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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Mittl Motors to Speedway Joe Cup Win at Champion
By Jason Bonsignore
July 9, 2011

Champion Speedway

Adam Mittl went undefeated at Champion Speedway for the second time this season to take home his second Speedway Joe Cup Championship. The Speedway Joe Cup honors local speedway fan, Joe Hodak, who has only missed a hand-full of events in Champion's 35 year history.

On this particular evening Champion saw one of it's deepest talent pools of riders for a regular season race night in years and the racing was top shelf with many exciting battles and lead changes. The full first division field of 16 riders put on a great show. Long-time speedway veteran from CA, "Mad" Jon Stasiefski flew in for the night while talented teenagers Mikey Buman and Corey Brookes made their first appearances of the season. Mikey Robinson, a former US Open finalist, was in from NZ and rode very respectably despite not having raced in 9 years. Former star, John "Boogeyman" Lewis continued his comeback after a 20 year hiatus to win the C-Final. Local flat-track ace, Todd Hunter, who is back at speedway after a 10 year layoff, rode well to win Division Two.

The D-1 program kicked off with Casey Donholt putting a smooth ride together to win heat one over Tuff McBride, Keith Hawkins and Lewis in that order. Jeremy Parsons, last weeks winner, won event two with Buman second and Jeff Garlinghouse third. Stasiefski suffered a broken master link and scored a DNF. Gene Bonsignore won the third session over Andy Crawford with Brookes third and Lee Bailey fourth. Mittl took home his race with Jerry Harman second and Robinson third. Dave Clark was fourth.

McBride was back in a familiar position winning the first heat of round two with Clark just behind him followed by Crawford then Garlinghouse. Mittl made an unreal pass to split Donholt and Buman next and went on to win with Buman second. Bailey was fourth. Parsons looked strong again and got first with Harman second, Lewis third and Brookes fourth. Bonsignore closed things out with a second win after passing Stasiefski and Robinson early on. Robinson and Stasiefski had a great see-saw battle for second with Robinson just getting there in the end. Hawkins was fourth.

McBride gained another three-points in the third run of heat races with Harman second and Baily third. Stasiefski could not overcome a tape penalty. The 63 year old Bonsignore put on a good show in his heat jumping out to lead Bumand and Clark for about 3 laps. Clark was pressuring on the outside and Bonsignore left way too much room for Buman on the inside and Buman passed for the win. Bonsignore ended third with Lewis last. Mittl won again from Hawkins, Brookes and Garlinghouse in that order and Parsons and Donholt had a good tussle with Parsons emerging. Robinson was third, Crawford last.

After intermission Buman and McBride took a one two then Parsons was first again over Hawkins. Bonsignore then led Harman until hitting something in the track on the last lap and getting wide allowing Harman by for a checkered flag. Mittl stayed unbeaten with a win over second placed Lewis.

With the top five in points going to the A-Final and Bonsignore and Harman tied on points for the last position a runoff was held. Bonsignore led Harman again for most of the two laps but moved wide to cover Harman on the outside and Harman wisely dove back on the open inside for the lead and win.

Mittl and Parsons were tied for points and tossed a coin for gate choice which Mittl won. With Mittl in one, Parsons in two, Buman in three, Harman in four and McBride in five the tapes blasted up and Mittl was gone on his Oakley/Scotts Headers Jawa on his way to another unbeaten night! Buman tucked in for a solid second place finish while Harman took third, McBride fourth and Parsons was last.

If the racing was any indication of what is to come at the next race, the Omar Lightner Cup, July 23rd, then fans have a lot to be excited about!

Champion Speedway's go-kart fun track is now open and many fans and riders had a blast on it during and after the races. It will now be open Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturdays and Sundays.

Speedway Joe Cup Main Event

1 - Adam Mittl
2 - Mikey Buman
3 - Jerry Harman
4 - Tuff McBride
5 - Jeremy Parsons

1. Dave Clark
2. Gene Bonsignore
3. Keith Hawkins
4. Casey Donholt

1. John Lewis
2. Corey Brookes
3. Andy Crawford
4. Mikey Robinson

1. Lee Bailey
2. Jeff Garlinghouse
3. Jon Stasiefski DNS

Division Two
1. Todd Hunter
2. Ron Walker
3. Stefan Laessig
4. Zach Peters
5. Brian Bailey
6. Brandon Sturzenegger

1. Tom Donahue
2. Dan Hawk
3. Steve Kappler
4. Tom Kuhn
5. James Cornell
6. Travis Kuhn
7. Shawn McCabe

1. Brandon Utter
2. Brad Decker
3. David Dobrzensky
4. Jason Lewis

PW 50
1. Kaitlan Bailey
2. Parker Bonsignore
3. Lucius Shaunler

Dirt Bikes
1. Dylan Hawk
2. Deegan Reese
3. Joshua Wood

Junior Speedway
1. Spencer Portararo

ATV Mini Pro
1. Alex Hill
2. Dylan Hawk
3. Reggie Denno

ATV Mini Am
1. Justin Hopkins

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