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Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

2011 IMS Firecracker Derby
July 1, 2011
By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
2nd Division rider Chris Jones' girls share their excitement through the pit fence. #19 Dominic Laney edged out speedy #31 Alyssa Smith to win the Pee Wee Main Event. #275 Jimmy Fishback IV took third. 200cc Main Event: #18 Sebastian Palmese fought hard to keep birthday girl #0 Hayley Perrault and #34 Maverick Molloy behind him, but he did, and that was the order of things.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
250cc Main Event - It's the Ruml Show, with #308 Max safely out front and kid brother #111 Dillon close behind. #104 Kurtis Hamill took third. IMS Starter was given a hard-hat by his racing pals after an on-track mishap last week. Maybe he'll start a trend? Glad you're okay, Tom! First start of the Third Div. Main Event - #157 Tony DeAlmeida was too hard to catch for second place #311 Kevin Fife and third place #275 Mike Betor, who came from the PL.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Young #113 Gabe Price won the Second Division Main Event convincingly, with a returning #177 Steve "Rattlesnake" Bowen in second and #101 "Wiley" Mike Wiley, third. #14 Fast Eddie Castro outlasted #46 Aaron Fox, #45 Brad Pappalardo and #19 Dale Facchini to win the "Last of the Mohicans" Last Man Out Challenge at IMS. 1st Div. Last Chance: #9 "Flying" Mike Faria won a ticket to the Main event overShawn McConnell, Aaron Fox and #195 Drew Coats.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)  
#46 Aaron Fox leads #141 Josh Abbott around turn three 1st Div. Main Event: Both Larsen and Fish III were unbeaten on the evening until the final bell, and Larsen's pace from the pole was too much for Fishback, who took second. Eddie Castro finish third, Mike Faria fourth and #15 Dukie Ermolenko fifth.  

Josh Larsen was a flawless five for five and took home the Firecracker Derby Championship from Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

Larsen and Jimmy "Little Animal" Fishback both entered the main event undefeated, but Larsen won the draw for first gate choice he selected gate one while Fishback picked gate two. The two left the line together when the tapes went up and were wheel to wheel through turns one and two. The pair remained in lockstep on the back straight but Fishback gained a slight advantage through turns three and four. Larsen was able to gain ground back on the front straight and held a small lead entering turn one. Larsen exited turn two with the lead and deftly drifted into Fishback's line on the back straight and thwarted his momentum. Larsen secured the lead entering turn three while Fishback tried to make another run at the leader. The former Youth National Champion would never get close enough and Larsen was first to the checkered flag. Fishback had to settle for second, "Fast" Eddie Castro was third, "Flyin" Mike Faria finished fourth, and Dukie Ermolenko was fifth.

Larsen led off the heats with a win over Dale Facchini. Castro beat Rick "The Rage" Valdez in the second heat. Fishback used the outside to pass Tyson Talkington for the lead and the win in event three. Ermolenko ended the first round with a win over Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell.

Aaron Fox began the second round with a win over Drew Coats. Larsen earned his second straight win and Castro narrowly defeated Valdez for second. Fishback defeated Ermolenko for his second win in a row. Faria led the last race of round two until going wide on the final corner and allowing McConnell to sneak by for the win.

Larsen opened the final round with a win over Ermolenko. Coats pulled off an impressive victory in event 24 to book his place in the semis just one week after winning the Second Division Main Event. Facchini led the next event until Fishback went by and took his third win. Fox led the final heat before Castro went around him on the outside and earned his second win.

Fishback and Castro finished one-two in the first semi to book their places in to the main. Larsen won the second semi for his fourth consecutive victory with Ermolenko following him into the main. Faria trapped from gate four in the Last Chance and held off McConnell to transfer to the main event.

Castro defeated Fox in the final battle of the initial Last of the Mohicans Last Man Out Challenge of 2011.

The Second Division Main Event required three attempts to complete as crashes brought out the red flag on each of the first two starts. Steve "Rattlesnake" Bowen, racing for the first time in 2011, led the final attempt for three laps while sixteen year old Gabe Price remained in striking distance and hoping for a mistake. Bowen went wide in the final corner and Price's patience paid off when pounced on Bowen's error and charged up the inside as they toward the finish line. Price won the drag race to the finish and was obviously pumped up after he crossed the line. Bowen had to settle for second, Mike Wiley finished third, and Geoff Herkner was fourth.

