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2014 Industry Speedway Racing


Industry Racing
The Grand Industry Hills Expo Center
City of Industry, California

AMA/FIM Youth Silver Cup Championship
August 10, 2014 - Industry Racing
Report from Industry Racing, race report photos from Craig Hashey of Speed Trap Photography.
Special Thanks to Ryan Evans. Photos by RC Jones

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2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Adam Herkner looks good. Dillon Ruml leads the way. Kurtis Hamill and Chase Guerrero
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
250 Action. Greg Moore on outside, Andrew Russell Sterling Martin leads Sara Cords
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Jake Isaac runs in the clear. Gage Geist leads Sammy Ramirez Ryder Tovatt holding off Dakota Shockley
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Sara Cords (L) and Courtney Crone Keelan Venegas wins Mini 150 Second Division. Dillon Ruml struts his stuff.
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Dillon Ruml takes the leap... Lots of Trophies Courtney Crone inspects our beaten down logo...
2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing 2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Mini 150 Second Division. Mini 150 First Division. Junior 250

Industry Racing Enjoys Memorable Weekend with AMA National Championship and Second Annual Silver Cup

2014 Industry Speedway Racing

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. (August 14, 2014) – In what was arguably the biggest weekend of the 2014 Industry Racing season, The Grand Arena played host to two marquee events last Saturday and Sunday. The third round of the AMA Speedway National Championship served as a showcase of the best professional talent in America and was accompanied the second annual AMA/FIM Junior Speedway Silver Cup Championship, which provided a glimpse into the bright future of the sport in this country.

A total of three classes of competition took to the track at the most prestigious junior speedway event in the U.S., with Dillon Ruml winning the 250cc Junior Speedway title, Sterling Martin emerging victorious in 150cc 1st Division Mini Speedway and Keelan Venegas earning the 150cc 2nd Division Mini Speedway crown.

Silver Cup
After a groundbreaking inaugural event one year ago, the AMA/FIM Junior Speedway Silver Cup Championship was highly anticipated in its second year. Despite having just one year under its belt, the Silver Cup has already established itself as the most prestigious junior speedway event in the U.S., thanks to a full day of competition showcasing just the best and brightest young riders in American Speedway.

With three classes scheduled to compete throughout Sunday afternoon, 29 total riders were ready to pick up where their professional counterparts left off on Saturday night. The 250cc Junior Speedway division was arguably the showcase group with a large contingent of riders ready to make their jump into the pro ranks next season. Competitors like Dillon Ruml, Gage Geist, Braydan Galvin, Kurtis Hamill and reigning Silver Cup Champion Luke Becker were considered favorites amongst a field of nine entries.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
The top dogs of the 250cc class.

The pair of 150cc Mini Speedway classes were also highly awaited thanks to the incredible competition that regularly takes place with these young riders. The 1st Division featured a special guest appearance from British contender Sam Hagon, of the Hagon Shocks empire, who made the trip stateside for the second straight year. Highlighting this group of 11 riders were Industry Racing stalwarts Tristan Britt, Jake Isaac and Slater Lightcap, along with the talented Martin brothers of Sterling and Alex, in addition to defending event champion Sebastian Palmese.

With the graduation of last year's winner Sterling Martin into the 1st Division, the 2nd Division field became a wide-open battle for the vacant title. A total of nine riders entered the competition, with budding rivals Keelan Venegas and Luke Whitcomb serving as two of the focal points.

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
The 150cc 1st Division elite.

The 250cc field was narrowed down to a final four of Ruml, Becker, Hamill and Galvin for the Main Event, and proved to be perhaps the wildest race of the entire weekend. A total of three different restarts were needed following multiple incidents involving both Becker and Galvin. Neither rider was able to find consistency for the final four laps and were ultimately excluded from the action as a result, pitting Ruml and Hamill in a head-to-head battle for the trophy. Ruml got the jump on Hamill in the final restart and went on to lead all four laps to take the title he desperately wanted a year ago.

250cc Junior Speedway Main Event
1. #1 Dillon Ruml
2. #104 Kurtis Hamill
3. #45 Braydan Galvin
4. #12 Luke Becker

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Ruml was strong in the 250cc Main Event.

The four riders battling for the championship in the 150cc 1st Division were all considered contenders for victory with Palmese, S. Martin, A. Martin and Lightcap filling the gates. Sterling Martin was first to the corner, with Lightcap second and Palmese in third. Martin was able to quickly establish a gap while Palmese struggled to get around Lightcap early on. Once Palmese made the move for second he was able to close to within a couple bike lengths of Martin out front, but ran out of laps. With his 2nd Division win the year prior, Martin became the first rider to post multiple victories at the Silver Cup and is the only junior competitor with two titles to his credit at the event.

150cc 1st Division Mini Speedway Main Event
1. #31 Sterling Martin
2. #1 Sebastian Palmese
3. #28 Slater Lightcap
4. #30 Alex Martin

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Sterling Martin is the now the winningest Silver Cup competitor.

The 2nd Division Main Event featured Venegas, Whitcomb, Cameron Krezman and Dakota Shockley in its final four. The edge went to Krezman early and he appeared to have the race in hand, only to suffer engine failure on the final lap. His misfortune proved to be Venegas' benefit, as the son of legendary pro Charlie Venegas took over the top spot with Whitcomb hot on his rear wheel. The two riders entered the final corner with Whitcomb looking to gain an edge on the inside. They crossed the line virtually side-by-side with Venegas holding on for the biggest win of his young career.

150cc 2nd Division Mini Speedway Main Event
1. #43 Keelan Venegas
2. #27 Luke Whitcomb
3. #419 Dakota Shockley
4. #26 Cameron Krezman

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
The 150cc 2nd Division came down to Venegas (near) and Whitcomb (far).

2014 Industry Speedway Racing
Sam Hagon put on a show.

The 2014 Industry Racing season continues Wednesday, August 20, for the second-to-last night of action this summer. The facility will present the "Fox & Hound Hunt," in which "foxes" (women) will receive FREE admission, while "Hounds" (men) will be given a $1 off all adult beverages. For more details check out the Industry Racing Facebook page.

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About Industry Racing
Industry Racing is based on the grounds of the Industry Hills Expo Center in the City of Industry, California. Races are hosted inside the property's Grand Arena, making Industry Racing the only speedway racing facility covered by a roof. Speedway events at Industry Racing are hosted every Wednesday throughout the summer with racing scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.

Industry Racing has risen to prominence in recent years thanks to the introduction of the Monster Energy World Speedway Invitational and internationally sanctioned AMA/FIM Youth Silver Cup. As of 2014, Industry Racing serves as the only track in Southern California fully sanctioned by the AMA.

Quick Results from the Youth Silver Cup at Industry Racing.

Ryan Evans


Mini 150 Second Division Final
43 - Keelan Venegas
27 - Luke Whitcomb
419 - Dakota Shockley
26 - Cameron Krezman (engine failure)

Mini 150 First Division Final
31 - Sterling Martin
1 - Sebastian Palmese
28 - Slater Lightcap
30 - Alex Martin

Junior 250 Final (restarted three times)
1 - Dillon Ruml
104 - Kurtis Hamill
45 - Braydan Galvin (fell, excluded)
12 - Luke Becker (fell, excluded)

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