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Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

IMS - Ken Maely Cup
May 11, 2012
By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
First Division Ace Fast Eddie Castro (right) welcomes Youth 250cc rider #4 Broc Nicol back from the injured ranks. Former First Division veteran Dave Galvin warms up his grandson's crotch rocket. The Pee Wees were awesome Friday night, concentrating on the start.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Pee Wee #185 Jonas LeoGrande flies toward the checkered flag. Youth 200cc: #18 Sebastian Palmese and #4 Courtney Crone feel the pressure as #45 Braydan Galvin (partially hidden) comes from the 60 yard line. Braydan has a lucky new racing suit, already a winner!
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
A little rusty early on, Broc Nicol looked like his old self toward the finish. Dalton Leedy stuck with the fundamentals and won his first Youth 250cc Main Event. Third Division action: #163 Ron Davis and #318 Steve Simrak collide as #221 Steve Howard navigates turn one.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Second Division action: #333 Mike Salyer battles #101 Mike Wiley around a tricky turn two. First Division Last Chance: #46 Aaron Fox came from the pole to win an exciting race. Possibly no one draws a louder cheer from the IMS crowd than the #25 Harley sidecar team.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway  
First Division Main Event: The moment of truth is near. In his first Main Event win in many years at his old track, Charlie Venegas raced with the wind.

Former National Champion Charlie "The Edge" Venegas can finally claim a main-event victory at National Orange Show Events Center after winning the Ken Maely Cup at Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

"Battling" Buck Blair was first off the starting line in the Ken Maely Cup Main Event but Venegas was first as the field exited turn two and he had Tyson Burmeister in close pursuit. Burmeister gained ground on the leader by using the outside line. Venegas took a look back at the end of lap one to see where Burmeister was and wisely began using the ample cushion to maintain his lead. It proved to be the fastest way around the track and Burmeister couldn't get close enough to pose a serious threat. Venegas was first to the checkered flag, Burmeister had to settle for second, previously unbeaten Jimmy "Little Animal" Fishback finished third, Blair was fourth, and Aaron Fox finished fifth.

Venegas has called San Bernardino home for nearly two decades, but has only raced at the NOSEC a few times even though he promoted events at the facility from 2000 to 2002. He began his speedway career after the original IMS moved its promotion to Glen Helen so he never competed on that track either. His Ken Maely Cup victory makes for a landmark victory in his career and one that he certainly hopes isn't his last at IMS either.

Tim Gomez kicked off the heats with an easy victory. Blair led the second heat for two laps before a mechanical failure handed the lead and win to Fishback. Fox gave Venegas what turned out to be his only defeat of the evening in heat three. Burmeister ended round one with a win over Tyson Talkington.

Burmeister started round two by beating "Fast" Eddie Castro for his second straight victory. Steve Russell led the next heat for over two laps before Fishback used the outside to take the lead and his second win. Blair beat Fox in event 15. Venegas defeated Neil Facchini for his first win to end the second round.

Talkington began the last round by beating Steve Russell. Fishback chased Fox for three laps and stormed around the outside and remained perfect with another win. Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell beat Castro in Event 27. Venegas closed out the heats by defeating Blair.

Venegas and Blair had a great side-by-side battle in the first semi before the Venegas surged ahead for the win with Blair following him into the main event. Fishback easily won the second semi while Burmeister overcame a 20 yard penalty in just two laps to take second and the transfer to the main event. Fox won the Last Chance to fill the final spot in the main.

J.D. Myerscough calmly held off every challenge that Kayle LeoGrande could muster and won the Second Division Main Event. Mike Salyer finished third, Mike Wiley was fourth, Tim McGrath finished fifth, and Kip McClain was sixth.

Stephen Simrak led the Third Division Main Event until Jake Hansen passed him on the outside for the lead as they exited turn four. Hansen was still leading on the last lap when a crash brought out the red flag. The referee awarded Hansen his first main event victory, Steve Howard was second, Simrak was third, J.C. Masters was fourth, Phill Santolucito was fifth, and Ron Davis was credited with sixth.

Dalton Leedy smoothly led from start to finish and won his first 250cc Main Event. "Haulin" Hayley Perrault finished second and Broc Nicol was third.

Courtney Crone led the Youth 200cc Main Event, but Sebastian Palmese challenged her at the end of the first lap. They entered turn one wheel-to-wheel but had Braydan Galvin, who began 60 yards back, breathing down their necks. Galvin made a daring move to split the duo coming out of turn two and snatched the lead. Galvin raced off into the horizon and cruised to victory. Palmese finished second, Crone was third, and Michael Wells finished fourth.

