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2014 Big Time Speedway

Big Time Speedway


Big Time Speedway
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

Golden State Speedway Series
Round 5: Prairie City Dirt Track - October 4, 2014
Semi Official Results and Photos By: RC Jones

YouTube Video By Anthony Bernardi

Great racing to end the season at Big Time Speedway! Good to see old friends and thanks to Steve and Steve for the hospitality.

Division 1
1. Billy Janniro
2. Daniel Faria
3. Bryce Starks
4. Chris Kerr
5. Dave Fonts
6. J.T. Mabry
7. Greg Hooten
8. Kyle Marsalla
9. Jamison Dilkey
10. Nick Dion
11. Devin DeFreece

Division 2
1. Nick Dion
2. Lawrence McNutt
3. Eddie Marsalla
4. Mike Achilles
5. Louie Mersaroli
6. David Mersaroli
7. Rich Shafer

Division 3
1. Will McCloskey
2. Timothy Dion
3. Kelly McVone

250cc Youth
1. Luke Becker
2. Blake Borello
3. Chase Guerrero

150cc Youth
1. Dylan Wagner
2. Cameron Krezman
3. Landon Collins
4. Anthony Dion
5. Gregory Moore
6. Charlie Trana
7. Logan Hedden

Pee Wee Division 1
1. Sammy Waddill
2. Colton Nelson
3. Timmy Dion
4. Enzo Sorani

Pee Wee Division 2
1. Luke Hedden
2. Zerek Krezman
3. Cookie Pacheco
4. Nathan Clarke
5. Owen Motver

2014 Big Time Speedway Daniel Faria tries to get the gate from the pole.
2014 Big Time Speedway Always fun to see Chris Kerr ride.
2014 Big Time Speedway Rising star Luke Becker looks for a push off.
2014 Big Time Speedway

Chase Guerrero gets ready for his ride.

2014 Big Time Speedway Gotta love the Pee Wee's!
2014 Big Time Speedway Birthday Girl Susie Snell (mom of Jessica Snell) receiving a special Birthday Presentation by the Steve's at Big Time ( Steve Steves and Steve Elstins) pictured with Tori Hubbert. The Snell Family are huge supporters of Speedway, traveling from Reno to all events.
2014 Big Time Speedway You can see everything from the stands.
2014 Big Time Speedway Scorekeepers, lots of scoring to complete...
2014 Big Time Speedway

Always time to stop by Sacramento City College and pay homage.

Note: The statue has been there for about 15 years ~1999.
Back in the mid to late 1950's speedway was run on the quarter mile track. Unfortunately some slimes stole the plaque that goes with it.

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