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2015 Big Time Speedway
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2015 Big Time Speedway

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Big Time Speedway
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

Speedway Spring Fling 3
Big Time Speedway, Prairie City Dirt Track - May 9, 2015
Results Karen - Checkered Flag Photos

YouTube Video - by Anthony Bernardi

After tons and tons of DG that was added to the Prairie City short track the Big Time Speedway team outdid themselves with this three race spring series. Steve Stasiefski and Steve Elstins put forth an outstanding effort not only preparing a top notch cushion race track but also providing the riders with a program that ran like clock work only pausing momentarily for a bit of track prep from time to time. Speedway riders came from northern and southern California to have a chance to ride the “new track” in northern California at the Prairie City OHV SVRA park. The Flat track riders were anxious to ride the newly groomed cushion too.

The rider’s gathered for the rider’s meeting, a happy bunch from youngsters that board their 50cc bikes to the older riders that ride vintage bikes, the speedway riders and many of their family members. All were there to enjoy another day of competition on the track. During the meeting the late summer/fall 10 race Big Time Speedway series was announced to a round of applause from the riders.

This night sixteen main events included some 75 entries all competing for points toward the final championship awards that would be awarded at the end of the night. Greg Hooten topped the Div 1 Pro Speedway this night with Luke Becker and Billy Janniro tied for second and Southern California’s Rocco Scopellite rounding out the podium in third. However, Billy Janniro took the Division 1 championship title with 3 points more than Luke Becker. In division 2 racing Lawrence McNutt took the win tonight sharing the podium with Shane Loessberg and Kurt Kornchuk in second and third respectively. “The Farmer” William McCloskey took the this championship title with his beautiful dog “Randy”. McNutt took the win again in Div 3 tonight followed by Kelly McBane and Pauly Good who tied for 2nd. Pauly Good earned the Championship Title in Div 3. “The Rabbi”, Enzo Sorani, led Cameron Krezman and Landon Collins in the 150 Jr. Speedway class taking the top spot on the podium. Gregory Moore finished 4th. Krezman also won this class championship. Blake Borello, a first time rider at Big Time Speedway won the Jr. 250 class beating Dylan Wagner and Kyle Cunningham who both rode all three series races. Wagner won the championship with a mere 2 points more than Cunningham.

The youngsters create the most excitement in the stands. The Pee Wee class winners tonight was Gavin Coit. He also won the class championship –Zerek Krezman tied with Coit tonight and Chyane Enos finished behind them. The division one Pee Wee championship winner also won the class this night, Colton “Monkey Butt” Nelson.

The flat track classes began with the youth and “The Rabbit”, Enzo Sorani, taking this win. Krezman followed in second for a second time this night. Sammy “The Bullet” Waddill finished 3rd on his new Kawasaki PW flat track bike. Wesley Nelson was proud to be the championship winner of the flat track 250 class while Michael Mannion took the round 3 win finishing in front of Nelson. Neal Jones finished third this night and in the championship points. The flat track 400 class was the closest in points for the championship. And the racing this night between Jimmy Lewis and Kevin Keeran was edge of your seat exciting. Lewis won the second heat in front of Keeran but Keeran and Lewis battled through the turns and on straights of every lap of heat 3. Keeran finished this heat in front. Both Keeran and Lewis rode two rounds of the Spring Fling and were separated by only one point for the championship. Lewis finished with 23 points while Keeran earned 22 for the championship and only one point separated them in this night’s competition as well. Lewis came out on top. Dave Bostrom came out this night to join the 400 class fun as well.

Stephen Nielsen earned the top spot in the flat track Vintage light Class as well as the championship this night. Jeff Heidt hurt his back camping and was not able to ride this round. He was the points leader after round two in the Vintage Heavy class and earned the championship too. Mitch Gallagher took the checkers first in this class tonight and Rick Shafer took second after some great racing competition with Jeff Spohr who rounded out the podium in third.

