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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Harley Night in Victorville
July 23, 2011
Results By: Steve Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
It was Harley Night at Wheel2Wheel Speedway in Victorville, CA, and scores of rumbling Harleys came to help us honor the life Speedway Rider #333 Nick Varner. The track's flag was at half staff, remembering Nick's loss. Pee Wee Rider #14 Sara Cords wears Nick's racing number proudly.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
The stands were mostly full, with lots of friendly folks milling around, having a good time, and in a giving mood. In the early rounds, Pee Wees #12 Hailey Hill (right) #14 Sara Cords (center) and #34 Dakota Shockley test each others mettle coming out of turn two. Pee Wee Main Event: #1 Hunter Hill is on the pole. #12 Hailey Hill is in two. #34 Dakota Shockley is in three, next to #14 Sara Cords. #000 Mikey Ortega gates along the wall. Seconds later, Mikey and a friend collided in turn two and out came the paramedics!
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Everyone held their breath for the longest, and then SoCal's youngest Speedway rider stood up and called it a night. Junior Main Event: #214 Michael Wells is on the pole, next to #18 Sebastian Palmese. In three, it's #222 Dalton Leedy, and #7 Gino Scopellite gates along the wall.  Sebastian beat Gino to the finish line, Dalton took third. The Harleys came in Big and EXTRA Big, and old men with cameras stayed the heck back.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
#313 Joey St. Louis found turn three a tricky curve to negotiate in the late afternoon. Support Main Event: #319 Brad Russell has the pole, #157 Tony DeAlmeida is in two. #235 Carl Shockley is in three, and #313 Joey St. Louis is against the wall. Brad would win it, Joey came in second, and Tony took third. B Main Event: #126 Rocco Scopellite gates from the pole, as #17 Robbie Sauer leaves two. #46 Aaron Fox is in three, and #151 Brandon Leedy is against the wall. Aaron won it, Robbie was right behind for second, and Rocco took third.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
The Sidecar action was second to none. This was the hottest chariot Saturday night: catch a ride with #5150 Dylan Beard and "swinger" Trevor DeSherlia. "A" Main Event: #14 Eddie Castro is on the pole. #17 Robbie Sauer is in two.#14 Aaron Fox gates from three and #24 Gino Manzares is on the wall. Eddie had the track dialed in, finishing the three-lap event in the lead. Gino took second and Robbie took third place. The checkered flag went to the late Nick Varner. Nick's big sister, Breann, accepts the checkered flag for her little brother - touching everyone's heart.
  2011 Victorville Speedway  
  Flat Tire, nuff said.  

Eddie Castro won his 2nd Main event of the year at Harley Night in Victorville on July 23rd, but the evening was in honor of junior rider Nicholas Varner who sadly passed away three days earlier. Castro, usually an outside line rider got a fabulous start from gate 1 to lead all four laps of the main. He was followed closely by Gino Manzares who got the better of a three man tussle for 2nd place out of turn two. Robbie Sauer, a Victorville track specialist was a popular third place, with the fast rising Aaron Fox in 4th.

As has occurred at both Industry and IMS this week, the riders in the Main stopped after three laps and pulled into the middle, with the chequered being saved for Nicholas Varner's honor.

Rider injuries and broken bikes from the night before at San Bernardino contributed to four late rider withdrawals in 1st Division, leaving only six riders. It was agreed in the riders meeting to give each rider five qualifying heats and run the race on the popular Olympique format, with each rider being handicapped based on their previous heat finishing position. This meant that the low numbers were made up for with the fast and furious heats. Fox and Sauer had to get to the Main through the B Main, with Rocco Scopellite and Brandon Leedy just missing the cut.

The first three Sidecar heats went to father and son team Scott & Casey Driggers, though the fourth heat and the main went to local rider Dylan Beard, partnered by Trevor DeSherlia. Tony DeAlmeida won both heats in the Support Class, though Brad Russell won the Main. Appropriately with the night being in Nicholas Varner's honor, the Junior class provided the best racing. Gino Scopellite came from the back to win both heats, but he could not repeat the move in the Main that went to Sebastian Palmese. The Pee Wee class was won by first timer Sara Cords, crowd favorite Dakota Shockley took both heats.

