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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

Youtube Fast Fridays August 3 From Anthony Bernardi

The Bast family name has been synonymous with speedway racing since the 1970s when Mike and Steve Bast ruled Southern California speedway tracks. Mike Bast is a seven-time US National Speedway champion. Bast family fathers, brothers, cousins, and nephews names have been included in speedway racing programs for over four decades. The Bast name is well respected among speedway racers and well recognized by speedway fans.

Friday night Bart Bast and Ryan Bast, second cousins, stood on the podium at Fast Fridays together as Division I main event winners. Bart Bast was the fastest man of the evening winning the scratch main event, and Ryan Bast won the handicap main event.

Bart Bast coming of an impressive 25 lap main event win last week squared off against Bryan Yarrow, Bob Hicks, and JJ Martynse. Martynse worked his way into the Division I scratch main event catching Billy Janniro at the finish line in the scratch semi-final in a thrilling race to transfer to the main event. Janniro's absence from the main event at Fast Fridays is the first of the season for him, having raced in every scratch main event, winning seven of the scratch main events so far this season. Out of the gate Bast led as he got inside turn one and from there it was steady going for Bast, considered one of the most consistent riders Fast Fridays. Yarrow having a strong night gave chase, but could not catch Bast. Yarrow finished second, followed by Bob Hicks in third and Martynse was fourth.

Ryan Bast can say goodbye to the zero line in the handicap program, picking up his first win of the season in the Division I handicap main event. Bast held off hard charging Hicks, and Bart Bast both long handicap yardage riders to pick up an exciting win in the handicap main event. Hicks finished second, and Bart Bast third.

Fast becoming a familiar face on the winner's podium, Colton Duncan picked up another win in the Division II main event. Duncan held off Paul Sanburn who finished second and Jamison Dilkey who was third. The Marsalla brothers wrapped up Division III this week with a first place finish for Kyle Marsalla and a second place finish for Eddie Marsalla. The Marsalla's have wasted little time finding the winners podium at Fast Fridays since starting speedway racing this season. Shane Szuh was third in Division III. David Mersaroli was first in the Youth Division I, followed by his brother Louie Mersaroli, and Jeremy Faria in third. Auburn's Colton Hicks finished first in the Youth Division II for the third week in a row.

The Extreme Sidecar Series made their fourth visit to Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway this season with another exciting night of three-wheeled excitement. Absent from the line up though was the number one team of Joe Jones and Johnny Glover. Jones has been sidelined from racing action with a broken arm, injured in a recent racing accident. The sidecar team of Jeff Medberry and Jonny Bach picked up the sidecar main event win, Duel Anderson and Ethan Smith were second and the team of Gerard Jackson and Anthony Jackson were third.

You can add Billy Janniro's name to the list of riders that will compete for the Challenge Elimination Series championship at Fast Fridays. Janniro joins Greg Hooten, Tommy Hedden, Bob Hicks and the winner of next weeks round five in the exciting championship finale on August 31.

Results from Fast Fridays for 8-3-12

Division 1 Scratch Main Event
1-Bart Bast, 2-Bryan Yarrow, 3-Bob Hicks, 4-JJ Martynse

Division I Handicap Main Event
1-Ryan Bast, 2-Bob Hicks, 3-Bart Bast

Division II Main Event
1-Colton Duncan, 2-Paul Sanburn, 3-Jamison Dilkey

Division III Main Event
1-Kyle Marsalla, 2- Eddie Marsalla, 3-Shane Szuh

Division I Youth Main Event
1-David Mersaroli, 2-Louie Mersaroli, 3-Jeremy Faria

Division II Youth Main Event
1-Colton Hicks

Photos By Michael Kirby

2012 Fast Fridays Speedway Ryan Bast won his first Division I handicap main event of the season at Fast Fridays this week.
2012 Fast Fridays Speedway Bart Bast picked up his second Division I scratch main event win of the season Friday night at Fast Fridays. Bast was coming off a very impressive ride last week winning the 25-lap handicap main event.
2012 Fast Fridays Speedway Extreme Sidecar action returned to Fast Fridays for their fourth of five series appearances. The team of Jeff Medberry and Josh Bennett (near) won the sidecar main event. In a heat race Medberry and Bennett get inside of Jeff Rowe and Jonny Bach.
2012 Fast Fridays Speedway The Division I scratch main event got underway with (L-R) Bob Hicks, JJ Martynse, Bryan Yarrow, and Bart Bast lining up at the start gate. Bast took first place in the night's final race.
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