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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Hedden again in the scratch main event
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

Auburn's Tommy Hedden is off on a great 2012 Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway season start. Friday night at Auburn's Gold Country Fairgrounds for the second consecutive week Hedden raced to a first place finish in the Division I scratch main event. That added to a first place finish in the handicap main event in week two and numerous Division I main event appearances in the Fast Fridays handicap and scratch programs is impressive in a racing season that is just in its fifth week.

In the Division I scratch program Friday night Hedden was invincible winning all his heat races and the main event. Hedden faced the same three veteran riders he faced last week in the scratch main event that included 2011 USA Speedway champion Billy Janniro who was also having a great night, undefeated in both the handicap and scratch programs going into the night's final race. Stacking the odds even more in his favor for a perfect night with double main event wins, Janniro drew the inside lane one for the scratch main event. Hedden sat in lane three, Bart Bast was in lane two, and Bryan Yarrow was in lane four.

The scene was predictable; Janniro got a good gate and was inside after turn one, with Hedden, Bast and Yarrow giving chase. Janniro protected his position inside not allowing anyone to pass and it looked like Janniro would cruise to another main event win. In speedway racing though nothing is ever really predictable and on lap two Hedden made an extremely strong move on the champion with a power move on the outside that caught Janniro by surprise. Hedden passed and took the lead never looking back. He held his position and picked up his second scratch main event of the season. "My sponsor Bill Warnock Racing has done some different things with the bikes this year and it's working great," said Hedden. Bast finished second, Yarrow was third and Janniro spinning out wide on the last lap trying to catch Hedden finished fourth.

The Division I handicap main event was also an excellent race which had the near capacity crowd at Fast Fridays on their feet and cheering. Janniro again provided the excitement racing to an amazing first place finish. Bryan Yarrow riding off the 50 yard line, and Chris Kerr riding off the 40 yard line had a great race going both fighting for the lead neck and neck for most of the six lap race. On the final turn from third place, Janniro who starts on the sixty yard line, made an exciting impressive move on the final turn passing both Kerr and Yarrow at the finish line to take the flag. Kerr was second, Yarrow was third.

In the Division I season points race after four weeks Bast still leads all riders with 567 points, Hedden is second with 494 points and Bob Hicks is third with 438 points.

The Division II main event was won by Derik Denzin who picked up his third main event win of the season. Danny Turner was second and speedway newcomer Paul Sanburn was third. Denzin also leads the Division II in season points race with 199 points followed by Turner with 173. The Division III main event was won by Colton Duncan, second was Nick Dion and third was Kyle Porteous. In the Division III season points race Shane Szuh leads with 201 points, followed by Nick Dion with 190 points. The Youth Division I was won by Auburn's Louie Marsaroli, second was his brother David Marsaroli. The Youth Division II was won by Amador Osorio. Nick Dion finished on top in the Run What U Brung program.

The Extreme Sidecars Series made their second of five appearances at Fast Fridays thrilling the crowd with their special brand of dirt track racing. The 1100cc three wheeled bikes speed around the track with a driver and passenger hanging off the back of the bike. The team of Joe Jones and Jonny Glover won the main event and the team of Dylan Beard and Jimmy Olsen was second. The Extreme Sidecars Series will be back at Fast Fridays on July 6 for round three.

Results from Fast Friday's for 6-8-12

Division 1 Scratch Main Event
1-Tommy Hedden, 2-Bart Bast, 3-Bryan Yarrow, 4-Billy Janniro

Division I Handicap Main Event
1-Billy Janniro, 2-Chris Kerr, 3-Bryan Yarrow

Division II Main Event
1-Derik Denzin, 2-Danny Turner, 3-Paul Sanburn

Division III Main Event
1-Colton Duncan, 2-Nick Dion, 3-Kyle Porteous

Division I Youth Main Event
1-Louie Mersaroli, 2-David Mersaroli

Division II Youth Main Event
1-Amador Osorio, 2-Logan Hedden, 3-Landon Norton

Extreme Sidecars (Round 2)
1-Joe Jones/Johnny Glover, 2-Dylan Beard/Jimmy Olsen, 3-Gerard Jackson/Dave German, 4-Jeff Rowe/Josh Bennett

Pee Wee
1. #11 Briar Harris 40
2. #5 Levi Marriot
3. #6 Chris Casey Jr. 30
4. #8 Brode Tilford 0
5. #20 Taylor Romani 10
6. #3 Matthew Casey 20

Photos By Michael Kirby

2012 Fast Fridays Speedway The Extreme Sidecars made their second season appearance at Fast Fridays. The team of Joe Jones and Johnny Glover won the sidecar main event.
2012 Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn's Tommy Hedden is on fire this season with back to back Division I scratch main event wins.
2012 Fast Fridays Speedway A crash in the opening Division I handicap program heat race forced a single line restart. (L-R) Greg Hooten, Billy Janniro, Tyler Warren, and JT Mabry lined up in the restart, Janniro won the race and later the handicap main event.
2012 Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro won the Division I handicap main event.
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