The Billy Janniro challenge sent the riders on another new track configuration offering challenges new to everyone once again. Billy worked hard to stay in the front of the 11 rider pack but finished fifth this night giving up the $100 to Brad Miller. Watching the race we all wondered what was powering the bike that won. Miller also won the Billy Janniro championship title.

At the end of the night winning riders of the night were awarded Big Time Speedway medals followed by recognition and special championship medals awarded to the championship winners.

Big Time Speedway will host the CFTA/Feel Like A Pro flat track school May 29th, Friday, the day before the AMA Grand National Sacramento Mile at Prairie City on the new cushion track. They will take off June and July and return with a late summer/fall 10 race series that will begin in August, running August 8th, 15th and 29th. Always improving their program, there are bound to be new things added to the new Big Tim Speedway series in 2015.

Much appreciation for the support of the series sponsors, Matrix, Hooters, Cycle Gear, Mechanix Wear; ONeal, Motion Pro, Frye Site, West Coast Muffler, San Francisco Fuso, and Ace Custom Graphics.

For more information about the Feel Like A Pro CFTA/Big Time Speedway flat track school call 559-273-4429. For information on the Big Time Speedway racing series go to www.BigTimeSpeedway.com

Checkered Flag Photos
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
Division 1 and Number 1, Billy Janniro 275 Lawrence McNutt; 307 Shane Loessberg Division 2
2015 Big Time Speedway 2015 Big Time Speedway
150 William McCloskey Division 3 Champion,
with Lawrence McNutt 275 Division 2 winner today
12 Greg Hooten; 93 JT Mabry; 225 Tyler Warren

Division 1
1. Greg Hooten; 2. Billy Janniro / Luke Becker; 4. Rocco Scopellite; 5. Daniel Faria; 6. Tyler Warren; 7. PJ Byrne / JT Mabry; 9. Jamison Dilkey; 10. Michael Achilles; 11. Thomas Reich

Division 2
1. Lawrence McNutt; 2. Shane Loessberg; 3. Kurt Kornchuk; 4. William McCloskey

Division 3
1. Lawrence McNutt; 2. Pauly Good / Kelly McBane

Jr. 150 Speedway
1. Enzo Sorani; 2. Cameron Krezman/Landon Collins; 4. Sammy Waddill; 5. Gregory Moore / Charlie Trana / Colton Nelson

Jr. 250 Speedway
1. Blake Borello; 2. Dylan Wagner; 3. Kyle Cunningham; 4. Richie VanderMeeden

Pee Wee
1. Gavin Coit / Zerek Krezman; 3. Chyane Enos

Pee Wee Div 1
1. Colton Nelson; 2. Enzo Sorani

Flat Track Youth
1. Enzo “The Rabbit” Sorani; 2. Cameron Krezman; 3. Sammy “The Bullet” Waddill; 4. Dylan Wagner/Blake Heidt/Colton “Monkey Butt” Nelson

Flat Track 250
1. Michael Mannion; 2. Wesley Nelson; 3. Neal Jones; 4. Salvador Rocha

Flat Track 400
1. Jimmy Lewis; 2. Kevin Keeran; 3. Brad Miller; 4. Mitch Gallagher; 5. Michael Mannion/Mike Pitshner/Justin Williams; 8. Dave Bostrom

Flat Track Vintage Light
1. Steffan Nielsen

Flat Track Vintage Heavy
1. Mitch Gallagher; 2. Rick Shafer; 3. Jeff Spohr; 4. Tim Doda/Ray Holt Jr.

Billy Janniro Challenge
1. Brad Miller; 2. Thomas Reich; 3. Rick Shafer/Luke Becker; 4. Billy Janniro; 5. Clark Miller/Jamison Dilkey; 7. Pete Silva/Blake Borello; 9. Kevin Keeran/Lawrence McNutt

Speedway Spring Fling 3
Prairie City Dirt Track - May 9, 2015
Results- Gary Roberts

Last night Big Time Speedway held Round 3 of the Golden State Speedway Series. Unfortunately I missed the first two, but the points results are below.

