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Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

Trailblazers Legends Night
October 14, 2011
By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Paul Flanders and Dorcey Wingo

IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
If you divide his riding number (48) by 2 and add one (+1) to it you will have Tyson Talkington’s 25th birthday! Luke Whitcomb, Keelan Venegas and Jimmy Fishback Jimmy Fishback IV had some great races with Jimmy showing dad how to win! The McConnels couldn’t quite match the father/son double wins of the Fishbacks as Troy won the 2nd div. main and Shawn was second in the 1st division main.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Kevin Fife is turning 3rd div. at IMS into his own little fiefdom by winning two weeks in a row. Adam and Geoff Herkner make up the latest father and son race team. Geoff took second in the 2nd division main. Jimmy Fishback listens as Mike Faria tells him how much more fun it is to get to the main the hard way, through the last chance race.

Below Dorcey Wingo Photos

IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
IMS was all a-buzz having former National Champ #43 Charlie Venegas back on the schedule. Charlie gates from the pole in the first IMS heat since he was the IMS promoter. (D'oh!) Charlie walks his bike toward the pit gate; an ignition problem, first time out. And he was leading! With Charlie came his son, Pee Wee rider #43 Keelan Venegas, in his first heat race with #275 Jimmy Fishback IV.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
Flat Tracker #37 Jeff Johnson is pitted against #275 Jimmy Fishback IV. First, Referee Steve Lucero marks off a meaty "handicap," to the delight of the IMS crowd. #25 Jimmy Fishback III (in yellow) goes head to head with Jeff Johnson in a Flat Tracker vs Speedway Bike thriller. (Not on this track, Jeff!) Pee Wee Main Event: #43 Venegas on the pole, #275 Fishback in two; #000 Ortega in three and #27 Whitcomb in four.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)
3rd Division: #311 Kevin "Rip" Fife makes his victory lap after chasing down Brown and McClain for the win. 2nd Division: #114 Troy McConnell gated from the pole and breezed to another checkered flag at (his father) Shawn McConnell's track. Lookin' good, Troy! First Division - Last Chance: Flying Mike Faria won the pole, as well as the transfer into the Main Event.
IMS (Inland Motor Speedway) IMS (Inland Motor Speedway)  
The Main Event: #25 Jimmy Fishback chases down #9 Flying Mike Faria on his way to winning the 2011 Trailblazer Legends Night. #6 Shawn McConnell took second, Faria was third. #46 Aaron Fox finished fourth; #43 Venegas was credited with fifth. Not that he needed the points to win the 2011 (SoCal) Points Championship - Congratulations, Jimmy!  

Trailblazers Legends Night - San Bernardino, CA, USA - October 14

Jimmy "Little Animal" Fishback brought a fitting end to the Inland Motorcycle Speedway's 2011 season with a flawless performance and a main event victory on Trailblazers Legends Night.

Fishback, who was the season points leader at IMS and Southern California overall, entered the main event with a perfect score but his unblemished evening was put in doubt when former National Champion "Flyin" Mike Faria beat everyone out of the start and took the lead. Fishback chased down Faria and charged up the inside to take the lead at the end of the first lap. Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell eventually made his way past Faria for second. Fishback held a comfortable lead and McConnell couldn't get close enough to muster a serious challenge. Fishback was first to the checkered flag, McConnell had to settle for second, Faria was third, Aaron Fox finished fourth, and Charlie "The Edge" Venegas was fifth.

Shawn McConnell kicked off the heats with a win over Fox. Venegas, despite residing in San Bernardino, was making his first competitive appearance in his hometown since July 27, 2000 and led the second heat until bike problems brought him to a halt and handed the victory to Faria. Fishback finished the first round with a win over Steve Russell.

Venegas began the second round by getting the lead but suffered another mechanical failure and the win went to Tyson Talkington. Shawn McConnell and Faria had a fantastic inside-outside battle for three laps before Shawn McConnell secured the lead and the win. Fishback ended round two by beating Neil Facchini for his second straight win.

