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Victorville Speedway
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds
Victorville, California

Sidecar Nationals and Clubman Championship
October 20, 2012 - Victorville
Results By: Steve Evans - Photos By: Dorcey Wingo

2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Videographer Mark Williams interviews Sidecar Champ No.1, Joe Jones before the big race. No.2 Chris Jones and Scott McElroy head for the pit gate. # 14 Fast Eddie Castro and Romie Castro bracket some fans and friends from England.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Pee Wee Main Event. #14 Sara Cords takes the Open Class win. 200cc Action. #214 Michael Wells dominated this group.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Michael Wells and his dad take the flag for a victory lap. 250cc Main Event: #12 Luke Becker vs #111 Dillon Ruml, on the right. Becker checks his six after the win.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
1st Division Main Event. Fast Eddie Castro wins another one! Early Sidecar action...
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
#22 Dave Alexander and Matt Davis pour on the coals. Support Main Event: Shaw wins narrowly over St. Louis. Sidecar C Main Event.
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
Sidecar B Main Event. Sidecar A Main Event, for all the marbles: [Restart] #5150 Beard and Beard try to outpace No.1 Jones and Glover - second lap
2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway 2012 Victorville Speedway
#44 Jeff Medberry and Josh Bennett had a great outing by placing 3rd. The 2012 Sidecar National Champions, Joe Jones and Johnny Glover - heading for the checkered flag. Victory lap!

Jones makes it 6 in row in dramatic Victory - Sidecar National Championship, Victorville, CA.

If it was a familiar name atop the podium at Victorville on Saturday, the story of how it was won is anything but monotonous and predictable. Joe Jones claimed his 6th Sidecar National in 6 years, whilst 1st year passenger Johnny Glover scored his first.

The format saw 10 teams compete over 4 rounds of heats that had the traditional 3, 2, 1, 0 scoring. These were added to season long 'bonus points' for the years results and the combined scores settled which of the three Mains each rider would partake in. The Mains also provided points to be added and the grand totals would determine the winner.

Jones and Glover had a 2 point lead of 2011 runners up Dylan and Crystal Beard who in turn had two points up on Jeff Medberry and Josh Bennett. With the 15, 12, 10, 9 points spread in the A Final either Jones / Glover or the Beard's would win with a victory, whilst Medberry and Bennett would claim the title with a victory and Jones / Glover being third or fourth.

The tapes rose and the #5150 team of Beard & Beard led into turn one. They locked up coming out of turn 2, Jones and Glover went for the gap and heavy contact caused the 5150 team to dismount. The referee ordered a full restart. Again Team 5150 led away and after two laps they looked to be headed towards the title. Jones and Glover were having none of it and after looking inside once or twice they made a gargantuan dive around the outside at the end of lap three. They emerged across the start line ahead and carried the momentum to the chequered flag to deliver the most satisfying of all of Jones's titles. Medberry and Bennett were third in the A-Final and on the night.

It was the biggest field of riders in a National in the recent era and the expansion of the Sidecar class will hopefully see the #s reach 16 for 2013.

The Clubman National, for Division Two and Three riders also saw some last lap drama. Davey Shaw, who won both of his heats, led from the tapes going up but was reeled in by local rider Joey St. Louis. St Louis dived inside for the lead into turn one but could not hold the line exiting turn two to give Shaw a well deserved win. Brad Moreau was third.

The 200cc title went to the much improved Michael Wells, who won all three races including the main from flag to flag. 2nd place went to Courtney Crone, with Sebastian Palmese holding off Stirling Martin for third. The Pee Wee's had two titles up for grabs. Sara Cords won the Open Title with the stock going to Dakota Shockley.

Luke Becker showed very impressive pace in defeating Dillon Ruml in all three 250cc races. Eddie Castro was the familiar winner in the First Division class leading home Max Ruml and Michael Hull. Castro won two of the heats with Ruml winning the third.

1 Joe Jones / Johnny Glover 16-12-15 = 43
5150 Dylan Beard / Crystal Beard 15-11-12 = 38
44 Jeff Medberry / Josh Bennett 13 11- 10 = 34
007 Dual Anderson / Ethan Smith 14-6-9 = 29
22 Dave Alexander / Matt Davis 10-8-8- = 26
16 Kevin Brown / Nick Hertrick 11-7-7 = 25
1965 Jeff Rowe / John Bach 12-7-6 = 25
66 Dan Jones / Zolty Csanyi 0-5-5- = 10
2 Chris Jones / Scott McElroy 0-2-4 -= 6
33 Joseph Petrolovic / Patrick Smith 0-3-3 = 6

145 Davey Shaw
313 Joey St. Louis
153 Brad Moreau
116 Chris Jones
224 Bander Alexander

153 Brad Moreau
163 Ron Davis
311 Kevin Fife
349 Dan Eddy

214 Michael Wells
4 Courtney Crone
18 Sebastian Palmese
31 Sterling Martin
30 Alex Martin

14 Sara Cords (Open)
419 Dakota Shockley (Stock)
28 Slater Lightcap
320 Riley Hull

14 Eddie Castro
308 Max Ruml
320 Michael Hull
182 Rudy Laurer

250cc JUNIOR
12 Luke Becker
111 Dillon Ruml

The Victorville season wraps up in 3 weeks with the 'Masters Track Championship' which will feature championships for all Divisions. The November 10th has an earlier than usual start time of 4pm.

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