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2013 Pirate Speedway

Pirate Speedway
National Orange Show
Arrowhead Ave
San Bernardino, California 92408

Pirate Day
September 20, 2013 - Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino
Results By: Ryan Evans | Photos by Paul Flanders and Dorcey Wingo

  Paul Flanders Photos  
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Gino Manzares wins the main from the pole position. Gino Manzares heads to the upcoming championship races with a main event win. Davey Shaw takes home the Support class trophy.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Dillon Ruml captures the 250cc Junior class win. Jake Troutt and Jonas LeoGrande take wins in the Pee Wee classes. Tommy Hedden headed down a couple days early for the AMA championship round at Victorville and took second in the main.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Jason Ramirez took the hard was to get into the main, through the last chance race, and finished third in the main. 'Twas Dress Like a Pirate night. A lovely wench.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
A mini pirate. Cayla Weaver won an award for her great costume. Another lovely wench.
  Dorcey Wingo Photos  
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Pee Wees, 2nd Division - Jake Troutt for the win. Pee Wees, 1st Division - Tanner Richey (left) Jacob Loverock and Jonas LeoGrande (right) take three different lines. #185 Jonas LeoGrande, for the win.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
150cc Special category: Luke Whitcomb out races his father, Wade. 250cc Main Event. #1 Dillon Ruml, headed for the win.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Support Main Event - [coff coff coff!] Dave Troutt (left) and Jeremy Dunn. #145 Davey Shaw (inside) headed for the win.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
Shawn McConnell (left) and Eddie Castro. Eddie Castro (inside) and Steve Russell. 1st Division Last Chance ride.
2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway 2013 Pirate Speedway
#66 Jason Ramirez, wins the Last Chance. Scratch Main Event - Restart, sans McConnell End of 1st lap, Gino Manzares (inside) and Tommy Hedden.
2013 Pirate Speedway \ 2013 Pirate Speedway
#40n Tommy Hedden in his best finish (2nd) at Pirate Speedway.   #24 Gino Manzares, winning in style!

Pirate Speedway - San Bernardino, CA, USA - September 20

Gino Manzares finished his perfect evening by winning the main event on an evening full of excellent racing on a well-prepared track at Pirate Speedway in San Bernardino.

Manzares and Shawn "Mad Dog" McConnell left the starting line simultaneously and were seemingly glued together through turns one and two. They continued down the back straight and into turn three in lockstep mid-track with Manzares on the inside and McConnell on the outside. They finished lap one and entered turn one again side-by-side with Manzares pushing up to the dirt line again and forcing McConnell, and his 22" rear tire, deeper into the cushion. McConnell went down and the red flag came out. The referee ruled that McConnell went down on his own and he was excluded from the restart.

The second time the tapes went up it was Northern California's Tommy Hedden handlebar-to-handlebar with Manzares through turns one and two. The two combatants remained in tight formation through turn three and four as well as through the end of the first lap. Manzares gained some ground upon entering turn one and slid up to the dirt line and in front of Hedden in turn two and secured the lead on the back straight. Hedden, making his first appearance at Pirate Speedway this season, tried to close ground but was unable couldn't reel in the leader. The former Under 21 National Champion maintained a comfortable lead through the final two laps and won his first Scratch Main Event of the season. Hedden settled for second, former Junior National Champion Jason Ramirez was third, and "Battling" Buck Blair finished fourth.

Ramirez opened the evening by scoring his first victory of the night. Tyson Talkington defeated "Fast" Eddie Castro in the second heat. Manzares had a brief tussle with Blair before the latter fell then cruised to his first win. McConnell finished the first round with a win over Hedden.

The second round began with Tim Gomez in front before Ramirez swept around the boards for the lead and pulled away for his second straight win. Castro beat Russell in event 10. Blair kept McConnell at bay to recover from his first-round fall with a win. Manzares trapped from the outside and ended round two with a defeat of Hedden.

Manzares and Gomez opened round three with a great fight for the lead before Gomez fell and left and left Manzares with an easy win to remain perfect. Blair defeated Ramirez for his second straight win. McConnell went around the outside of Castro at the end of the first lap and remained in front for his second win. Hedden trapped from the outside and cruised to victory over Russell in the final heat.

Blair and McConnell had a great four-lap outside battle with Blair holding on for a narrow victory in the first semi. Both riders would move on to the main event. Hedden led the second semi and was on his preferred outside line in turn four but went straight and opened the door for Manzares to storm through for the lead. Manzares went on to victory and Hedden recovered to get second and join him in the main.

