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Ventura Raceway
West Harbor Blvd
Ventura, California

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June 20, 2015 - Ventura Raceway
From Steve Evans

A small group of local and vintage riders put on a good show at the Flat Track races at Ventura tonight.

The crowd on hand was very excited when the line up for next weeks AMA National Round 2 was announced

Team Race:
Eagles 28 - Mike Lane 12 (maximum), Ken Thiebaud 7, Chris Mistretta 5+1, Carlin Dunne 4+1
Vikings 19 - Dan Waller 9, Ron Brankov 5, Bander Alexander 3+1, Bob Waller 2+2

63 Ken Thiebaud
141 Mike Lane
5x Carlin Dunne
240 Dan Waller
55 Ron Brankov
27 Bob Waller

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