Jonas LeoGrande led all four laps en route to victory in the Pee Wee Main Event. Nick Dunn was second, Julia Pierson finished third, and Luke Whitcomb was fourth.

The Sidecar Main Event began with Joe Jones and Johnny Glover and Dylan Beard and Crystal Beard engaged in a side-by-side battle for the lead on the first lap. Jones and Glover used the inside line to their advantage and secured the lead at the end of lap one. They never looked back from there and went on to victory. The Beards settled for second, Kevin Brown and Nick Hertrick finished third, and Rod Requejo and Gene Stone were fourth.

The Ken Maely Cup honors the legendary man who not only made the metal skidshoes worn by hundreds of speedway and flat track racers, but also provided a practice track and was dedicated to the sport of speedway. Many American superstars honed their skills on the track at Maely's Ranch in Corona, California. The AMA Hall of Fame member passed away in 2003.

The next event at IMS is Harley Night and will include the ever-popular street-legal Harley Races.


Sidecar Last Chance
16 – Kevin Brown/Nick Hertrick
1965 – Jeff Rowe/Josh Bennett
007 – Dual Anderson/Robert Dent

Sidecar Main Event
1 - Joe Jones/Johnny Glover
5150 - Dylan Beard/Crystal Beard
16 - Kevin Brown/Nick Hertrick
25 - Rod Requejo/Gene Stone

Pee Wee Main Event
185 - Jonas LeoGrande
76 - Nick Dunn
19 - Julia Pierson
27 - Luke Whitcomb

Youth 200cc Main Event
45 - Braydan Galvin 60
18 - Sebastian Palmese 10
4 - Courtney Crone 0
214 - Michael Wells 20
185 - Dryden LeoGrande 0(non starter)

Youth 250cc Main Event
222 - Dalton Leedy 0
0 - Hayley Perrault 0
98 - Broc Nicol 20

Third Division Consolation
157 – Tony DeAlmeida
369 – Andy Schwarm
188 – Rick Howard

Third Division Main Event (awarded)
123 - Jake Hansen 0
221 - Steve Howard 0
318 - Stephen Simrak 0
202 - J.C. Masters 20
200 - Phill Santolucito 0
163 - Ron Davis 20(excluded)

Second Division Main Event (restarted)
155 - J.D. Myerscough 0
185 - Kayle LeoGrande 10
333 - Mike Salyer 0
101 - Mike Wiley 10
186 - Tim McGrath 40
316 - Kip McClain 0
311 - Kevin Fife 0(non starter - restart)

First Division Heat Scoring123T
6 – Shawn McConnell 1135
11 – Bobby Schwartz R 000
14 – Eddie Castro 1225
23 – Steve Russell 0224
25 – Jimmy Fishback 3339
26 – Tyson Burmeister 3317
30 – Tim Gomez 3104
37 – Joe Donaldson 2F02
39 – Buck Blair E325
43 – Charlie Venegas 2338
46 – Aaron Fox 3227
48 – Tyson Talkington 2035
86 – Neil Facchini 1203
114 – Troy McConnell 1113
177 – Steve Bowen 2114
208 – Geoff Herkner F011

Heat Results
1: Gomez, Bowen, S. McConnell (fell, remounted), Schwartz (retired)
2: Fishback, Donaldson, Facchini (fell, remounted), Blair (engine failure)
3: Fox, Venegas, Castro, Russell (tape penalty)
4: Burmeister, Talkington, T. McConnell, Herkner (fell)
13: Burmeister, Castro, Bowen, Donaldson (fell)
14: Fishback, Russell, T. McConnell, Schwartz
15: Blair, Fox, S. McConnell, Talkington
16: Venegas, Facchini, Gomez, Herkner
25: Talkington, Russell, Bowen, Facchini (fell, remounted)
26: Fishback, Fox, Burmeister, Gomez
27: S. McConnell, Castro, Herkner, Donaldson
28: Venegas, Blair, T. McConnell, Schwartz
Semi #1: Venegas, Blair, Fox, Castro
Semi #2: Fishback, Burmeister, Talkington, McConnell

First Division Last Chance
46 - Aaron Fox
6 - Shawn McConnell
14 - Eddie Castro
48 - Tyson Talkington

Ken Maely Cup Main Event
43 - Charlie Venegas
26 - Tyson Burmeister
25 - Jimmy Fishback
39 - Buck Blair
46 - Aaron Fox

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