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2013 Pirate Speedway
#46 Aaron Fox was most impressive in taking the Scratch Main Event.
Photo by Dorcey Wingo

2013 Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
Arrowhead Ave
San Bernardino, California 92408

2013 FST Night
April 26, 2013 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
By: Ryan Evans - Photos by Dorcey Wingo and Paul Flanders

Facebook Photos from Howie - RAZ Video

Below photos by Paul Flanders
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Aaron Fox scores the main event win. Dillon Osborne scored the Support Division win. Luke Becker and father Matt Becker will take home the 250ccJunior trophy to Northern California.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
While Jason Palmese Jr. gets started in the Pee Wee's this year his brother Sebastian Palmese shows the way taking the home the 150cctrophy. Brandon Larsen pulls double duty as pit man for brother Charlie Larsen and father Josh Larsen. Charlie goes on to win the Pee Wee class while Josh takes third in the main. Mother and son race team of Jerie Hamilton and Russell Green were thrilled to make it into the main event.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Courtney Crone models her new leathers from sponsor Advance Medical. Nick Dunn and Jeremy Dunn The 250cc Juniors provided some very exciting races. Hayley Perrault took third place.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Dessert was served after the races as it was promoter Shawn McConnell's birthday. Dillon Ruml seems to always have fun no matter where he finishes. Jonesing for some sidecar racing was Joe Jones supporting brother Chris Jones.
Below photos by Dorcey Wingo
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Doug "The Destroyer" Nicol brought out a new rider instantly-inflatable-safety-vest,or crash vest, for Announcer Bruce Flanders to see. The Riders Meeting,thirty minutes from race time. Junior rider Courtney Crone is photographed by SpeedwayBikes rep Paul Flanders while Michael Wells looks on.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
"27"Lightning" Luke Whitcomb (left) races alongside #185 Jonas LeoGrande. #2 Charlie Larsen zips by Jonas to win the Pee Wee Main. 150cc Main Event.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
250cc rider Dryden Gayle takes note: "Hey, there's a full moon rising!" #12 Luke Becker made an amazing pass on Dryden to win the 250cc Main Event. Support rider Chris Jones waves his flags in grand style.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
#310 Tom Summers showed his stuff Friday night, watch him in the future! #164 Dillon Osborne, a tall guy on a Mission!  Osborne gives it back to Pirate Speedway Starter, Tom Fox.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
1st Division Last Chance:Blair is on the wall. "Battling" Buck Blair takes the Last Chance slot. Mad" Max Ruml went fast, but missed the cut.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
1st Division Main Event(restart): Buck is watching this one from the pits.   Josh Larsen and"Birthday Boy" Shawn McConnell battle for 2nd place.

FST Night - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino, CA, USA - April 26

Aaron Fox was a flawless five wins in five races including winning the main event on an FST Night that featured some awesome racing on a well-prepared track at Pirate Speedway in San Bernardino.

Fox and Josh Larsen both entered the main event undefeated. Fox won the draw for first gate choice and bypassed the conventional choice of an inside gate by selecting gate five. Larsen quickly snapped up gate one, Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell chose gate two, Russell Green picked gate three, which left gate four to "Battling" Buck Blair. The first attempt was aborted when Blair got into the starting tapes and was banished to the pits. Larsen was first off the starting line when the tapes went up and held a slight advantage as the field hit turn one. Fox went to the outside dirt through the corner and found enough grip to propel himself around Larsen on the back straight and dropped into the lead as they entered turn three. Larsen kept his eyes forward on the leader but also had McConnell snapping at his heels. Fox was steady at the front while Larsen drifted wide on the third lap and allowed McConnell to slip past him for second. The track copromoter's progress would end there, though, as Fox remained at the front to the finish line. McConnell settled for second, Larsen held on to third, Green finished fourth, and Blair was credited with fifth.

Blair kicked off the evening with a win over Neil Facchini in the first heat. Fox defeated McConnell in the second heat for his first win of the evening. Larsen, returning to action nearly two years after suffering an injury, ended round one by beating Russell Green.

Fox started the round two with a defeat of Blair. Larsen held off former Under 21 National Champion Austin Novratil to win the next heat. McConnell finished the second round with a victory over Facchini.

Max Ruml, winner of the previous week's Handicap Main, began the final round with an impressive win over McConnell. Steve Russell trapped the field from the outside in event 17 and led for two laps before Fox swept around the outside for the lead and the win. Larsen finished the heats with his third straight victory.

