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2015 Big Time Speedway
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2015 Big Time Speedway

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Big Time Speedway
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

Speedway Spring Fling 2
Big Time Speedway, Prairie City Dirt Track - May 2, 2015
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Big Time Speedway has once again “Done it Right.” During the last two weeks they brought in additional transfer loads of decomposed granite to add to Prairie City dirt track. The weather was a bit warm for this time of the year but in spite of it being warm the track was consistent, racy and perfect for the evening’s racing. Steve Elstins and Steve Stasiefski are great friends and together they are a wonderful team in continuing to improve the Big Time Speedway events.

This week 18 classes including nearly 100 riders participating in, Pee Wee, youth, Vintage classes and more flat track classes as well as Division 1, 2 and three speedway classes and the Billy Janniro Challenge. The Billy Janniro track layout was another challenge to the riders as it is with every round. It included two jumps, lots of turns, up the hill and around the little scoring shed on the far side of the oval track. Billy Janniro was especially happy to be able to keep his one hundred dollar, finishing first in the Billy Janniro Challenge.

Janniro also tied for first along with Bryce Starks in the Division One contest this night. Only two points separate Janniro with 23 and Starks with 21 series points and Luke Becker follows them in points with 20. The third and final event bound to be a fierce competition in this series will determine the series winner.

Jay Heidt leads the points in the vintage heavy flat track class and also took the top spot on the podium this night. Heidt is new to flat racing this year and has improved his skills greatly since the first Big Time event, the annual Grass Track race in Placerville, CA. Wesley Nelson leads the 250cc flat track class with 17. Neal Johnes and Nathan Dart follow Nelson in the points chase.

Only two points separate the Division two series riders. William McCloskey won this night earning another four points giving him a total of 20 for the series, Shane Szuh follows in a very close second place with just one point less than McCloskey. Timothy Dion and Pauly Good are also separated by only one point in the series but neither of them was the winner tonight. Kurt Kornchuk was the victor tonight.

In the youth Speedway Division 2 class Gavin Coit topped the podium tonight adding to his points lead for a total of 22. In the Speedway Pee Wee contest Colton Nelson is the boy to beat. Nelson won his class this night and leads the class in points too. In the speedway 150 class Cameron Krezman leads “Speedway Charlie” Trana in the points chase.

The side cars offered up exciting entertainment this day switching position several times in each of the heat races. Competing side by side into the turns, one high and one low, Team Klyne ultimately won the day’s contest with a pass on the back straight that took them to the finish in the final round in front.

Big Time Speedway will take a break during the summer months and will return with another series at the end of the summer. The third and final round of the Spring Fling x3 Big Time Speedway series will take place at Prairie City this Saturday night, May 9th. For information about Big Time Speedway go to www.BigTimeSpeedway.com.

Checkered Flag Photos
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Division 1 Billy Janniro, Bryce Starks, Luke Becker, and Dan Faria. Bryce Starks and Billy Janniro finish tied for first
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Billy Janniro Division 1 heat Billy and 244 Billy Challenge
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
313 Pauly Good at speed 126 Rocco Scopellite Came up from SoCal to try Big Time
2015 Big Time Speedway
110 Gage Geist and Dan Faria


Speedway Pee Wee Division 1
1. Colton Nelson; 2. Mason Zebroff

Speedway Pee Wee Division 2
1. Gavin Coit; 2. Gavin Dryfka

Speedway Division 1
1. Billy Janniro; 1. Bryce Starks; 2. Luke Becker; 2. Rocco Scopellite; 3. Daniel Faria; 4. Tyler Warren; 5. Gage Geist; 6. Derek Denzin; 6. Nathan Siegel; 7. Michael Achilles; 8. PJ Byrne; 8. Nick Dion

Speedway Division 2
1. William McCloskey; 2. Shane Szuh

Speedway Division 3
1. Kurt Kornchuk; 2. Timothy Dion; 2. Pauly Good

Junior 150 Speedway
1. Cameron Krezman; 1. Enzo Sorani; 2. Landon Collins; 2. Gregory Moore; 3. Timothy Dion; 3. Charlie Trana; 4. Colton Nelson; 5. Sammy Waddill

Junior 250 Speedway
1. Kyle Cunningham; 2. Dylan Wagner; 3. Anthony Dion; 4. Richie Vandermeeden

Billy Janniro Challenge
1. Billy Janniro; 2. Brad Miller

1. Team Klyne; 2. Team Curry

Other Results
250 Flat track
1. Wesley Nelson, 2. Nathan Dart; 3. Neal Jones; 3. Michael Mannion, 4. Salvador Rocha
400+ Flat Track
1. Kevin Keeran; 2. Mathew Yapelli; 3. Perry Smith; 4. Mitch Gallagher; 5. Brad Miller; 5. Michael Mannion; 7. Joel Thomure; 8. Ray Holt Jr.; 9. Robert Curry
Flat Track Mini
1. Denise Berard; 2. Nathan Dart; 3. Pete Silva
Flat Track Youth
1. Enzo Sorani; 2. Cameron Krezman; 3. Dylan Wagner; 4. Sammy Waddill
Flat Track Vintage Heavy 500-600
1. Perry Smith; 1. Jay Heidt; 2. Tim Doda; 3. Mitch Gallaher; 4. Ray Holt Jr.
Flat Track Vintage Light 350 and lighter
1. Ted Jaime; 2. Steffen Nielsen

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