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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Billy Hamill win Eliminapolis 500 at Victorville
May 28, 2011
Results By: Steve Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Second Division's "Six Million Dollar Man" #186 Tim McGrath gets last minute instructions from his knee surgeon before suiting-up. Everyone has their own little way of preparing for a race. 2010 Western States Champion #25 Jimmy "the Little Animal" Fishback III grinds his nails down as the hour of reckoning approaches.... Junior 200cc Division 2 /hot shoe/ #222 Dalton Leedy chatted with Captain Methane in the pits before race time. "Fast Eddy Castro's" significant other Romy Gallardo bundles up while "Stella" contemplates biting a chunk off of the old guy with the camera.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Race 12 featured Second Division riders (L to R): #155 Vince Bertolucci; #126 Rocco Scopellite; #290 Harold Hartke; #240 Rick Fehrman; and #186 Tim McGrath. #236 smote the wall hard coming out of turn three. The good news is, the rider walked away. I didn't ask what this was all about.
But if I raced 3rd Division, I'd probably do this a lot!
First Division star #14 "Fast Eddie" Castro flies into turn three ahead of the pack.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Sidecar "Ham-burglers" #22 Dave Alexander and Trever DeSherlia make an awesome racket as their big-bore Honda V-twin tears up the Wheel-2-Wheel track. Of course, former World Champion #104 Billy "The Bullet" Hamill is who we all came to see, gating here alongside #240 Rick Fehrman and #195 Drew Coats. [Coats and sweaters were a good idea, too!] California fans can look forward to seeing more Hamills on the trophy podium this year, as "Kurtilicious" Kurtis Hamill and his famous father Billy "The Bullet" win their respective division's trophy. Race Announcer, Chris Ackerman.

Billy Hamill was once more unbeaten on his 2nd visit to Victorville this season. Eleven riders contested four heats each in first Division - the top 2 went straight to the Main Event with riders placed 4th - 7th in the 'Last Man In' race for the final spot. It was 16 year old Austin Novratil who outlasted Gino Manzares to take that final spot, joining the unbeaten Hamill and Eddie Castro, along with Jimmy Fishback.

The Eliminapolis Final, as the Last Man In race, was run using the 'Last Man Out format - two one lap races eliminating the rider in last place, with the two men left in a two man match race for the title. The first running saw Castro get a quick gate, though Hamill moved him into second by the back straight, Novratil being the rider eliminating. Next time up it was Fishback who made the start and in fact, he held Hamill off with Castro being eliminated. This left a two man match race for the title, this time Hamill made no mistake and comfortably led Fishback home for the win. The only consolation was Fishback now takes over the points lead on the season.

Division Two saw an impressive win for Rocco Scopellite, who just turned 15, having also won the second heat. Joey St. Louis the Third Division Main as well as a heat, the other heat going to Kip McClain. The juniors produced perhaps the best racing of the night - Kurtis Hamill won all 250cc races and the first 200cc First Division Race, though Dillon Ruml came back to win the 2nd heat and the Main. In 200cc Division Two, Dalton Leedy won both heats but Gino Scopellite won the Main. In the Pee Wee and Powder Puff Class Summer Fehrman won all races though Dakota Shockley, runner up in all three, was the top 50cc Pee Wee. Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen won the Sidecar Class though they did so the hard way via the Last Chance Race.

Next Action at Victorville in June 18th where Sidecars and Flat Trackers are the main show, with the next all speedway event being one week later on June 25th, with the inaugural 'Old Vs Young' team race.

Division One Heat Points - Billy Hamill 12, Eddie Castro 12, Jimmy Fishback 9, Gino Manzares 9, Drew Coats 7, Austin Novratil 6, Joey Holt 5, Dylan Black 4, Michael Raines 4, Rick Fehrman 3, Mellor 0

Last Man In: Novratil ,Manzares, Holt, Coats

Eliminapolis 500 Main: Hamill, Fishback, Castro, Novratil

Division 2: Rocco Scopellite,Tim McGrath, Vince Bertolucci, Harold Hartke

Division 3: Joey St. Louis, Brad Russell, Kip McClain., Wade Whitcomb, Rick Huspek

Junior 250: Kurtis Hamill, Dillon Ruml, Dominic Manzares

Junior 200 Division 1: Dillon Ruml, Kurtis Hamill, Broc Nicol

Junior 200 Division 2: Gino Scopellite, Sebastian Palmese, Dalton Leedy

Pee Wee / Powder Puff: Summer Fehrman, Dakota Shockley, Luke Whitcomb

Sidecar Last Chance: Joe Jones / Jimmy Olsen; Dylan Beard / Jeff Van Edlem; Scott Driggers / Casey Driggers; Kevin Brown/ Matt Davis

Sidecar Main: Joe Jones / Jimmy Olsen; Dave Alexander / Trever DeSherlia; Shawn Driggers / Missy Driggers; Brian Motis / Brandi McElroy

Eliminapolis 500 Winners
2007 - Buck Blair
2008 - Ricky Wells
2009 - Jimmy Fishback
2010 - Buck Blair
2011 - Billy Hamill

Victorville Points After 28 May 2011

Division 1
1. Jimmy Fishback 86
2. Billy Hamill 72
= Buck Blair 72
4. Michael Raines 68
5. Eddie Castro 53
6. Jason Ramirez 42
7. Josh Larsen 36
8. Austin Novratil 34
9. Rick Fehrman 26
10. Gino Manzares 22
11. Tyson Talkington 20
12. Dylan Black 18
= Joey Holt 18
14. Josh Abbott 16
= Marvin Sonnier 16
16. Drew Coats 15
17. Doug Nicol 11
18. Robert Mellor 10
19. Aaron Fox 7
20. Jon Stasiefski 6

Division Two
1. Rick Fehrman 59
2. Marvin Sonnier 34
3. Max Ruml 30
4. Rocco Scopellite 22
5. Tony DeAlmeida 18
6. Harold Hartke 15
7. Bander Alexander 14
8. Tim McGrath 13
9. Vince Bertolucci 7
10. Bobby Richards 5

Division Three
1. Tony DeAlmeida 67
2. Wade Whitcomb 31
3. Joey St Louis 27
4. Rick Huspek 23
5. Steve Brown 20
6. Kip McClain. 16
7. Alfonso Marroquin 15
8. Brad Russell 14
= Michelle Fehrman 14
10. Corey McDonald 13
11. Carl Shockley 12
12. Paul Thornton 11
13. Dan Eddy 6
14. Mitch Pierson 4

Junior 250cc
1. Dillon Ruml 68
2. Max Ruml 44
3. Nicholas Varner 40
4. Kurtis Hamill 24
5. Dominic Manzares 8
6. Jake Hanson 4

Junior 200cc
1. Dillon Ruml 70
2. Nicholas Varner 63
3. Sebastian Palmese 56
4. Dalton Leedy 33
5. Kurtis Hamill 28
6. Gino Scopellite 18
7. Broc Nicol 16
8. Michael Wells 14
9. Hayley Perrault 4
= Dylan Blum 4

Pee Wee / Powder Puff
1. Summer Fehrman 82
2. Dakota Shockley 40
3. Luke Whitcomb 24
4. Brandon Rhea 24
5. Jaycee Jones 22
6. Mikey Ortega 4

1. Joe Jones/ Jimmy Olsen 19
2. Dave Alexander / Trever DeSherlia 16
= Shawn Driggers / Missy Driggers 16
4. Dylan Beard / Jeff Van Eblem 11
= Scott Driggers / Casey Driggers 11
6. Brian Motis / Brandi McElroy 10
7. Kevin Brown / Matt Davis 3

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