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Champion Speedway
East River Drive
Owego, New York 13827

Hank Bassett and Larry and Kathy McBride Legends Night
Quick Results from Jason Bonsignore
Champion Speedway, Owego, NY
July 30, 2016

Hank Bassett and Larry and Kathy McBride Legends Night Quick Results...

Division 1 Semi 1
1. Casey Donholt
2. Jesse Diem
3. Brian Hollenbeck
4. Dave Oakden
5. Spencer Portararo

Division 1 Semi 2
1. Mike Buman
2. Adam Mittl
3. Jeffrey Garlinghouse
4. George Lazor
5. Gene Bonsignore

Last Chance
George Lazor, who has only ridden a bike about 4 times in the past 8 years, jump out front and led for two laps and looked vintage until he tired. Brian Hollenbeck and Dave Oakden, who were both fast all night had a good battle after that with Hollenbeck winning.
1. Brian Hollenbeck
2. Dave Oakden
3. George Lazor
4. George Lazor

Main Event, sponsored by Tom and Georgia Becker Robinson in memory of Ralph and Ellen Robinson...
Sadly this event kinda got ruined by the rain, it started pouring just prior and the inside to the middle of the track was like an ice skating rink. If you didn't have the outside starting spots you had no chance. Mikey Buman and Casey Donholt made a good race of it for a couple laps off the outside until Buman was able to pull a lead for the win. The others had to flounder in the slick and Mittl slid off and went down, while Diem did the same. Hollenbeck was able to keep it on two wheels but couldn't find much traction to get going from the start.
1. Mike Buman
2. Casey Donholt
3. Brian Hollenbeck
4. Jesse Diem fell
5. Adam Mittl fell

Division 2 Main
Brandon Sturzenegger and Brandon Bruzek put in a great show in Division 2 all night long, it was their best laps I have seen yet! Sturzenegger was strong in the final in took the win! It was nice to see Daniel Oakden back racing too!
1. Brandon Sturzy Sturzenegger
2. Daniel Oakden
3. Mark Bradley
4. Brandon Bruzek
5. Roger Roberts DNF

Division 3 Main
The kids in Division 3 are doing really well and actually provide some of the most entertaining races of the night! Congrats to Mason Higley on his win!
1. Mason Higley
2. David Meldrum
3. Johnny Scheg
4. Dalton Oakden
5. Pat Farrell
6. Steve Luxton COBRA DNS

We also had a better turnout of ATV's this event and Stoney Ray took a solid win!
In his first race ever Ben Garlinghouse scored a victory in the dirt bike division! Jeffrey Garlinghouse

I apologize, I do not have the Amateur ATV names on my list! Somehow that is missing!

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