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2013 Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
Arrowhead Ave
San Bernardino, California 92408

Ken Maely Night / Harley Night
May 10, 2013 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
By: Ryan Evans Photos by Paul Flanders and Dorcey Wingo

Facebook Photos from Howie - RAZ Video

Below Photos by Paul Flanders
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Christina and Billy Hamill celebrate Billy's main event win. Dillon Osborne takes home the support class trophy. Dalton Leedy was charging the whole night and took the winning the 250cc Junior main.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Michael Wells and proud mom Judy celebrate his 150cc main win. Jonas LeoGrande captured the first division Pee Wee class main. Dalton Leedy's fans were a happy group.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Making the trek from Bakersfield were the Sauer's, Brogen was competing in the minis, while father Brad was in first division, and Braden was pit man while waiting for repairs to be completed on his 250. Ken Leedy took over the starter / flagger duties while Tom Fox was off on vacation in Hawaii. Young guns Austin Novratil and Max Ruml are the future stars of first division.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Dryden Gayle has been the pleasant surprise of the year sofar in the 250cc junior class. Kylee Lucero was the lovely wench for the evening. Always helpful and smiling Jackie DuBois.
Below Photos by Dorcey Wingo
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
A perfect afternoon for Speedway in San Bernardino! Pee Wee action: #326 Jake Troutt (left) tries to evade #2 Charlie Larsen. Pee Wee action: #76 Nick Dunn (left) battles #185 Jonas LeoGrande.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
250cc Class: #222 Dalton Leedy in the lead. Leedy passes the checkered flag back to his Uncle Ken Leedy. #164 Dillon Osborne took the Support Division win.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Mini 150cc Main Event:  #214 Michael Wells vs #185 Dryden LeoGrande. Lookin' good, Michael! #111 Dillon Ruml goes after Dalton.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
1st Division Last Chance: Holt; Russell; Faria; Fox #46 Aaron Fox turned it on when he needed a win. Ken Maely / Harley Night: Former Hot Shoe Dave Galvin gives Super Fan Cayla Weaver a spin around the Pirate oval.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
1st Division action: #39 Buck Blair leaps from the pole. 23 Steve Russell (left) and #46 Aaron Fox on the fly. #2 Josh Larsen makes #23 Steve Russell earn it.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
1st Division Scratch Main: Larsen; Hamill; Ruml; Fox; Burmeister. Bet against Billy and you lose! The end of a high speed Victory Pass!

2013 Ken Maely Cup - May 10 - San Bernardino, CA, USA

National Champion Billy "The Bullet" Hamill added another piece of hardware to his prolific trophy case by capturing the Ken Maely Cup at Pirate Speedway in San Bernardino.

Billy Hamill entered the main event undefeated in his previous four races along with former World Finalist Josh Larsen, who was also unbeaten, Tyson Burmeister, Max Ruml, and Aaron Fox.

Billy Hamill was first off the line when the tapes went up and entered turn one in the lead. Burmeister, who won the previous week, led the pack trying to chase down the former world champion. Hamill led comfortably after the first lap and any thoughts that Burmeister had of consecutive main-event victories began fading fast. Hamill didn't turn a wheel wrong and led to the checkered flag. Burmeister finished second, Fox was third, Max Ruml finished fourth, and Larsen was fifth.

The evening began with Fox making the best start in race one before going wide and handing the lead to "Battling" Buck Blair. Blair's hold on the lead only lasted to the end of the lap before Steve Russell went underneath him for the lead and the win. Billy Hamill began his evening with a win over Joey Holt. Larsen held off former Under 21 National Champion Austin Novratil to win event three. Burmeister finished the first round by defeating Max Ruml.

The second round started with Novratil and Max Ruml giving the fans a glimpse into the future with an outstanding four-lap battle with Novratil gaining the victory. Billy Hamill defeated Blair in the next heat for his second straight win. Fox beat Faria in event 12 for his first win. Larsen ended round two with his second straight win.

Ruml opened the round three by defeating Faria. Holt scored a very impressive win after using the outside to take the lead and keeping his competitors at bay. Larsen beat Russell and Fox to remain perfect. Billy Hamill matched Larsen's unblemished run by winning the final heat over Burmeister.