The evening continued the fund raising for the Varner family that started at Industry Hills on Wednesday and continued at San Bernardino on Friday, with over $2,000 being raised including the promotion donating all event profit.

Victorville continues to host Saturday races for the next three weeks, the next race includes the popular 'Fred Facchini' Pit Stop Contest as the halftime show, on Saturday 30th July.


Division One Points - Eddie Castro 12, Gino Manzares 11, Robbie Sauer 10, Aaron Fox 10, Rocco Scopellite 10, Brandon Leedy 7

B Main
46 Aaron Fox
17 Robbie Sauer
126 Rocco Scopellite
151 Brandon Leedy

A Main
14 Eddie Castro
24 Gino Manzares
17 Robbie Sauer
14 Aaron Fox

Sidecar Main
5150 Dylan Beard / Trever DeSherlia
13 Scott & Casey Driggers
23 Shawn & Missy Driggers

Support Class
319 Brad Russell
313 Joey St. Louis
157 Tony DeAlmeida
235 Carl Shockley

Junior Speedway
18 Sebastian Palmese
7 Gino Scopellite
222 Dalton Leedy
214 Michael Wells

Pee Wees
14 Sara Cords
34 Dakota Shockley
12 Hailey Hill
1 Hunter Hill
000 Mikey Ortega

Division 1 (Top 10 Seeded into year ending Speedway Masters Race Nov 12)
1. Eddie Castro 144
2. Jimmy Fishback 86
3. Billy Hamill 72
4. Buck Blair 72
5. Michael Raines 68
6. Gino Manzares 65
7. Joey Holt 56
8. Aaron Fox 56
9. Robbie Sauer 46
10.Jason Ramirez 42
11. Dylan Black 42
12. Rocco Scopellite 41
13. Shawn McConnell 37
14. Josh Larsen 36
15. Austin Novratil 34
16. Marvin Sonnier 32
17. Rick Fehrman 26
18. Drew Coats 24
19. Tyson Talkington 20
20. Doug Nicol 17
21. Josh Abbott 16
22. John Marquez 14
23. Brandon Leedy 14
24. Steve Russell 12
25. Robert Mellor 10
26. Jon Stasiefski 6

Division Two
1. Rick Fehrman 59
2. Marvin Sonnier 34
3. Max Ruml 30
4. Rocco Scopellite 22
5. Tony DeAlmeida 18
6. Harold Hartke 15
7. Bander Alexander 14
8. Tim McGrath 13
9. Vince Bertolucci 7
10. Bobby Richards 5

Division Three
1. Tony DeAlmeida 109
2. Joey St. Louis 66
3 Brad Russell 60
4. Wade Whitcomb 39
5. Steve Brown 30
6. Carl Shockley 29
7. Rick Huspek 23
8. Kip McClain 16
9. Alfonso Marroquin 15
10. Kevin Fife 14
= Michelle Fehrman 14
12. Corey McDonald 13
13. Paul Thornton 11
14. Dan Eddy 6
15. Mitch Pierson 4
16. Kevin Johnson 2

Junior 250cc
1. Dillon Ruml 68
2. Nicholas Varner 64
3. Max Ruml 44
4. Kurtis Hamill 24
5. Dominic Manzares 8
6. Jake Hanson 4

Junior 200cc
1. Sebastian Palmese 96
2. Nicholas Varner 87
3. Dillon Rum 70
4. Gino Scopellite 54
5. Dalton Leedy 41
6. Kurtis Hamill 28
7. Michael Wells 18
8. Broc Nicol 16
9. Hayley Perrault 4
= Dylan Blum 4

Pee Wee / Powder Puff
1. Dakota Shockley 92
2. Summer Fehrman 82
3. Luke Whitcomb 44
4. Brandon Rhea 24
5. Jaycee Jones 22
6. Hailey Hill 20
7. Sara Cords 20
7. Hunter Hill 10
8. Mikey Ortega 10

Sidecar Points
1. Team 1 - 76
2. Team 5150 - 73
3. Team 2 - 70
4. Team 23 - 68
5. Team 13 - 57
6. Team 22 - 35
7. Team 25 - 9
8. Team 44 - 5
9. Team 16 - 3

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