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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Speedway Masters Championship
November 12, 2011
Results By: Steve Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Fears of foul weather in Victorville were futile, as zero wind and mild temps orchestrated some superior racing! Team Fishback had the ideal pit set-up for chilly temps, in the Captain's humble opinion. World Class Speedway Star Shawn Moran and mate Sabine delighted the fans with DVDs and posters.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Gino Manzares was outstanding in the sunset when Captain Methane happened by.... British National Leagues rider #2 Richard Andrews gets a big push from 1st Division hot shoe Austin Novratil. Sizing up the track before race time, 2011 SoCal Points Champion Jimmy Fishback III (left) and back-to-back National Speedway Champion Billy Janniro (right) exuded lots of confidence.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Somebody screwed up and put a Junior in a Division 2 heat, and of course, the kid (Junior Ace #308 Max Ruml, center in blue) took the big boys to the cleaners! Division 3 riders #211 Steve Brown (closest) #311 "Rip" Fife (middle) and #226 Rick Huspek (orange rider) round turn one. I was pleased to see a plethora of Pee Wees participating, Pilgrim!
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
Then someone spiked my Koolade and I started recording some weird scenes.... Heat 25: #1 Billy Janniro leads the pack around turn one. #9 Mike Faria, #142 Ricky Wells and #14 "Fast Eddie" Castro are in pursuit. #142 Ricky Wells had to win this heat to earn a run-off spot for First Division, 2nd Place. A great launch nailed it.
2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway 2011 Victorville Speedway
In the run-off for 2nd Place, Fishback (left) gave Ricky Wells little heed - pulling away from the 2009 National Champ for the win. "Crazy Chris" Ackerman broadcast the Speedway Masters race live and on radio, for those who knew! The 2011 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Speedway Masters Champion releases the checkered flag and reaches for the handlebar.
Talk about consistency, Billy J! Congratulations on yet another impressive victory.

Billy Janniro went 7 for 7 in winning the biggest race meeting in 2011 at each of the West Coast's tracks as he lifted the 'US Masters' Title at Victorville. It was a star studded line up for the biggest event the track has held under its current promotion. Janniro was simply perfect in all five rides, thrilling the fans with his unique aggressive on the edge style. Eddie Castro defeated Austin Novratil in heat one, a result that ultimately broke the 5th placed tie at the end of the night. Ricky Wells defeated Jimmy Fishback and laid down a marker in heat two. Mike Faria, on his first visit in over a year was very impressive to win heat three before Janniro simply drove away from the pack to win heat 4 and close out round 1.

Round two begun with Wells again showing the style to win heat 5, with Fishback defeating Castro in 6. Janniro won heat 7 though Austin Novratil impressed in second and stayed with Janniro for the first two laps. The round closed out with Faria scoring another impressive win over Burmeister and Michael Raines.

Heat 9 saw Fishback win and move onto 8, Burmeister once more in second place. Heat 10 ultimately was the race of title destiny - the three undefeated riders and Castro, who was on 5, all met. Janniro got a fast gate whilst Wells missed the start completely. Faria was a good second whilst Wells fought past Castro but could not make up further places. Novratil moved onto 7 and into podium contention in winning heat 11, whilst Manzares swept by Gomez to win 12.

Faria moved onto 11 points winning heat 13. Heat 14 saw Raines fall and a very unlucky Gomez damage his bike laying it down to avoid hitting Raines. Both riders were unhurt but damaged equipment ended their nights. Castro won the re-run, whilst Wells lead home Novratil and Burmeister in heat 15. Heat 16 saw Janniro all but put his hand on the title with a defeat of Fishback.

The final round saw Janniro wrap things up by an easy win in heat 17. Castro moved onto 11 by leading home Burmeister in 18. The last two heats would decide spots 2 through 6. Fishback won heat 19 to at least secure a run off for 2nd. Faria was in 2nd place and had an epic duel with Novratil, with the youngster passing the hugely impressive legend Faria on the final lap. Faria, though now on 12 and likely to miss out on the podium was simply a class act all meeting long and rode like a man 25 years younger. Wells won heat 20 to secure a run off for 2nd, whilst Newport Hornet Richard Andrews finally got to grips with the track with a charge from last to second.

Fishback drew the outside gate and Wells had the inside for the run off. Fishback used the outside grip to get the better around turn 1 and 2 - Wells fought back hard and raced hard but it was the Southern California points champion who came home first.

Division Two was won by junior rider Max Ruml who is improving further racing the adults. Ruml and Joey St. Louis won the heats. Kevin Fife won a heat and the Main in third division, with Joey St. Louis taking the other heat. 250cc juniors had all heats won by Max Ruml but Broc Nicol was hugely competitive in his second ever 250cc meeting. Gino Scopellite won the junior 200 Main - Braydan Galvin who won the first heat very impressively competitively could not make the final due to bike problems. Jimmy Fishback IV won the junior Main as well as heat - local favorite Dakota Shockley won the other heat.

The US Masters, thanks to generous support from local businesses and fans paid out the largest purse money in the 7 years the current promotion has been running Speedway. It closed out an 8 month, 14 event season. The track has already announced a tentative 2012 schedule that begins on March 17th.

Billy Janniro - 15
Jimmy Fishback - 13 (after run off)
Ricky Wells - 13
Mike Faria - 12
Eddie Castro - 11
Austin Novratil - 11
Tyson Burmeister 9
Russell Green - 6
Gino Manzares - 5
Tim Gomez - 5
Rocco Scopellite - 5
Justin Boyle - 4
Michael Raines - 3
Richard Andrews - 3
Rudy Laurer - 2

Max Ruml
Joey St. Louis
Steve Bowen
Kevin Fife

Kevin Fife (10)
Joey St. Louis (30)
Steve Brown (10)
Rick Huspek (0)

250cc Junior
Max Ruml
Broc Nicol
Jamison Dilkey

200cc Junior
Gino Scopellite
Braydan Galvin

Pee Wee
Jimmy Fishback IV
Dakota Shockley
Luke Whitcomb
Hunter Hill
Riley Hoffman
Haily Hill
Hope Hill

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