Billy Hamill and Burmeister finished one-two in the first semi and transferred to the main. Larsen won the second semi with Ruml following him into the main event.

Fox trapped from gate four and won the Last Chance race with Holt getting second, Russell finishing third, and Faria being credited with fourth.

Tom Summers led the Support Main Event for two laps before Dillon Osborne assumed the lead as they entered turn one the third time. Osborne never looked back from there and scored his second victory in three weeks. Mike Fuson was second, Summers finished third, Steve "Beach Ball" Brown was fourth, Phill Santolucito was fifth, and Ron Davis finished sixth.

Dryden Gayle led the Junior 250 Main Event into the first corner but Dalton Leedy went by him for the lead as they started down the back straight. Dillon Ruml worked his way up to second and put pressure on Leedy. Dillon Ruml stalked him for several laps but Leedy never faltered and was first to the finish line. Dillon Ruml had to settle for second, Gayle was third, Hayley Perrault finished fourth, and Kurtis Hamill was fifth.

Michael Wells led the Mini 150 Main Event from start to finish and claimed victory ahead of Dryden LeoGrande.

Jonas LeoGrande out dueled Charlie Larsen to win the Pee Wee First Division Main Event.

Nick Dunn defeated Jake Troutt and Brogen Sauer and was victorious in the Pee Wee Second Division Main Event.

The Ken Maely Cup honors the legendary icon of American motorcycle racing who was famous for making the steel shoes for speedway racers and flat track racers for decades. Maely also had a practice track at his ranch in Corona, California on which many racers spun laps to hone their skills.


Pee Wee Second Division Main Event
76 - Nick Dunn
326 - Jake Troutt
11 - Brogen Sauer

Pee Wee First Division Main Event
185 - Jonas LeoGrande
2 - Charlie Larsen

Mini 150cc First Division Main Event
214 - Michael Wells
185 - Dryden LeoGrande

Junior 250cc Main Event
222 - Dalton Leedy 10
111 - Dillon Ruml 20
73 - Dryden Gayle 0
0 - Hayley Perrault 20
104 - Kurtis Hamill 10

Support Division Main Event
164 - Dillon Osborne 20
245 - Mike Fuson 30
310 - Tom Summers 0
211 - Steve Brown 10
200 - Phill Santolucito 10
163 - Ron Davis 30

First Division Heat Scoring123T
2 – Josh Larsen 3339
9 – Mike Faria 1225
21 – Brad Sauer 1102
23 – Steve Russell 3025
26 – Tyson Burmeister 3227
27 – Austin Novratil 23F5
28 – Joey Holt 2136
37 – Joe Donaldson 0112
39 – Buck Blair 0224
46 – Aaron Fox 2316
48 – Tyson Talkington 1113
104 – Billy Hamill 3339
177 – Steve Bowen 1012
308 – Max Ruml 2237

Race Results
1: Russell, Fox, Talkington, Blair
2: Hamill, Holt, Faria
3: Larsen, Novratil, Sauer, Donaldson (fell, remounted)
4: Burmeister, Ruml, Bowen
10: Novratil, Ruml, Talkington
11: Hamill, Blair, Donaldson
12: Fox, Faria, Sauer, Bowen
13: Larsen, Burmeister, Holt, Russell
19: Ruml, Faria, Donaldson
20: Holt, Blair, Bowen, Novratil (fell)
21: (restarted) Larsen, Russell, Fox (penalty line)
22: Hamill, Burmeister, Talkington, Sauer
Semi #1: Hamill, Burmeister, Russell, Fox
Semi #2: Larsen, Ruml, Holt, Faria

First Division Last Chance
46 - Aaron Fox
28 - Joey Holt
23 - Steve Russell
9 - Mike Faria (retired)

Ken Maely Cup Main Event
104 - Billy Hamill
26 - Tyson Burmeister
46 - Aaron Fox
308 - Max Ruml
2 - Josh Larsen (retired)

Past Ken Maely Cup Champions
2010 – Tyson Burmeister
2011 – Josh Larsen
2012 – Charlie Venegas

Ryan Evans

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