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2014 Industry Speedway Racing


Industry Racing
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

AMA Speedway National Championship Series Round 3
August 9, 2014 - Industry Racing
Report from Industry Racing, race report photos from Craig Hashey of Speed Trap Photography.
Special Thanks to Ryan Evans. Photos by Dorcey Wingo

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  Dorcey Wingo Photos  
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Max Ruml, Tommy Hedden, Tyson Burmeister. Shawn McConnell, Jason Ramirez, Russell Green. Bart Bast and Russell Green.
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Event 9. Hedden, Janniro, Bast, and Blair. Schwartz, Scopellite, Bast and Castro.
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
#27n Chris Kerr and #39 Buck Blair. Max Ruml (r) leads Billy Janniro around turn 3. #43 Charlie Venegas leads the boys around turn one.
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Rocco Scopellite got in some valuable track time.

Main Event: Janniro, Venegas, Bast, and Ruml.

Billy Janniro, bringing home the bacon in Round 3.
2014 Industry Speedway Racing

Billy salutes the crowd while crossing the finish line.


Industry Racing Enjoys Memorable Weekend with AMA National Championship and Second Annual Silver Cup

2014 Industry Speedway Racing

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (August 14, 2014) – In what was arguably the biggest weekend of the 2014 Industry Racing season, The Grand Arena played host to two marquee events last Saturday and Sunday. The third round of the AMA Speedway National Championship served as a showcase of the best professional talent in America and was accompanied the second annual AMA/FIM Junior Speedway Silver Cup Championship, which provided a glimpse into the bright future of the sport in this country.

When all was said and done, Billy "The Kid" Janniro took the checkered flag on Saturday night to extend his points lead in the National Championship standings, while a trio of budding speedway stars earned the most coveted wins of their young careers on Sunday afternoon at the Silver Cup.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Janniro (1) was on point all night.

AMA National
The weekend festivities began with the penultimate round of the 4-race AMA Speedway National Championship, as a strong crowd welcomed the top 16 riders in America to The Grand Arena. The GP format produced incredible racing all night long, but it was clear that the path to victory would go directly through Janniro.

The four time and defending AMA National Champion took one step closer to a fifth title with as close to a perfect night as he could ask for. Janniro won every one of his Heats, as well as the Semi, before dominating the Main Event to compile a maximum point tally for the evening with 21 points.

Perhaps the most impressive moment of the night for Janniro came in Heat 16, when he showcased his willingness to push the limit for a shot at victory. As the tapes rose, both Max Ruml and Charlie Venegas got the jump on Janniro and came onto the backstretch side-by-side battling for the lead. Undeterred, Janniro chose to split the duo and go three wide, carrying more speed into the corner and gaining enough traction to assume control of the race. It ultimately offered a sneak peek of what the fans would see later in the Main Event.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Venegas was in the thick of the hunt all night.

The final four riders who punched their ticket to the Main Event were Janniro, Venegas, Ruml and Bart Bast. While Janniro's journey to the final race was a convincing one, Venegas was no slouch either, collecting 16 points along the way versus Janniro's 18 points. Bast wasn't much further behind in earning 15 points, while Ruml had the toughest path to the Main Event, overcoming zero points in his first Heat to earn 12 and solidify his spot in the culminating race of the evening.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Ruml showcased his resiliency.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Bast rounded out the top four.

Janniro took advantage of his pole position in gate selection to take control of the Main Event immediately, and relied on his patented outside line at Industry Racing to run a torrid pace that allowed him to maintain a multiple bike length advantage over the field en route to a wire-to-wire win. Venegas rode his way to a solid runner-up effort while Ruml and Bast rounded out the final four.

AMA National Main Event – Round 3
1. #1 Billy Janniro (21 points)
2. #43 Charlie Venegas (18 points)
3. #308 Max Ruml (13 points)
4. #87 Bart Bast (15 points)

Janniro's perfect score vaulted him to an even 60 points in the AMA Speedway National Championship standings, extending his margin over Ruml to 16 points with one round remaining. The young rising star is now the only rider mathematically eligible to surpass Janniro for the 2014 national title.

AMA Speedway National Championship Standings (After 3 of 4 Rounds)
1. #1 Billy Janniro – 60 points
2. #308 Max Ruml – 44 points
3. #87 Bart Bast – 35 points
4. #43 Charlie Venegas – 33 points
5. #39 Buck Blair – 32 points

The fourth and final round of the AMA Speedway National Championship will commence on Saturday, September 19, from Auburn, California.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Janniro celebrated his perfect night.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
#40 Tommy Hedden leads Jason Ramirez.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing

The 2014 Industry Racing season continues Wednesday, August 20, for the second-to-last night of action this summer. The facility will present the "Fox & Hound Hunt," in which "foxes" (women) will receive FREE admission, while "Hounds" (men) will be given a $1 off all adult beverages. For more details check out the Industry Racing Facebook page.

Connect with Industry Racing through its Social Media Channels
Twitter: @IndustryRacing
Facebook: Facebook.com/IndustryRacing
Instagram: @IndustryRacing

About Industry Racing
Industry Racing is based on the grounds of the Industry Hills Expo Center in the City of Industry, California. Races are hosted inside the property's Grand Arena, making Industry Racing the only speedway racing facility covered by a roof. Speedway events at Industry Racing are hosted every Wednesday throughout the summer with racing scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.

Industry Racing has risen to prominence in recent years thanks to the introduction of the Monster Energy World Speedway Invitational and internationally sanctioned AMA/FIM Youth Silver Cup. As of 2014, Industry Racing serves as the only track in Southern California fully sanctioned by the AMA.

Quick Results from AMA National Series Round 3.

Semi 1
1 - Billy Janniro
5 - Max Ruml
39 - Buck Blair (fell, remounted)
100 - Broc Nicol (engine failure)

Semi 2 (restarted)
43 - Charlie Venegas
87 - Bart Bast
40 - Tommy Hedden
66 - Jason Ramirez (fell, excluded)

1 - Billy Janniro
43 - Charlie Venegas
5 - Max Ruml
87 - Bart Bast

1 - Billy Janniro 21
43 - Charlie Venegas 18
87 - Bart Bast 15
5 - Max Ruml 13
40 - Tommy Hedden 11
39 - Buck Blair 10

Series Points
1 - Billy Janniro 60
5 - Max Ruml 44
87 - Bart Bast 35
43 - Charlie Venegas 33
39 - Buck Blair 32
40 - Tommy Hedden 24
100 - Broc Nicol 24
14 - Eddie Castro 22

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