A lot has been done to the facility, new stands, a bunch more DG on the track, it really looks nice there now. The track held up well, and the event was smoothly managed.

16 year old Luke Becker is now riding a 500. The previous night at Auburn he was a last minute addition to the scratch program, to fill in for a non-showing rider. He won his scratch heat, beating Charlie Venegas, Ryan Bast and JT Mabry. He ended the night second, behind Broc Nicol, in the Handicap Main. Last night at Prairie City, he beat Billy Janniro in one heat. Not bad for only his third and fourth showings in Northern California.

Southern Californian visitor Rocco Scopellite rode well with a couple of heat wins.

It was good to see the return of Greg Hooten. He went all night unbeaten, but did not race against Becker or Janniro. This leads me on to a strong point I would like to make. I heard several comments about riders racing against the same person twice but never against others. Its not the program which is messed up, it’s the fact that its impossible to arrange a program where each meets each, in 3 races, when there are only 11 riders. The solution to have 16 riders. Thanks to the riders who attended, they put on a good show, but please, any first division riders who read this who were elsewhere on Saturday, come out and support Big Time Speedway. Let’s make a proper formula of it. To the second and third division riders, it’s the same message. Come and get more track time. There were 4 D2 and 3 D3 riders. Surely there must be other riders who can use the practice.

The high light I noted from both this event and the previous night at Auburn was the abundance of youth riders. Their numbers have really picked up in the last couple of years, hopefully predicting a very positive long term future for the sport in Northern California.

Official points scored for the first 3 rounds and totals:

Division 1:
Billy Janniro 12, 11, 11, 34
Luke Becker 10, 10, 11, 31
Danny Faria 9, 9, 9, 27
Tyler Warren 9, 9, 8, 26
Greg Hooten 9, -, 12, 21
Rocco Scopellite -, 10, 10, 20
Bryce Starks 10, 8, -, 18
Mike Achilles 8, 5, 3, 16
Jamison Dilkey 5, -, 6, 11
PJ Byrne -, 2, 7, 9
Nick Dion 6, 2, -, 8
Ryan Bast 8, -, -, 8
Gage Geist -, 7, -, 7
JT Mabry -, -, 7, 7
David Fonts 6, -, -, 6
Derik Denzin -, 6, -, 6
Nathan Siegel -, 6, -, 6
Kyle Marsalla 4, -, -, 4
Thomas Reich -, -, 2, 2

Division 2
William McCloskey 8, 12, 4, 24
Lawrence McNutt 9, -, 12, 21
Shane Szuh 10, 9, -, 19
Shane Loessberg 4, -, 13, 17
Derik Denzin 12, -, -, 12
Eddie Marsalla 9, -, -, 9
Brian Leventon 5, -, -, 5
Kurt Kornchuk -, -, 5, 5

Division 3
Pauly Good 8, 8, 6, 22
Lawrence McNutt 10, -, 11, 21
Tim Dion 9, 8, -, 17
Kurt Kornchuk -, 11, -, 11
Kelly McBane -, -, 6, 6

150 youth
Cameron Krezman 9, 11, 10, 30
Enzo Sorani 6, 11, 11, 28
Landon Collins 7, 9, 10, 26
Greg Moore 8, 9, 6, 23
Charlie Trana 10, 6, 6, 22
Sammy Waddill 6, 3, 7, 16
Colton Nelson 4, 5, 6,15
Timmy J Dion 6, 6, -, 12
Aidan McNutt 7, -, -, 7
Logan Hedden 5, -, -, 5

250 Youth
Dylan Wagner 10, 10, 9, 29
Kyle Cunningham 10, 11, 6, 27
Anthony Dion 7, 6, -, 13
Blake Borello -, -, 11, 11
Richie VanderMeeden 3, 2, 4, 9

- Gary Roberts

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