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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Castro Defeats the Young at Victorville
June 23, 2012 - Victorville
Results By Steve Evans
Photos By: Dorcey Wingo

YouTube Video of all Main Events June 23 - From Mark Williams - Xtreme Speedway Action

2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Mark Williams hypnotizes Joe Jones into wearing a GoPro camera on his No.1 sidecar. Neil Facchini arrived late. The ugly bald truck tire in his bed said it all. Eight Sidecars kept the crowd entertained, big time!
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Good thing Mark didn't wire Joe for sound, too! The 200c competition was after Palmese all night. Jimmy Fishback IV found the track to his liking.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Dillon Ruml squeezes inside of Kip McClain in the Young vs the Old competition. Russell Green's race with speedy Max Ruml (in blue) really revved up the crowd. Facchini also battled with Green for some great racing.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Fishback and Novratil gate in Heat One. They would collide later in the evening. Between the wind and the water truck, the going was dicey at times. Max Ruml kept Fish III on edge during this exciting race.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
More groovy (and quite loud) Sidecar competition... Dillon Ruml, flying! Facchini has forgotten all about his bald truck tires, obviously!
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
200cc Main Event. Sebastian Palmese goes fast at W2W! Speedway Announcer "Crazy" Chris Ackerman!
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Castro on the pole; Green, Facchini, and Max Ruml along the wall. Fast Eddie Castro takes home the bacon. And Mad Max Ruml takes SECOND. Lookout, World!

Points Champion Fast Eddie Castro claimed another trophy at Victorville on Saturday 23rd June in a war of attrition. The original plan to run a team race was changed on the day with some late rider withdrawals but the riders on display put up an entertaining show. Each of the 9 Pro riders had four qualifying heats with the top 4 on points contesting the Main Event.

Both Castro and Jimmy Fishback dominated their heats and were undefeated after three rounds and looked to be heading towards an epic Main Event showdown. This all came undone in the final round - Fishback missed the gate and 15 year old Max Ruml was ahead and building a lead - Ruml had pushed Fishback all the way in an earlier heat. Austin Novratil was in 2nd and Fishback made a move to pass him entering lap two. Contact was made in turn 1 and a heavy crash ensued which ruled both riders out of the rest of the show - Novratil with damaged equipment and Fishback with a shoulder injury, the extent of which is unknown at this time.

Castro and Ruml, who had qualified on 12 and 7 points respectively, were then joined in the main event by next in line Neil Facchini and Russell Green. Castro made a perfect gate and led the final from flag to flag with Ruml scorching to a hugely impressive second place. Neil Facchini put an impressive pass on Green for third.

The Sidecars had a full field of 8 riders with familiar winners - Joe Jones and Johnny Glover were perfect in all three of their rides with Jeff Medberry and Josh Bennett making the pass on Jeff Rowe and Johnny Bach for second place.

The lower D1 riders rode a special event for the 'Bumble V' Trophy, marking the fifth anniversary of Bryan Buffington making the D1 Main at Victorville! Buffington made a good gate but it was Marvin Sonnier who led coming out of turn two and got the victory.

Ron Davis was the winner of the Support class - he won the first heat also with Kip McClain taking the second.

Sebastian Palmese won all 200cc Junior races though the competition of Michael Wells and Adam Herkner closed the gap in each race. Dillon Ruml was the only 250cc rider but he defeated support riders from a 30 yard handicap in exhibition rides. Jimmy Fishback IV defeated Christopher Newberry in all Pee Wee Races.

The 2012 Victorville season continues on 4th July - an event which will likely more be an exhibition style race with most of the promotion and crew in Poland for the World Team Cup. On 21st July Victorville Speedway hosts the Nick Varner Memorial Trophy in honor of the junior rider who sadly passed away a year ago.

Points - Eddie Castro 12, Jimmy Fishback 9, Max Ruml 7, Austin Novratil 7, Neil Facchini 6, Russell Green 6, Marvin Sonnier 4, Bryan Buffington 2, Geoff Herkner 0.

14 Eddie Castro
308 Max Ruml
86 Neil Facchini
321 Russell Green

Bumble V Trophy
52 Marvin Sonnier
77 Bryan Buffington
163 Ron Davis
208 Geoff Herkner

Support Class
163 Ron Davis
316 Kip McClain
188 Rick Howard
157 Tony DeAlmeida fell non starter

Sidecar Main
1 Joe Jones / Johnny Glover
44 Jeff Medberry / Josh Bennett
1965 Jeff Rowe / Johnny Bach
5150 Dylan Beard / David Crews

B Main
22 Dave Alexander / Nathan Dunlap
66 Gerard Jackson / Dave German
16 Kevin Brown / Nick Hertricks
007 Duane Anderson / Ethan Smith

18 Sebastian Palmese
214 Michael Wells
28 Adam Herkner

Pee Wee
276 Jimmy Fishback IV
5 Christopher Newbury

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