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Fast Fridays Speedway
Gold Country Fairgrounds
Auburn, California

AMA Speedway National Championship
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)
AUBURN, CALIFORNIA, September 18, 2015

YouTube Video - by Anthony Bernardi

Billy Janniro and Bart Bast capped the 2015 Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway season with a brilliant night of racing Friday night at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn. It was the fourth and final round of the 2015AMA USA National Speedway Championship series, and as most people predicted Billy Janniro came away with his sixth national speedway championship after another nearly perfect night of racing by the seasoned professional. Auburn’s Bart Bast turned in one of the best racing nights of his career winning the fourth round of the series and winning all but one race including the final in which he put together an outstanding effort beating national champion Janniro in a great race.

After three rounds of the AMA USA National Speedway Championship series coming into the final round Friday, Janniro had nearly enough points to close out the 2015 national speedway championship early in the evening. Janniro brought 57 points into the final round just nine points ahead of eighteen year old Max Ruml who carried 48 points into the final. Putting the hammer down from the first race on Janniro made it clear with his nearly flawless riding that by the end of the evening he would be a six time national speedway champion.

“The Kid” earned every point in the series and proved beyond a doubt that he is clearly the best rider in America. Time and time again Janniro has proved his skillful riding ability and uncanny ability to power his bike around riders on the outside bringing fans to their feet with his unbelievable gutsy moves. Throughout the series Janniro only dropped seven points in four rounds. Each rider scores three points for a first place finish, two points for second place and one point for third place event finish, and he dropped just two points Friday night.

Winning his sixth AMA USA National Speedway Championship puts Janniro in some legendary company. Mike Bast, of the Bast family of speedway champions holds seven national championship titles and three time world champion Greg Hancock holds the record with eight national championships. “I hope Greg does come back to race, it would be awesome if he did, Greg is a great guy and a great competitor,” Janniro said. At 35 years old and the way he continues to ride maturing every year, catching Hancock is definitely within Janniro’s capabilities. “I’m one step closer to Bast (Mike Bast), and I have to just get two more to catch (Greg) Hancock. We still have a couple more years of racing, I am still having fun and I’m not even thinking of quitting,” Janniro said. “We just have to get a little bit better for next year, you have to watch these young guys, they’re charging up there,” he said.

Also, having a just stunning night, Auburn’s Bart Bast left no doubt that at 48 years old he is nowhere near finishing his racing career. Coming into the fourth championship round with 31 points Bast did not have his sights on winning the national championship, but what he could do is win the fourth round, which he began working on with the first race. Bast was perfect scoring wins in his first four races only finishing second to Janniro in his fifth race. Finishing the heat races tied with Janniro at 17 points who also finished second in one race, both riders went into the semi-finals looking for a first or second place finish to transfer to the grand final.

In semi-final one Janniro faced Max Ruml, Bryan Yarrow and Tommy Hedden, dueling with Ruml but easily coming away with the victory and he and Ruml transferred. In semi-final two Bast faced Charlie Venegas, Luke Becker and Dillon Ruml. Bast again rode flawlessly winning the race and transferring with Dillon Ruml the younger brother of Max Ruml. In the grand final is was Janniro in lane one, Bast in lane two, Dillon Ruml in lane three and bother Max Ruml in the outside lane four. At the tapes, Max Ruml got a good gate and was pushing Janniro and Bast in a tight pack. As each lap slipped away Bast was able to work some magic and emerged ahead and Janniro as Max Ruml faded a bit. Bast riding a fantastic race pulled further away from Janniro and took the win. Janniro was second and Max Ruml third followed by his Dillon Ruml.

Bast won the final round of the championship series by just one point 20-19 over Janniro and picked up the biggest potion of the $12,200 purse that was split between the riders of the fourth round. “It was just good night all around, I knew I had my work cut out for me in the final with Billy (Janniro) on the inside,” Bast said. “I was making good starts, to bad now I didn’t have a better series, but I’ll take third,” Bast said. “I guess you could say, I won the battle and Billy (Janniro) won the war.”

Results for the AMA USA National Speedway Championship Round 4
1-Bart Bast 20
2-Billy Janniro 19
3-Dillon Ruml 11
4-Max Ruml 12
5-Tommy Hedden 10
6-Luke Becker 11
7-Bryan Yarrow 9
8-Charlie Venegas 12
9-Bob Hicks 8
10-Russell Green 7
11-Tyson Talkington 5
12-Gage Geist 4
13-Tyler Warren 3
14-Daniel Faria 3
15-David Mersaroli 2
16- Jamison Dilkey 1

Results for the 2015 AMA USA National Speedway Championship
1-Billy Janniro 76
2-Max Ruml 60
3-Bart Bast 51
4-Broc Nicol 40
5-Dillon Ruml 36
6-Aaron Fox 35
7-Luke Becker 34
8-Tommy Hedden 32
9-Charlie Venegas 32
10-Russell Green 20
11-Billy Hamill 18
12-Tyson Talkington 14
13-Bob Hicks 14
14-Gage Geist 10
15-Bryan Yarrow 9
16-Bryce Starks 8

Results Youth Program
Youth A 250cc - Colton Hicks
Youth B 250cc - Cameron Krezman
Youth A 150cc - Alex Martin
Youth B 150cc - Sammy Waddill

Run What U Brung - Jim Lewis

Photos By Michael Kirby

2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro holds his well earned number one plate after winning his sixth AMA USA National Speedway championship Friday night at Fast Fridays Motorcycle Speedway in Auburn.
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro at the start line of the first semi-final Friday night. Janniro won his sixth national championship finishing the four meeting series with 76 points.
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Bart Bast (front), scoring one of the best nights of his stellar career won the fourth round of the speedway national championship series and finished third in the 2015 AMA USA National Speedway championship. Pictured racing against Billy Janniro the only rider to beat Bast Friday night.
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro poses with the Fast Friday’s trophy girls on the winner’s podium after winning the national speedway championship.
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway 2015 AMA USA National Speedway champions on the Fast Fridays winner’s podium. Billy Janniro (center) was first, Max Ruml (right) was second and Bart Bast (left) was third.
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Fourth round podium - Winners of the fourth round of the AMA USA National Speedway championship series are Bart Bast first place (center) Billy Janniro second place (left) and Dillon Ruml third place (left) pose with the Fast Friday’s trophy girls.
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Billy Janniro (left) riding in a heat race with Luke Becker (right).
2015 Fast Fridays Speedway Auburn’s Bart Bast in a heat race. Racing a great night Bast won the fourth round of the national championship series and place third in the national championship.

Quick Results from Steve Evans

Tonight's Big Final
87 Bart Bast
1 Billy Janniro
111 Dillon Ruml
5 Max Ruml

- Top 4 qualify for 2016/2017 UK work permits as they wish
- Top 8 qualify for 2016 series
(Tie breaker rules not applied yet to tied positions)

Points are unofficial, (based off of an unofficial scorecard)

1. Billy Janniro 76
2. Max Ruml 60
3. Bart Bast 51
4. Broc Nicol 40
5. Dillon Ruml 36
6. Aaron Fox 35
7. Luke Becker 34
8. Charlie Venegas 32
9. Tommy Hedden 31
10. Buck Blair 21
11. Russell Green 20
12. Billy Hamill 18
13. Tyson Talkington 14
14. Bob Hicks 14
15. Gage Geist 10
16. Shawn McConnell 10
17. Bryan Yarrow 10
18. Jason Ramirez 8
19. Bryce Starks 8
20. Rocco Scopellite 7
21. Tyler Warren 5
22. Austin Novratil 4
23. Dan Faria 4
24. David Mersaroli 2

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