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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Victorville Harley Davidson Night
May 5, 2012 - Victorville
Results By: Steve Graham

It was Victorville Harley Davidson Night at Wheel2Wheel Raceway in Victorville. Under the full moon and on Cinco de Mayo, the racing was hot. National Champion, Billy Janniro, was undefeated on the evening winning all four of his qualifying heats, the Last Man Out Challenge and the Scratch Main. The Scratch Main saw Janniro come from the pole. Austin Novratil had second choice and picked the outside, Tyson Burmeister chose 2, leaving Eddie Castro with Gate 3. Janniro got the jump on Burmeister and it stayed that way with Burmeister pressuring Janniro for all four laps. Novratil was a close third with Castro trailing. Billy Janniro left no doubt in anyone's mind why he is the current National Champion. The future of American speedway, the young guns from Huntington Beach, showed well tonight with Austin Novratil making the Main while Rocco Scopellite and Max Ruml both made the LCQ.

The Support Class was fast with hot rookie, JD Myerscough, winning all his races. Kayle LeoGrande, coming from 10 yards behind Myerscough, chased him all night but couldn't reel him in. Myerscough caught a break in his second qualifier when his fuel wasn't turned on, dropping him to third. LeoGrande crossed up in turn two of the next lap and Joey St. Louis, who was leading, suffered electrical problems and Myerscough took the win.

Third Division was sparsely populated with only 3 riders. Tony DeAlmeida and Jake Hanson split the qualifiers with Hanson taking the win in the Main as DeAlmeida went down briefly while coming out of turn 4 in the second lap.

Being Harley Night, the crowd really loved the sidecars. Joe Jones and Johnny Glover rode the Number 1 machine to victory in the Main over Dylan Beard and Alastair Dale, while rookies Jeff Rowe and Josh Bennett came up with a very competitive third.

The 250cc Junior class suffered a bit when Max Ruml decided to concentrate on 1st Division and Braydan Galvin chose to ride the 200cc class only. That left Dillon Ruml and Dalton Leedy to go at it all evening. Ruml won the Main but Leedy, new to the 250cc class, appeared to get faster every ride and showed some great gating.

200cc Juniors were Braydan Galvin's night, winning all of his heats and the Main. Gino Scopellite was right behind him all evening but could not catch him. Sebastian Palmese and Dryden LeoGrande, both 9 years old, rode well but had a rough time keeping up with the older guys.

Crowd favorites, the Pee Wees, didn't disappoint with Sara Cords and Dakota Shockley going at it all night. Sara won the Main with Dakota coming second. Christopher Newbury ran third and newcomer, Trenton Johnson, came forth.

All said, it was a good night in Victorville. Harley Night produced a large and enthusiastic crowd and the riders didn't disappoint them. The sidecars rocked the place, the Juniors rode great and the National Champion really put on a show. It was a great way to celebrate America's return to the world stage with a victory earlier in the day in a Speedway World Cup qualifying race. It should also be mentioned that, despite the full moon and with the exception of one tape violation (Eddie), there was not one restart tonight and the EMT's were bored silly. That is always good night.


Pee Wee Main
14 Sara Cords (50)
419 Dakota Shockley
5 Christopher Newbury
22 Trenton Johnson

200cc Junior Main
45 Braydan Galvin
7 Gino Scopellite
185 Dryden LeoGrande
18 Sebastian Palmese

250cc Junior Main
111 Dillon Ruml
222 Dalton Leedy

Division 3 Main
123 Jake Hanson (0)
157 Tony DeAlmeida (10)
181 Mike Novratil (0) DNS

Support Class Main
155 J.D. Myerscough (10)
185 Kayle LeoGrande (20)
311 Kevin Fife (20)
313 Joey St. Louis (20) DNS

Sidecar Main
1 Joe Jones/Johnny Glover
5150 Dylan Beard/Alastair Dale
1965 Jeff Rowe/Josh Bennett

Last Man Out Challenge
1 Billy Janniro
126 Rocco Scopellite
308 Max Ruml
17 Robbie Sauer

First Division Heat Scores
1 Billy Janniro 3,3,3,3 12
27 Austin Novratil 2,3,3,3 11
26 Tyson Burmeister 3,3,3,2 11
14 Eddie Castro 2,1,2,3 8
23 Steve Russell 1,2,2,2 7
126 Rocco Scopellite 1,2,2,2 7
308 Max Ruml 3,1,1,1, 6
17 Robbie Sauer 2,2,0,1 5
21 Brad Sauer 1,1,1,1 4
208 Geoff Herkner 0,0,1,0 1

Last Chance Qualifier
14 Eddie Castro
126 Rocco Scopellite
308 Max Ruml
23 Steve Russell

First Division Main Event
1 Billy Janniro
26 Tyson Burmeister
3 Austin Novratil
14 Eddie Castro

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