaw)

Division III Consi: 1. Mike Wiley (Jaw); 2. Todd Silicato (Jaw); 3. Brian Starr (Jaw); 4. Mike Salyer (Jaw): 5. Paul Thornton (Jaw)

Sidecars Main: 1. Scott Driggers/ Casey Driggers (Yam); 2. Joe Jones/Jimmy Olsen (Yam); 3. Kevin Brown/ Matt Davis (Yam); 4. Brian Motis/ Brandy McElroy (Yam)

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