Ramirez romped to victory in the Last Chance to fill the final spot in the main-event field. Castro finished second, Russell was third, and Talkington finished fourth.

Dave Troutt led the Support Main Event at the start and tried to put distance between himself and his competitors. Davey Shaw, who started on the 30 yard line, sliced through traffic and set after Troutt. Shaw caught the leader as they entered turn three the third time and slipped past him on the front straight. Shaw was steady the final two laps and was first to the checkered flag. Chris Jones made a last-lap pass for second, Trout finished third, Tim McGrath was fourth, Pam "Pinky" Bennett finished fifth, and Steve "Beach Ball" Brown was sixth.

Newly-crowned Junior National Champion Dillon Ruml made a great start and led all four laps en route to victory in the Junior 250 Main Event. Hayley Perrault finished second, Dalton Leedy was third, Gage Geist finished fourth, and Dryden Gayle was fifth.

Jacob Loverock led the Pee Wee First Division Main Event for two laps before Jonas LeoGrande went by for the lead. LeoGrande led the rest of the way for the victory. Tanner Richey finished second, Loverock was third, and Gilbert Everhart finished fourth.

Jake Trout defeated Nick Dunn in the Pee Wee Second Division Main Event.

Former National Speedway Champion Steve Lucero completed his referee duties for the evening then went out on the track and won the Mini TT Main Event. Talkington finished second and Bob Tocco was third.


Mini TT Main Event
18 – Steve Lucero
48 – Tyson Talkington
47 – Bob Tocco

Pee Wee Second Division Main Event
326 - Jake Troutt
76 - Nick Dunn

Pee Wee First Division Main Event
185 - Jonas LeoGrande
13 - Tanner Richey
25 - Jacob Loverock
303 - Gilbert Everhart

Mini 150cc Main Event
27 - Luke Whitcomb

Junior 250cc Main Event
1 - Dillon Ruml
0 - Hayley Perrault
222 - Dalton Leedy
10 - Gage Geist
73 - Dryden Gayle (fell, remounted)

Support Last Chance
211 – Steve Brown 10
116 – Chris Jones 50
376 – Jeremy Dunn 0
311 – Kevin Fife 10
124 – Paul Thornton 0
227 – Luke Whitcomb 0

Support Main Event
145 - Davey Shaw 30
116 - Chris Jones 50
210 - Dave Troutt 0
186 - Tim McGrath 10
351 - Pam Bennett 0
211 - Steve Brown 10 (fell)

First Division Heat Scoring 1 2 3 T
6 – Shawn McConnell 3 2 3 8
11 – Bobby Schwartz R 0 0 0
14 – Eddie Castro 2 3 2 7
23 – Steve Russell 2 2 2 6
24 – Gino Manzares 3 3 3 9
30 – Tim Gomez 1 2 0 3
37 – Joe Donaldson 0 1 0 1
39 – Buck Blair 0 3 3 6
40n – Tommy Hedden 2 2 3 7
48 – Tyson Talkington 3 1 2 6
66 – Jason Ramirez 3 3 2 8
114 – Troy McConnell 0 1 1 2
185 – Kayle LeoGrande 1 0 R 1
208 – Geoff Herkner 2 F 1 3
215n – Kevin Chapman 1 1 1 3
245 – Mike Fuson 1 0 1 2

Heat Results
1: Ramirez, Herkner, LeoGrande (fell, remounted), Schwartz (retired)
2: Talkington, Castro, Fuson, T. McConnell
3: Manzares, Russell, Chapman, Blair (fell, remounted)
4: S. McConnell, Hedden, Gomez, Donaldson
9: Ramirez, Gomez, Chapman, Fuson
10: Castro, Russell, Donaldson, Herkner (fell)
11: Blair, S. McConnell, Talkington, LeoGrande (fell, remounted)
12: (restarted) Manzares, Hedden, T. McConnell (penalty line), Schwartz
17: Manzares, Talkington, Herkner, Gomez (fell, remounted)
18: Blair, Ramirez, T. McConnell, Donaldson
19: S. McConnell, Castro, Chapman, Schwartz
20: Hedden, Russell, Fuson, LeoGrande (retired)
Semi #1: Blair, S. McConnell, Ramirez, Russell
Semi #2: Manzares, Hedden, Talkington, Castro (tape penalty)

First Division Last Chance
66 - Jason Ramirez
14 - Eddie Castro
23 - Steve Russell
48 - Tyson Talkington

First Division Main Event (restarted)
24 - Gino Manzares
40n - Tommy Hedden
66 - Jason Ramirez
39 - Buck Blair
6 - Shawn McConnell (fell, excluded)

Ryan Evans

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