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Champion Speedway
East River Drive
Owego, New York

Larry and Kathy McBride Memorial
Quick Results from Jason Bonsignore
Champion Speedway, Owego, NY - August 29, 2015

Mike Buman and Adam Mittl put on an incredible show in the scratch main Saturday night, swapping the lead several times with Buman coming out on top for win on Larry and Kathy McBride Memorial night! They have been the top two each week in the Scratch Main and have made it exciting! Mittl won his second Handicap Main in a row.

Congrats to Buman on a great ride, to Mark Bradley on winning the Division 2 Main also and to Gene Bonsignore for making the Scratch Main at 67 years old, pretty amazing! Matt Heinz put on a awesome show on his Trike!

Also, a big congrats to Adam Mittl, he set a new record at Champion Speedway this past Saturday. he won his 5th track Points Championship! This moved him past Hurricane Hank Bassett, Len McBride and Tommy Sephton, who all have four. Nice job Adam, that is some pretty hefty company!

Scratch Main
1. Mike Buman
2. Adam Mittl
3. Casey Donholt
4. Jeremy Parsons
5. Gene Bonsignore

Handicap Main
1. Adam Mittl - 50
2. Jeremy Parsons - 50
3. Dave Oakden - 40
4. Jeffrey Garlinghouse - 40
5. Casey Donholt - 50
6. Keith Hawkins - 40 fell

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