Venegas finally got four laps out of his bike and beat Fox to start the final round. Faria beat Talkington for his second win. Fishback ended the heats by beating Shawn McConnell to remain undefeated. Venegas beat Facchini in a runoff to squeak into the semis.

Shawn McConnell and Fox finished one-two in the first semi to transfer to the main event. Fishback held off Venegas to win the second semi, but both riders would move into the main. Faria won the Last Chance to fill the last spot in the main event.

Troy "Mad Puppy" McConnell continued his late-season brilliance by winning the Second Division Main Event with a dominant performance. Geoff Herkner finished second, Mike Fuson was third, Rudy Laurer finished fourth, and Joe Donaldson was fifth.

Jim Robinson led the Third Division Main Event into turn one but Steve "Beach Ball" Brown took over when they exited turn two. Kevin Fife worked through traffic and took over the lead at the end of the third lap. Fife pulled away on the final two laps and took the victory. Brown finished second, Kip McClain was third, Dan Eddy finished fourth, and Robinson was fifth.

Michael Wells led the Youth Main Event from the start but Braydan Galvin immediately went to the outside to challenge the leader. Wells stuck to the inside while Galvin remained on the cushion and the two youngsters had a great tussle. Galvin's commitment to the outside paid off at the end of the third lap when he found enough traction to drop down in front of Wells to secure the lead. Galvin led the final lap for the victory. Wells had to settle for second, Dalton Leedy was third, and Hayley Perrault finished fourth.

Jimmy Fishback IV claimed victory in the Pee Wee Main Event with Luke Whitcomb finishing second, Keelan Venegas garnering third, and Mikey Ortega finishing fourth.

The Trailblazers Legends Night brought the third season of Friday Night speedway at IMS to a close. There will be a Second Division, Third Division, and Youth event on Sunday afternoon, November 6. An announcement about winter events will be made soon as well as a tentative 2012 schedule.


Pee Wee Main Event
275 - Jimmy Fishback IV
27 - Luke Whitcomb
43 - Keelan Venegas
000 - Mikey Ortega

Youth Main Event
45 - Braydan Galvin 20
214 - Michael Wells 0
222 - Dalton Leedy 20
0 - Hayley Perrault 40

Third Division Main Event
311 - Kevin Fife 40
211 - Steve Brown 20
316 - Kip McClain 30
349 - Dan Eddy 30
152 - Jim Robinson 0

Second Division Main Event
114 - Troy McConnell
208 - Geoff Herkner
245 - Mike Fuson
182 - Rudy Laurer
37 - Joe Donaldson

First Division Heat Scoring123T
6 – Shawn McConnell 3328
9 – Mike Faria 3238
23 – Steve Russell 2215
25 – Jimmy Fishback 3339
28 – Joey Holt 2114
43 – Charlie Venegas EE33
46 – Aaron Fox 2125
48 – Tyson Talkington 1326
86 –Neil Facchini 12F3
113 – Gabe Price 1001
208 – Geoff Herkner 0112
293 – Rick Valdez 0E00

Heat Results
1: McConnell, Fox, Talkington, Valdez
2: Faria, Holt, Facchini (fell, remounted), Venegas (engine failure)
3: Fishback, Russell, Price, Herkner
8: Talkington, Russell, Herkner, Venegas (engine failure)
9: McConnell, Faria, Holt, Price
10: Fishback, Facchini, Fox, Valdez (engine failure)
15: Venegas, Fox, Herkner, Price
16: Faria, Talkington, Russell, Facchini (fell)
17: Fishback, McConnell, Holt, Valdez
Runoff: Venegas, Facchini
Semi #1: McConnell, Fox, Holt, Faria
Semi #2: (restarted) Fishback, Venegas, Talkington, Russell

First Division Last Chance
9 - Mike Faria
48 - Tyson Talkington
28 - Joey Holt
23 - Steve Russell

First Division Main Event
25 - Jimmy Fishback
6 - Shawn McConnell
9 - Mike Faria
46 - Aaron Fox
43 - Charlie Venegas (retired)

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