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Ventura Raceway
West Harbor Blvd
Ventura, California

Ventura Speedway
July 25, 2015 - Ventura Raceway
From Steve Evans
Photos: Robert Hargraves Photography

July 25th, Ventura Raceway, California, by Steve Evans

Speedway Bikes once more stole the show during a well attended event at Ventura Raceway on Saturday 25th July. Four classes took to the track as part of a larger show that had an increased Flat Track attendance.

Four riders competed in 1st Division. Austin Novratil, making his first appearance of the season, failed to finish in his first race before reeling off two impressive heat wins and the Main Event. Russell Green took heat 1 and then was second place behind Novratil in the other events. Perhaps the most impressive display of the day was Dryden Gayle who a second place and three thirds but did hold pace with much more experienced counterparts on a big track. Dave Clark also competed but was beset by bike problems so did not make all rides.

Division two had half of its field wiped out by a big crash in the opening heat. Carlin Dunne was leading when he got in trouble and fell coming out of turn 3 on lap 3. His stray bike was collected by Hayley Perrault who was inching closer to challenge for the win. She was flung over the handlebars and landed heavily on the track and was later diagnosed with a broken upper left arm. She was awarded the heat win with Mike Lane winning the next two and the Main.

The vintage class once more put on some fabulous races. Dan Waller took all three of his heats and the Main. Malcolm Roe won two heats with Dirt Track veteran Paul Herman taking the other on his speedway debut. Ron Brankov won the Consi.

The Sidecars brought 8 teams and put on the best show by far of any division. National Champions Bryan Motis and Josh Bennett won all three of their heats – James Kinne and Johnny Glover took two with Joe Jones and Tom Summers the other. The main has three crews racing hard and places being traded continuously, but it was Kinne and Glover who brought the crowd to their feet with a deserved win.

The bikes return to Ventura one last time in 2015 on September 19th. The program will include West Coast Championships for both Vintage & Support, as well as another visit of the Sidecars.

Heat points – Green 7, Novratil 5, Gayle 4, Clark 1
Main – Austin Novratil, Russell Green, Dryden Gayle, Dave Clark NS

Heat Points – Mike Lane 11, Bentley Barrett 7, Hayley Perrault 4, Robert Curry 2, Carlin Dunne 0
Main – Lane, Barrett

Heat Points – D Waller 9. Roe 8, Herman 7, B Waller 5, Brankov 4, Tice 2, P Smith 1
Consi – Brankov, Tice, P Smith
Main – D Waller, Roe, Herman, B Waller

Heat Points – Motis / Bennett 9, Kinne / Glover 8, Jones Summers 7, Rowe / Gibbons 4, Davis / Davis 3, Curry / Dent 2, Garcia / Duckett 2, Holman / Catone 1
Consi: Curry / Dent, Davis / Davis, Holman / Catone, Garcia / Duckett
Main: James Kinne/Johnny Glove, Joe Jones/Tom Summers, Bryan Motis/Josh Bennett, Jeff Rowe/Ashley Gibbons

2015 Ventura Speedway #7 Austin Novratil
2015 Ventura Speedway

#74 - James Kinne/Johnny Glover

#2 - Bryan Motis/Josh Bennett

2015 Ventura Speedway

#7 Austin Novratil

#321 Russell Green

2015 Ventura Speedway  
2015 Ventura Speedway  
2015 Ventura Speedway  
2015 Ventura Speedway  
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