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Champion Speedway
Owego, New York

Parsons Takes Omar Lightner Cup
By Jason Bonsignore
Photo By: Sheera Myers
July 23, 2011

Champion Speedway

The Omar Lightner Cup, honoring former track worker and Vestal Police office, Omar Lightner, who was a very dedicated speedway supporter, took place July 23rd at Champion Speedway in scorching heat but the racing was just as scorching. Another full field of 16 division one racers took part with about 10 of them capable of winning the Main event. The track man had to put down lots of water to keep the surface moist in the extreme heat but a little too much water sat on the inside of the front straight for much of the event making a couple of the starting gate positions a definite handicap which led to some surprise upsets but also helped make the evening even more entertaining.

The action kicked off with Mikey Buman taking home a nice win over Casey Donholt, John Lewis and Josh Carr in order. Jeremy Parsons made a nice outside pass on defending Lightner Cup Champion, Adam Mittl, in heat two to gain 3 points. Mittl would take second with Keith Hawkins third and Ray Barondick fourth. Tuff McBride scored a convincing win in the third heat over Corey Brookes. Jeff Garlinghouse would take third and Russ Cornell fourth. Dave Clark was the last heat winner while Lee Bailey made a clever pass on the outside of Gene Bonsignore to take second. Jesse Diem took fourth.

Casey Donholt looked the strongest he had so far this year when he beat Mittl to open round two. Bailey grabbed third over Cornell. Next time out it was McBride again in front followed by Hawkins, then Diem, then Carr. Parsons was able to keep it out front ahead of Clark for another win after that with Lewis third and Garlinghouse fourth. Buman finished the round with a good gate and victory over Brookes, Bonsignore and Barondick.

The third series began with probably the best race of the season thus far as Clark made the start but was quickly pursued by McBride and Mittl. In pursuit of Mittl at the back was Buman. McBride pressured Clark for four laps on the outside while you could also throw a blanket over Mittl and Buman. On the last corner McBride dove back down to the inside which slowed Mittl up a bit and Buman was able to just outdistance Mittl for third by inches. Clark won. Donholt won again with Diem moving up to a second and third and fourth going to Garlinghouse and Barondick. Parsons was still looking tough as he won his third ride with Brookes, who was having a better night, gaining second, while Bailey and Carr had a tussle going until Carr blew a shock. Hawkins and Bonsignore had a good battle going in the closer until Bonsignore also blew a front shock and dropped to third. Lewis gathered up second with Cornell last.

Hawkins took an impressive checkered flag from Clark after intermission with Buman handing Parsons his first loss. Mittl, who was having an uncharacteristically off night, then suffered a loss to Josh Carr right before Lee Bailey put in a huge ride to defeat McBride.

Just prior to the D-1 finals long-time speedway veteran, Ron "The Reaper" Walker took home the honors in the Support Division from the 30 yard line.

Parsons was given first gate choice for the A-Final and selected number one which proved to be a wise choice as he gated in a timely fashion and held the pack off his back for his second win of the season and second Omar Lightner Cup Championship. Buman found his way through to second with McBride third, Clark fourth and Donholt fifth.

Champion Speedway's new go-kart fun track is proving to be a huge hit as it was busy all night long. The next race at Champion is slated for August 6th and will be the Kelly Moran Memorial and will run in conjunction with the popular Nikstock Music Festival.

Omar Lightner Cup Championship

1. Jeremy Parsons
2. Mikey Buman
3. Tuff McBride
4. Dave Clark
5. Casey Donholt

1. Ron Walker
2. Zach Peters
3. Brandon Sturzenegger
4. Brian Bailey

PW 50
1. Parker Bonsignore
2. Ryan Hoyt
3. Lucius Shaundler
4. Kaitlyn Bailey

Dirt Bike
1. Garnet Clark
2. Deegan Reese

Junior Speedway
1. Spencer Portararo
2. Dakota Crone

1. Chris Merwin
2. Dan Hawk
3. Shawn McCabe
4. Travis Kuhn
5. Josh Newberry
6. Josh Mudge

1. Jordan Hawk
2. Jason Lewis
3. John Robinson
4. Dave Dobrzowski
5. Dave Cook
6. Jordan Clute

1. Elizabeth Merwin
2. Kayson Litchko

ATV Mini Pro
1. Garret Crocker
2. Dylan Hawk
3. Justin Hawkins

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