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Ventura Raceway
West Harbor Blvd
Ventura, California

November 5, 2011
Article and Photos By: Malcolm Roe - Xtremesport - malcolmroe@wild blue. net

That other race started the night with ten guys. By the time of the main two bike failures and one close inspection of the home straight concrete wall complete with shoulder injury (Bobby Hill), we had seven chaps left. We were also running out of fuel as Ken forgot his and Putty's was more water than methanol. This would become a problem in the main.

Five of the bikes in the 6 lap main were mine including the front row. Mike Lane, Bryan Thompson, Me, Ken Thiebaud. Back row Dan Waller, Bob Waller and Pat Smith.

Ken's bike wouldn't start so he used my RTS SOHC A/W laydown. He beat Bryan in their heat with a sweet outside move some side by side action and finally passing dropping down on the pole. Bryan looked a bit worried in the pits afterwards. I wound him up.

In the main Bryan got the holeshot by a tyre width with Ken on his outside me tucked in behind. For four laps I had the best seat as those two raced side by side then Dan Waller blew by me followed by Mike. I was splutting bad running out of fuel, same thing was happening to Bob Waller on my Wenn 2 Valve. I think me and Mike passed back and forth four or five times. My bike was dry by the time I got back in the pits.

Results After a last ditch outside move by Ken Bryan got the win Dan Waller third Mike Lane, Me, Bob Waller and Pat Smith who had his bands break on his forks. Probably quite scary.

The track held up pretty good. The DG does blow off the bottom so you end up with clay for the inside of the corners and mid track up DG that gets deeper and grip everywhere. Even for slow guys Ventura is a fast track with plenty of grip. It was rougher in practice got better by the main.

So where does Ventura go from here. Well confirmation from Jim Naylor that there will be five races next year and it is clear that the crowd favourite is us. So he wants to put a speedway heat format in sprinkled throughout the night. This could help us bring in some money have our own track championship and Ventura Raceway is live on the web too. I haven't discussed this with Pat but my feeling is any initial money raised should go towards lowering and hopefully eliminating rider entry fees. After that equal money for riders costs fuel travel etc, then prize money. Personally I don't see any advantage raising prize money for the top three guys leaving everyone else with lighter wallets.

I don't even know the dates but do know that Ventura will clash with several tracks date wise next year. Pat Smith like me wants more local riders, speedway needs more riders period. That's out goal. However if you can't get on the program anywhere else or would like a change of scene or are planning a trip abroad Ventura is the place to be. Do well at Ventura and people will notice it is a tough track. It will put hair on your chest!

2011 Ventura Speedway 2011 Ventura Speedway 2011 Ventura Speedway
Mike and Bryan Pat Smith's pit Ken Thiebaud's pit
2011 Ventura Speedway 2011 Ventura Speedway 2011 Ventura Speedway
The Rat Bob waller's ride 1972 Wenn  
2011 Ventura Speedway 2011 Ventura Speedway 2011 Ventura Speedway
Ken won his heat and almost won the main on the SOHC. Amazing considering he had never been on the bike and hadn't raced speedway since 2007. Mike Bloom, should have taken up my offer. Putty Mills L-R 2nd Ken Thiebaud RTS SOHC A/W, Ist Bryan Thompson RTS Jawa 884-5, 3rd Dan Waller TSR Weslake
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