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2013 Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
Arrowhead Ave
San Bernardino, California 92408

Speedway and Sidecars
August 16, 2013 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
By: Ryan Evans - Photos by Dorcey Wingo

2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Venus Blair and Chloe. Former National Champ Bobby Schwartz. Pee Wee Main Event - 2 other riders are out of view.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Tanner Richey, coming in 2nd. Luke Whitcomb wins another Pee Wee Main. Support Division Main, 1st start- with 3 other riders out of range.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
#116 Chris Jones (inside) gets the best of #211 Steve Brown. Chris Jones wins the Support Main. 1st Division Last Chance.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
1st Division Action: Kyle Hicks (inside) battles Schwartz and Buck Blair. Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz, wins the Last Chance. Tyson Talkington, made it to the Main on points.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Sidecar Main Event. #1 Joe Jones and Johnny Glover fighting for 2nd. #2 Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett for the win.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Scratch Main, restart. #14 Fast Eddie CastroSnake Eyes! #23 Steve Russell finishes 2nd, ahead of 3rd place Blair.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Fast Eddie wins the Main. Mini TT Main Event. Steve Lucero [left] fends off one or two riders with ease...
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Buck Blair with Steve Lucero and Tyson Talkington close behind... Whether on a Jawa or a TT bike, Buck Blair looks for challengers. Thanks, Buck - Venus will love you even more!

Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino, CA, USA - August 16

"Fast" Eddie Castro was a flawless five wins out of five races and captured the main event on another great night of racing at Pirate Speedway.

Steve Russell led the field through turns one and two but Castro, who started in gate five, built up speed on the deep outside cushion and blasted around the boards to take the lead on the back straight. The diminutive rider maintained his wide line throughout the race and Russell was unable to make up ground on him. Castro was first to the checkered flag, Russell had to settle for second, "Battling" Buck Blair was third, Tyson Talkington finished fourth, and Bobby "Boogaloo" Schwartz was fifth.

Talkington scored an impressive victory over Russell in the first scratch heat. Castro was an easy victor over Russell Green in the second heat. Blair ended round one with a win over Schwartz.

Castro started round two by beating Russell for his second win. Blair made it two straight victories with a defeat of Talkington. Schwartz finished the second round by defeating Green.

Talkington began the final round with a win ahead of Green. Castro won the next heat to remain perfect. Russell held off Blair to complete all of the heats with his second win.

Blair cruised to victory in the first semi with Talkington getting second. Castro and Russell finished one-two in the second semi to transfer to the main event.

Schwartz was victorious in the Last Chance and booked the final spot in the main-event field.

The Support Main Event required three starts but Chris Jones was unfazed by it and carved through traffic to win again. Steve "Beach Ball" Brown was second, Kevin "Rip"Fife finished third, Tim McGrath was fourth, and Mike Fuson finished fifth.

Luke Whitcomb charged through the field from the back and collected the Pee Wee Main Event victory. Tanner Richey was second, Jacob Loverock finished third, Jake Troutt was fourth, and Nick Dunn finished fifth.

Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett took home the victory in the Sidecar Main Event. National Champions Joe Jones and Johnny Glover were second, Casey Driggers and Riley Driggers finished third, and Dual Anderson and Ethan Smith were fourth.

Blair defeated a large field of riders to win the Mini TT Main Event. Former National Speedway Champion Steve Lucero finished second, Talkington was third, and Bobby Tocco finished fourth.


Mini TT Main Event
39 - Buck Blair
18 - Steve Lucero
48 - Tyson Talkington
47 - Bobby Tocco

Sidecar Main Event (restarted)
2 - Bryan Motis/Josh Bennett
1 - Joe Jones/Johnny Glover
13 - Casey Driggers/Riley Driggers
007 - Dual Anderson/Ethan Smith

Pee Wee Main Event
27 - Luke Whitcomb
13 - Tanner Richey
25 - Jacob Loverock
326 - Jake Troutt
76 - Nick Dunn

Support Main Event (restarted twice)
116 - Chris Jones 50
211 - Steve Brown 10
311 - Kevin Fife 10
186 - Tim McGrath 10
245 - Mike Fuson 50 (fell)
163 - Ron Davis 30 (non-starter, restart)

Scratch Main Event (restarted)
14 - Eddie Castro
23 - Steve Russell
39 - Buck Blair
48 - Tyson Talkington
11 - Bobby Schwartz (retired)

Ryan Evans

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