Fox trapped from the outside in the first semi and led to the finish while Russell Green made a great outside pass of Blair to take second and the other transfer to the main event. Larsen won the second semi and was followed into the main event by McConnell.

Blair led the Last Chance from start to finish and took the final spot in the main-event field. Ruml finished a close second, Novratil was third, and Facchini finished fourth.

Dan Eddy led the Support Main Event before Tom Summers took over as they entered turn three. Summers led the next two laps before succumbing to the pressure of Dillon Osborne. Osborne was leading through the next lap when Summers slid off in turn three and hit the wall hard. The red flag came out and the race was declared over. Osborne was awarded the victory, his second in as many weeks, Geoff Herkner was second, Eddy was third, Mike Wiley finished fourth, Steve "Beach Ball" Brown was fifth, and Summers was credited with sixth.

Dryden Gayle started at the front of the six-rider Junior 250 Main Event and led the field throughout the first several laps. Northern California's Luke Becker, who started on the 30 yard line, sliced through the field using the inside and the outside and was in second as they started the final lap. Gayle led through turns one and two but Becker got to his rear tire down the back straight. Gayle went wide in the final corner and Becker stormed underneath him to steal the victory at the finish line. The people in the stands and in the pit area were very impressed and loudly applauded the young man's impressive charge through the field. Gayle had to accept a narrow second, Hayley Perrault was third, Dillon Ruml finished fourth, National Champion Broc Nicol was fifth, and Dalton Leedy was sixth.

Sebastian "Big Daddy" Palmese made the best start and ran away with the Mini 150 Main Event for the second week in a row. Courtney Crone finished second, Michael Wells was third, and Dryden LeoGrande finished fourth.

Jonas LeoGrande led the Pee Wee Main Event for three laps before Charlie Larsen passed him and went on to the victory. Jonas LeoGrande held on to second, Luke Whitcomb finished third, Nick Dunn was fourth, Jake Troutt finished fifth, and Jason Palmese was sixth.

The next event at Pirate Speedway is the annual Speedway Rider Remembrance Night. The program will have all divisions of speedway and the sidecars.


Pee Wee Main Event
2 - Charlie Larsen 20
185 - Jonas LeoGrande 0
27 - Luke Whitcomb 40
76 - Nick Dunn 0
326 - Jake Troutt 0
795 - Jason Palmese 0

Mini 150cc Main Event
18 - Sebastian Palmese
4 - Courtney Crone
214 - Michael Wells
185 - Dryden LeoGrande (fell)

Junior 250cc Main Event
12n - Luke Becker 30
73 - Dryden Gayle 0
0 - Hayley Perrault 20
111 - Dillon Ruml 20
1 - Broc Nicol 30
222 - Dalton Leedy 10

Support Main Event (awarded)
164 - Dillon Osborne 10
208 - Geoff Herkner 40
349 - Dan Eddy 0
101 - Mike Wiley 20
211 - Steve Brown 10
310 - Tom Summers 0(fell)

First Division Scoring 123T
2 – Josh Larsen 3339
6 – Shawn McConnell 2327
23 – Steve Russell 1023
27 – Austin Novratil 0224
28 – Joey Holt 0000
39 – Buck Blair 3216
46 – Aaron Fox 3339
48 – Tyson Talkington 1113
86 – Neil Facchini 2204
177 – Steve Bowen F000
308 – Max Ruml 113 5
321 – Russell Green 2 1 1 4

Race Results
1: Blair, Facchini, Ruml, Novratil
2: Fox, McConnell, Russell, Holt
3: Larsen, Green, Talkington, Bowen
8: (restarted) Fox, Blair, Talkington, Holt (penalty line)
9: Larsen, Novratil, Ruml, Russell
10: McConnell, Facchini, Green, Bowen
16: Ruml, McConnell, Talkington, Bowen
17: Fox, Russell, Green, Facchini
18: Larsen, Novratil, Blair, Holt
Semi #1: Fox, Green, Ruml, Blair
Semi #2: Larsen, McConnell, Novratil, Facchini

First Division Last Chance
39 - Buck Blair
308 - Max Ruml
27 - Austin Novratil
86 - Neil Facchini

First Division Main Event
46 - Aaron Fox
6 - Shawn McConnell
2 - Josh Larsen
321 - Russell Green
39 - Buck Blair (tape exclusion)

Ryan Evans

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