Joey St. Louis led the first lap of the Third Division Main Event but his bid for two victories in a row ended when he fell on the second lap. Tony DeAlmeida took over the lead and led the next two laps before being challenged by Kevin Fife. Fife made a move on the final corner but DeAlmeida was able to hold him off for the win. Mike Betor finished third and St. Louis was fourth.

Max Ruml led all four laps and was victorious in the Youth 250cc Main Event. Dillon Ruml finished second, Kurtis Hamill was third, and Hayley Perrault finished fourth.

Sebastian "Big Daddy" Palmese led from start to finish en route to victory in the Youth 200cc Main Event. Perrault finished second, Maverick Molloy was third, Hamill finished fourth, Dalton Leedy was fifth, and Chase Sanborn finished sixth.

Dominic Laney was victorious in the Pee Wee Main Event. Alyssa Smith finished second, Jimmy Fishback IV was third, Sara Cords finished fourth, Mikey Ortega was fifth, and Luke Whitcomb finished sixth.


Pee Wee Main Event
19 - Dominic Laney 0
31 - Alyssa Smith 0
275 - Jimmy Fishback IV0
14 - Sara Cords 10
000 - Mikey Ortega 0
27 - Luke Whitcomb 0

Youth 200cc Main Event
18 - Sebastian Palmese 0
0 - Hayley Perrault 20
34 - Maverick Molloy 0
104 - Kurtis Hamill 20
222 - Dalton Leedy 20(fell, remounted)
108 - Chase Sanborn 0

Youth 250cc Main Event
308 - Max Ruml
111 - Dillon Ruml
104 - Kurtis Hamill
0 - Hayley Perrault

Third Division Consolation
316 – Kip McClain
211 – Steve Brown
227 – Wade Whitcomb
226 – Rick Huspek

Third Division Main Event (restarted)
157 - Tony DeAlmeida
311 - Kevin Fife
275 - Mike Betor (penalty line)
313 - Joey St. Louis (fell, remounted)

Second Division Consolation
354 – Ed Lynch 0
355 – John Pavia 0
116 – Chris Jones 10
333 – Mike Salyer 0
393 – C.J. Sanborn 10(fell, remounted)
163 – Rohn Zellner 0(non starter)

Second Division Main Event (restarted twice)
113 - Gabe Price
177 - Steve Bowen
101 - Mike Wiley
208 - Geoff Herkner (penalty line) (fell)

Last of the Mohicans Last Man Out Challenge
14 - Eddie Castro
46 - Aaron Fox
45 - Brad Pappalardo
19 - Dale Facchini

First Division Heat Scoring123T
2 – Josh Larsen 3339
6 – Shawn McConnell 2327
9 – Mike Faria 2215
11 – Bobby Schwartz 1001
14 – Eddie Castro 3238
15 – Dukie Ermolenko 3227
19 – Dale Facchini 2013
23 – Steve Russell 1113
25 – Jimmy Fishback 3339
28 – Joey Holt 0000
45 – Brad Pappalardo 0022
46 – Aaron Fox 1326
48 – Tyson Talkington F101
141 – Josh Abbott 11R 2
195 – Drew Coats 0235
293 – Rick Valdez 2114

Race Results
1: Larsen, Facchini, Schwartz, Holt
2: Castro, Valdez, Russell, Coats (fell, remounted)
3: (awarded) Fishback, Faria, Abbott, Talkington (fell)
4: Ermolenko, McConnell, Fox, Pappalardo
12: Fox, Coats, Abbott (fell, remounted), Schwartz
13: Larsen, Castro (tape penalty), Valdez, Pappalardo
14: Fishback, Ermolenko, Talkington, Facchini (fell, remounted)
15: McConnell, Faria, Russell, Holt
23: Larsen, Ermolenko, Faria, Abbott (retired)
24: Coats, Pappalardo, Russell, Schwartz
25: Fishback, McConnell, Facchini, Talkington
26: Castro, Fox, Valdez, Holt (tape penalty)
Semi #1: Fishback, Castro, Fox, Faria (retired)
Semi #2: Larsen, Ermolenko, Coats, McConnell

First Division Last Chance
9 - Mike Faria
6 - Shawn McConnell
46 - Aaron Fox
195 - Drew Coats

Firecracker Derby Main Event
2 - Josh Larsen
25 - Jimmy Fishback
14 - Eddie Castro
9 - Mike Faria
15 - Dukie Ermolenko

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