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Fast Fridays Speedway

Gold Country Fairgrounds
1273 High Street
Auburn, California

25 Lap Main Event
Fast Friday's Motorcycle Speedway, Gold Country Fairgrounds
Gage Geist is Fast Friday’s Ironman
By Michael Kirby (Story & Photos)

Auburn is the Endurance Capital of the World holding athletic events of strength and endurance throughout the year. Folks come from all over the world to ride bikes, ride horses and run over our canyons trails and on our country roads. Friday night Fast Friday’s Motorcycle Speedway at the Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn held their own endurance feat that should not be overlooked as fitting right in to the schedule of events that has made Auburn a city known for their extraordinary athletic events.

Seventeen year old Gage Geist proved that in a 25 lap race youth can be the deciding factor. Geist outlasted 11 other riders in the special Fast Fridays handicap main event with doubled handicapped distances and a grueling 25 lap race. In an event that is normally six laps long, track officials are busy keeping track of the riders and the number of laps completed on a dust filled track. Geist followed behind Kurtis Hamill, another seventeen year old young rider for most of the race waiting for his chance. Dripping with sweat at the conclusion of the event Geist explained his preparation and strategy for the exhausting race. “I got a gym membership this year and started working out at Fitness 19 Gym to get in shape,” Geist said. “I was watching him but didn’t really feel that I was pulling him in much, he had my speed and was holding his line then I saw him make one bobble and that’s when I jumped on it,” he said. Proving also that veteran riders could still hack it, Bob Hicks was second and Charlie Venegas was third and Bart Bast was fourth in the grueling event.

Broc Nicol picked up his first scratch main event win of the season at Fast Fridays. Nicol 18, who makes the trip north from Southern California each week to race at Fast Fridays, was second in his heat race and first in his semi to make the final. A crash between Kurtis Hamill and Tommy Hedden caused a restart and then a great race between Nicol and Bart Bast ensued. The veteran Bast and Nicol went at it but Bast could not find a way around the teenager, and Nicol prevailed. Bast was second, Hedden third and Hamill was fourth.

Will “The Farmer” McCloskey raced to his first Division II main event win of the season. McCloskey was second in his heat to advance to the main, and stay ahead of Matt King who was second and Eddie Marsalla who was third. Casey Cornilsen topped the Division III main event followed by Cameron Beck and Ray Holt Jr. Jr. In the Youth 250 A main event Auburn's Cameron Krezman was able to keep Colton Hicks contained. Hicks, the current 250 A youth national youth champion is difficult to beat in spite of his heavy 60 yard handicap. Hicks was second and Kyle Cunningham was third. Greg Moore picked up another Youth 250 B main event win, his second in a row and his fourth for the year. Charlie Trana was victorious in the Youth 150 A main event, and Sammy Waddill again stood on top of the winner’s podium winning the Youth 150 B main event.

In a special Flat Track series which included four professional riders, Dominic Colindres won the main event. This week is was Matt King who was the winner of the Run What U Brung program over Shawn Eldredge. The two riders battle each other each week alternating wins and top honors in the specialized Run What U Brung program. Jay Fodrini on his Harley-Davidson was third.

Fast Fridays Results for 7-22-16

Scratch Main Event
1-Broc Nicol, 2-Bart Bast, 3-Kurtis Hamill, 4-Tommy Hedden

25 Lap Main Event
1-Gage Geist, 2-Bob Hicks, 3-Charlie Venegas, 4-Bart Bast

Scratch Consolation
1-Charlie Venegas, 2-Russell Green, 3-Bryan Yarrow, 4-Dan Faria

Division II Main Event
1-William McCloskey, 2-Matt King, 3-Charlie Haines, 4-Shawn Eldredge, 5-Lawrence McNutt, 6-Michael Achilles

Division II Consolation
1-Jeremy Estes, 2-Nick Dion, 3-Charles Haines, 4-Brian Leventon, 5-Jonathan Curry, 6-John Peters

Division III Main Event
1-Casey Cornilsen, 2-Cameron Beck, 3-Ray Holt Jr., 4-Les Veale, 5-Mac Henderson, 6-Hunter Morris

Youth 250 D-1 Main Event
1-Cameron Krezman, 2-Colton Hicks, 3-Kyle Cunningham, 4-Anthony Dion, 5-Dylan Wagner, 6-Landon Norton

Youth 250 D-2 Main Event
1-Gregory Moore, 2-Sammy Tetrault, 3-Aidan McNutt, 4-Logan Hedden, 5-Blu VanderBroeder

Youth 150 D-1 Main Event
1-Charlie Trana, 2-Enzo Sorani, 3-Timmy Dion

Youth 150 D-2 Main Event
1-Sammy Waddill, 2-Chase Kangas, 3-Colton Nelson

Run What U Brung
1-Matt King, 2-Shawn Eldredge, 3-Jay Fodrini

Flat Track Main Event
1-Dominic Colindres, 2-James Monaco, 3-Andrew Lukier, 4-Joe McCoy

Photos By Michael Kirby

Fast Fridays Ironman Gage Geist won the special 25 lap main event at Fast Fridays. The 17 year-old Geist outlasted veteran riders in the speedway endurance event.
Fast Fridays Flat track professional rider Dominic Colindres was the winner of the special flat track competition Friday night.
Fast Fridays Charlie Trana celebrates with a victory lap his Youth 150 A main event win.
Fast Fridays Cameron Krezman won the Youth 250 A main event.
Fast Fridays Broc Nicol picked up his first scratch main event win at Fast Fridays this season Friday night.
Fast Fridays Broc Nicol (front) in his scratch heat race with (rear left-right) Bob Hicks, Kurtis Hamill and Jamison Dilkey.
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