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2012 IMS Speedway
Pee Wee riders are used to living on the edge.

2012 IMS Speedway
Blair is back
with the checkered flag!

2012 IMS Speedway
#318 Stephen Simrak celebrates another 3rd Division IMS win.

Inland Motor Speedway
National Orange Show
San Bernardino, California

August 3, 2012
By: Ryan Evans
Photos by: Dorcey Wingo

Photos from Howie Zechner Facebook Photo Album

2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
J.D. Greek-Myerscough heats up the machinery of speed. Pee Wee Main Event. #222 Cy Turner (inside) and #19 Julia Pierson race side to side.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#221 Zane Turner passes #326 Jake Troutt. Zane Turner, winning the Main Event. #185 Dryden LeoGrande (inside) tries to hold off #45 Braydan Galvin..
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
Galvin flies around turn four for the 200cc win. #0 Hayley Perrault gets off the line first. #210 Dave Troutt (inside) tries to hold off #211 Steve Brown.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
2nd Division Handicap action. #155 J.D. Myerscough takes the 2nd Division win. #11 Bobby Schwartz (left) comes out flying, #6 "Mad Dog" McConnell is in pursuit.
2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway 2012 IMS Speedway
#39 Buck Blair leaps into action in a Semi Final. 1st Division Main Event. Blair is gone, but Charlie is after him.

Inland Motorcycle Speedway - San Bernardino, CA, USA - August 3

"Battling" Buck Blair went five for five including a main event victory to complete a perfect night at Inland Motorcycle Speedway in San Bernardino.

Blair and Charlie "The Edge" Venegas both entered the main event undefeated. Venegas would start from gate three and Blair from gate five. Venegas was first off the starting line and led into turn one with Blair beside him. Venegas went to the inside line while Blair remained wide through turns one and two. They were side-by-side on the back straight and kept the same racing lines through turns three and four. Blair found more traction in the outside dirt and took the lead at the close of lap one. They both maintained their different paths around the track and Blair's proved to be superior as he stretched his lead on the second lap. The Colorado native cruised the rest of the way and was first to the checkered flag. Venegas finished second, Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell was third, Aaron Fox finished fourth, and Tim Gomez was fifth.

Blair gave a preview of the entire evening by winning the first heat. Fox beat Russell Green in the second heat. Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz and Venegas had a great battle in the third heat before Venegas secured the victory on the final lap to end the first round.

Blair started the second round with a win over Fox. Venegas beat Steve Russell for his second straight win. McConnell and Schwartz battled handlebar-to-handlebar for three laps before McConnell's inside line proved better and gave him the win.

Gomez started the final round with a win over Tyson Talkington. Venegas beat McConnell for his third straight win. Blair matched Venegas's perfect score by beating Fox in the final heat.

Venegas and McConnell finished one-two in the first semi and moved into the main. Blair won the second semi with Fox getting second to join him in the main event.

Talkington and Schwartz battled had a two-lap battle for the lead in the Last Chance before Gomez cut under both riders on the third lap to take the lead and the win to fill the main event field.

Davey Shaw led the Second Division Main Event for a lap before J.D. Myerscough went by him for the lead. Myerscough stretched his lead with each lap and crossed the finish line first. Shaw held on to second, Rudy Laurer finished third, Mike Maely was fourth, Kayle LeoGrande finished fifth, and Geoff Herkner was sixth.

Dave Troutt could only hold off Stephen Simrak before the latter got past him and went on to victory in the Third Division Main Event.

Courtney Crone led the Youth 200cc Main Event for a lap and a half but Braydan Galvin swept around the outside in turn four to take the lead. Galvin never looked back from there and took home the win. Crone finished second and Dryden LeoGrande was third.

Luke Whitcomb led the Pee Wee First Division Main Event for a lap but had the Easley brothers breathing down his neck. Talin Easley fell while going for the lead entering turn three the second time but Revin Easley snuck through to take the lead and the win.

Jake Troutt led the Pee Wee Second Division Main Event before Zane Turner took over and went on to victory. Julia Pierson finished third, Cy Turner was fourth, and Nick Dunn finished fifth.

The next event at Inland Motorcycle Speedway will have all divisions of speedway and will also include the sidecars.


Pee Wee Second Division Main Event
221 - Zane Turner
326 - Jake Troutt
19 - Julia Pierson
222 - Cy Turner
76 - Nick Dunn

Pee Wee First Division Main Event (restarted)
2 - Revin Easley
27 - Luke Whitcomb
22 - Talin Easley (fell)

Youth 200cc Main Event
45 - Braydan Galvin 80
4 - Courtney Crone 0
185 - Dryden LeoGrande 10

Third Division Main Event (restarted)
318 - Stephen Simrak 20
210 - Dave Troutt 0
211 - Steve Brown 10(non starter - restart)

Second Division Main Event
155 - J.D. Myerscough 20
145 - Davey Shaw 10
182 - Rudy Laurer 30
102 - Mike Maely 20
185 - Kayle LeoGrande 30
208 - Geoff Herkner 30

First Division Heat Scoring123T
6 – Shawn McConnell 2327
11 – Bobby Schwartz 2215
23 – Steve Russell 1214
30 – Tim Gomez 1135
37 – Joe Donaldson 0000
39 – Buck Blair 3339
43 – Charlie Venegas 3339
46 – Aaron Fox 3227
48 – Tyson Talkington 1124
113 – Gabe Price F101
114 – Troy McConnell 0F11
185 – Kayle LeoGrande (R) 0- - 0
321 – Russell Green 2FN 2

Race Results
1: Blair, S. McConnell, Gomez, Price (fell)
2: Fox, Green, Russell, T. McConnell (fell, remounted)
3: Venegas, Schwartz, Talkington, Donaldson
9: Blair, Fox, Talkington, Green (fell)
10: Venegas, Russell, Gomez, T. McConnell (fell)
11: S. McConnell, Schwartz, Price, Donaldson
17: Gomez, Talkington, Russell, Donaldson
18: Venegas, S. McConnell, T. McConnell, Price
19: Blair, Fox, Schwartz, LeoGrande
Semi #1: Venegas, S. McConnell, Gomez, Russell
Semi #2: Blair, Fox, Talkington, Schwartz

First Division Last Chance
30 - Tim Gomez
48 - Tyson Talkington
23 - Steve Russell
11 - Bobby Schwartz

First Division Main Event
39 - Buck Blair
43 - Charlie Venegas
6 - Shawn McConnell
46 - Aaron Fox
30 - Tim Gomez

Ryan Evans

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